Thursday, June 30, 2022

Fishing Camp



Building: L2 Studio Beach View House 115 prims

[Con.] Quint's Bruce - Brown
+CONVAIR+ Boat Rope and stanchion Bloggers 1
+CONVAIR+ Tackle Box blue Bloggers
junk. potted tree.
NOMAD // Shark Wall Decor // Silver
..::THOR::.. Chill Out Firepit Light Metal
..::THOR::.. Chill Out Bucket of Beer - server
..::THOR::.. Chill Out Chair w/blanket -PG
..::THOR::.. Chill Out Wooden Chest - bonus
..::THOR::.. Cast Iron Lantern
..::THOR::.. Beachin' Wooden Chair Dark
..::THOR::.. Improvised Bench - RARE
..::THOR::.. Log Sidetables
..::THOR::.. Forgiven Garden Gate - RARE
..::THOR::.. Garden Wall Column Broken
..::THOR::.. Her Flip Flops Fruits
..::THOR::.. Beach Reading
..::THOR::.. Summer Radio - SPECIAL
..::THOR::.. Brotherhood Bench

Tea Garden



{anc} forget. Swallow [sunyellow] 5Li
{anc} escape / table 2Li (tiffany)
{anc} escape / chair 3Li (tiffany)
Dahlia - Sweet Escape - Butterfly Teacup - Yellow
Dahlia - Sweet Escape - Butterfly Teacup - Blue
[DDD] Breezy Bamboo 
DISORDERLY. / Floral Tea / Teapot
dust bunny . tea time
FINCA - pond lotus dark
KraftWork + Pitaya .Blume. Wildflowers Arrengment
KraftWork + Pitaya .Blume. Pink Rose Arrengement
L2 POOL for owl creek MINI terracotta 4 prims
Never Totally Dead Lustre Valpennac - Bronze

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Move-in Ready



[DDD] Swaying Spring Bush - Straight
=EliBaily= Ivy 02
Fancy Decor: Davis Bench
(Fundati) Confiers
Soul2Soul. Jardin Patio Garden. Planters

Monday, June 27, 2022

Under the Tent



8f8 - Driftwood III - Creating Memories
Bricolage Mango Lantern 
LOVE - SUMMER BREEZE FLUFF - dandeliion seeds
Nutmeg. Midsummer Laze Daybed Adult
Nutmeg. Midsummer Laze Hats
1. Nutmeg. Painter's Attic Easel w/Canvas RARE
1. Nutmeg. Painter's Attic Stool PG RARE
Trompe Loeil - Classic Hot Tub Tent With Lights

The Backyard



Apple Fall Hampton Outdoor Fireplace
MESHWORX & Terrashop~Olivia Plant Pot Old Terracotta OliveTree5
Tentacio - play (cat)

Friday, June 24, 2022

LOTD-Just for fun



7 - A Banana In Four Parts
-Garden- by anc "Japanese enkianthus" 1Li (spring)
Ariskea[Apple Crisp] Basket Apple
Bloom! Originals - Flower Lamp Red
BROKEN ARROWS - Sparrow - Silver Shelf (Rusty)
BROKEN ARROWS - Sparrow - Wall Hanger - Red Plaid
DaD "Pitcher of Daisies" c/m
dust bunny . strawberry season . strawberry plant
=EliBaily= Ivy 02
[IK] Grandma Kitchen Storage Set - Eggs
[IK] Grandma Kitchen Storage Set - Vegetables
ionic :  Despensa de Meigas - RARE (cupboard)
ionic : Rosemary Mug-plant (Red)
ionic : Kitchen Mug-plant (Red)
ionic : Basil Mug-plant (Red)
JIAN Classic Husky Sleeping Adult & Pup
Konoha -"Jest" Weeds - Rectangle Thin {1024}
KraftWork Rustic Farm Wall Lamp
KraftWork Rustic Farm Vegetables Wall Rack
[Merak] - Triangle Ladder Shelf Light
[Merak] - Old Broom
[Merak] - Wicker Jug
[Merak] - Strawberry Plant
[Merak] - Strawberry Jam Jars
[Merak] - Strawberry Basket
[Merak] - Bananas Basket
[Merak] - Decorative Bench
[Merak] - Decorative Vase
Mutresse-Garden Frogs
Nutmeg. Potted Flower Gift 1
Nutmeg. Potted Tangerine Tree / 1
Nutmeg. Potted Tangerine Tree / 3
Nutmeg. Getaway Deck Animated
Nutmeg. Country Porch Potted Plant Stand
Nutmeg. Hose Pot
Nutmeg. Country Porch Potted Plant
1-Serenity Style- Blooming Garden Shed RARE
TM Creations ~v1.m Oleander plants in oval metal pot GP054.m

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Summer Vibes



Building:  **InteriorAddiction** The Boat Shack

/artilleri/ BBQ - Kettle grill
D-LAB Beer refrigerator
"Killer's" Seagull
Nutmeg. Seaside Calm Beach Chair w/Towel PG
Second Spaces - Beach Party Banners - Beach Hair gold
Second Spaces - Beach Party Banners - Summer Vibes coral
Second Spaces - Beach Party Banners - Aloha coral
SR Hanging Metallic Fairy Light Ball
SR Wooden Fairy Lights Balls String
SR Ground Metallic Fairy Light Ball

Child's Play



AF Un Salon de Jardin
Apple Fall Olive Tree, Small
Apple Fall x Quasi Nimes Pool - PG
~BAZAR~ Venice Armchair
[CIRCA] - "Summer Splash" Pool Ring - Lemon Dots 
+Half-Deer+ Floating Paper Sailboats 
*HEXtraordinary* Unicorn Splash Pad - Blue
*HEXtraordinary* Unicorn Splash Pad - Pink
Konoha - Natoma's Boxwood Hedges  
MESHWORX & Terrashop~Olivia Plant Pot Tan Glaze Olive Tree 4
MESHWORX & Terrshop~Olivia Plant Pot Ocean Blue Olive Tree 1
Never Totally Dead Psyche - Stone
Urfin amphora
Yugen.// tiny boat a. 5m
Yugen.// tiny boat c. 5m

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Getting in touch with nature



DaD "Beach Rustic planks A" c/m
DaD "Beach Rustic planks E" c/m
"Killer's" Seagull 
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Books
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Fig
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Her Hat
Nutmeg. Seaside Calm Beach Chair w/Towel PG
Nutmeg. Her Bike Red v2 PG
-Skye Rocky Shore Peninsula Straight

/ HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.1
Sap ~ Finger Wave Hairbase / EvoX / Tone 3 (u)
adorsy - Ninna Denim Overall Dark Blue - Maitreya
:: DS :: Nancy Sunglasses
dust bunny . shark slides . yellow 

Friday, June 17, 2022

In a blue mood



22769 - Pool Floaty Sunshine - COMMON
[Con.] Pixel Daybed - PG -
10. CONCEPT} Comodo. Pouf
KraftWork Amazonia Indio Palm Vase
KraftWork Aragon Dining Set
KraftWork Old Sports Room . Old Industrial Pipe Lamps
KraftWork Old Sports Room . Vintage Bowling Pins
KraftWork Madrid Collection . Wall Art Cubes White
Myth - Palm Vase
Nutmeg. Serene Poolside Towel Basket
Nutmeg. Serene Poolside Her Flip Flops Bonus
Stockholm&Lima: G.U.Y. Sofa (TMD Edition)- PG
Trompe Loeil - Ines Wall Fountain
Trompe Loeil - Tai Lodge Chair Light PG
Trompe Loeil - Tai Lodge Couch Light PG
Trompe Loeil - Laney Pendant Lamp Cranberry Medium

Thursday, June 16, 2022

A glorious evening



Building:  Trompe Loeil - Amelie Pavillion PG V1.1

Apple Fall Times Newspaper
Apple Fall Charred Terracotta Jug
Apple Fall Georgia Terracotta Urn - Limewashed
Apple Fall Large Terracotta Urn
Apple Fall Ornamental Elephant - Bronze
Apple Fall Autumn Bread & Cheeseboard
Apple Fall Cheeseboard
Apple Fall Figs in Bowl - Stone
7. Apple Fall Scattered Golden Acorns
Ariskea. Woodlawn . Fur Rug
~BAZAR~ Karina outdoor sofa ADULT
~BAZAR~ Karina outdoor sofa W/O blanket ADULT
~BAZAR~ Karina Firepit (dark rocks)
DaD - Peacock wicker coffee table  c/m
[ILAYA] - Tabletop planter (b)
[Merak] - Amelie Table
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Vase Set
Soul2Soul. Provence Bougainvillea Pot A -Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Provence Lavender Pot A -Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Provence Lavender Pot B -Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Provence Lavender Pot C -Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Wooden Vase

Roughing It



8f8 - Driftwood TOWEL Stand
8f8 - Driftwood II - Swing me still
8f8 - Driftwood II - Our windy shelter EXCLUSIVE
AF L'Olivier
Bauhaus Movement - Californication - Mirror
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Candle Holder2
Nutmeg. Dacha Hanging Candle Bucket
Nutmeg. Overgrown Clock
Nutmeg. Painted Mason Jar Pale Pink
Nutmeg. Antique Baby Cups
Nutmeg. Hand made Soap
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Vase3
Pitaya - Farm bath - Bathtube - Old Metal
..::THOR::.. Loungechair - Lemons - Bonus
..::THOR::.. Outdoor Shower - Soap Dish
..::THOR::.. Outdoor Shower - Adult
..::THOR::.. Outdoor Shower - Bath Brush
..::THOR::.. Outdoor Shower - Shower Clutters
..::THOR::.. Outdoor Shower - Antique  Sidetable -  Vanilla
Trompe Loeil - Tulia Stool

Landscape Scene - Messines ines Shelby (ines.lauria)

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Mountain Retreat



*AF* Glamping 3 - Slatted Chair
DISORDERLY. / Summer Living / Fish Stand
Foxwood - Chow Chow - Lay Decor - White
Kalopsia - Hazel's Newspaper+Cup
KAZZA - BytheSeaPot - plantpot
KAZZA - BytheSeaPlantpot2 - pot
KAZZA - BytheSeaPalmpot2 - palmpot
KAZZA - BytheSeaSuntable - stoolpot
KAZZA - BytheSeaPalmpot3 - palm3
KAZZA - VialleDolceCactus - pot
Loft & Aria - Latgo Modular Sectional 
Loft & Aria - Latgo Decorative Strawberry Kentucky Bourbon
Loft & Aria - Latgo Decorative Blue Hawaiian
Loft & Aria - Azibo Coffee Table
Loft & Aria - Azibo Rug
Loft & Aria - Do Not Eat!Contains Pixels.
[Merak] - Decorative Bench
[North Oak] + Contemporary Block Art
3. Nutmeg. Painter's Attic Easel
{vespertine} - books of herbs - set 1 / white
{what next} Flyaway Wall Art (Butterflies) - white

Knocking on Heaven's Door



Building:  NOMAD // Picturesque Cottage

8f8 - Whites - Peace Bouquet Rezz
[Con.] Garden Branch Bench PG - Mono
DaD "Positano Mansion Paving" bonus c/m
Dahlia - Summer Strawberry Collection - Strawberry Large Pot
Dahlia - Summer Strawberry Collection - Strawberry Small Pot
[DDD] Ivy Groundcover - Single
DRD - Flower Power - Plant therapy
*HEXtraordinary* Brass Owl Cage
*HEXtraordinary* Victorian Finch Cage
HISA - Hanging vines
[NC] - Secret Garden - Watering Can
Nutmeg. Distressed clay vase#2 - Dark rust
Nutmeg. Flower Cherub Statue
Nutmeg. Hose Pot
Nutmeg. Apple Terrace Vase
Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Clutter Exclusive
14. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Diary Light
Nutmeg. Disarray Newspapers & Hat
Nutmeg. Her Vintage Shoes 
Nutmeg. Pencil Sketches
Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Packages
PLAAKA StrawberryPlanter
PLAAKA StrawberryTablePlanter
*pm* Oasis Side Table - Teal & Blue Faded
Soul2Soul. Provence Bougainvillea Pot A -Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Provence Bougainvillea Pot B -Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Provence Bougainvillea Pot C -Fatpack

Friday, June 10, 2022

Just Floating



Serenity Style- Vintage Summer Raft for Wanderlust Weekeend 6/11/2022 available at the mainstore
Serenity Style- Duke Retro Radio Pink

Head:  / HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3
Hair: tram L0525 hair
Tattoo:  [Heaux] EvoX Face Butterflies *EvoX
Suit:  VELOUR: Ipanema Bikini - Maitreya 

Play a little traveling band



--ANHELO-G05-04-182GA : gas stove
--ANHELO-G05-03-182GA : dishes
DRD - Scrappy Scooter - Pride Special - Loaded
dust bunny . shutter fence . brown . end
HPMD* Shrub02 - c
ionic : Stumps stools & table
JIAN :: Raccoon Statics
Konoha -"Jest" Weeds - Random Square {1024}
.peaches. Rustic Reclaimed Table- Lantern
Skye Rocky Shore Boulder Type 1

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Erotic Art Collection



Building:  RageWorks Classical White 

[Con.] Playbill Easel 1
DRD Curtain
Fancy Decor: Fireplace with Frames
Kalopsia - Gabriel's Wreath
Kalopsia - Orchids (Diped in Gold)
Kalopsia - Decor Branches Vase - Gold
Loft & Aria - Delaney Sofa (Adult)
MH Erotic Wire Art Cover Up - Wood
MH Erotic Wire Art Shirt Off - Wood
MH Erotic Wire Art Kiss - Wood
MH Erotic Wire Art Mouth - Wood
Nutmeg. Glass Library Bookshelf
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Wooden Vase

Wednesday, June 8, 2022




Building:  NTD Valpennac

~BAZAR~Lina Laptop
Commode "a l'anglaise" -C&G-
Gilded Tremoille Fauteuil -C&G-
Louis xv Bronze sconce - Droite with Shades - C&G -
Doggy niche -C&G-
Qianlong vase Mounted on feet -C&G-
Applique "Torche a flamme" -C&G-
DRD Curtain
Fancy Decor: Flora Bowl
JIAN Splendid Spaniels 1. King Charles (Add me!) RARE
La Galleria IRANIAN BLUE Rug w Shadow
*LODE* Decor - Cyclamen Pot [white]
*LODE* Decor - Eucalyptus & Roses Vase [white]
MdM Drouais - Madame de Pompadour
MdM Mirror (Gold)
MdM Sevres 'Cuvette Mahon' vase - Le Reve d'or
MdM Sevres Clock
Bureau Consul
Chaise Consul Bleue
Lampe Bouillote V2
Papiers bureau
Livres bureau

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Rats in the kitchen



7 - The Filmore Factory Clock
Ayla. Autumnal Tones - Mouse Lamp (sitting)
Ayla. Autumnal Tones - Mouse Lamp (standing)
Ayla. Autumnal Tones - Mouse Lamp (lying)
hive // bowl of lemons
Lagom - Nora art [ Black ] No material
Loft & Aria - Tali Pendant
Loft & Aria - Brewer Stool
Loft & Aria - Arion Coffee Table
Loft & Aria - Aspen Stone Jar
Loft & Aria - Aspen Cannister
Loft & Aria - Aspen Horns
Loft & Aria - Aspen Inlay Box
Loft & Aria - Delaney Potted Spider Plant
Loft & Aria - Delaney Potted Sansevieria Cylindrica
Loft & Aria - Hedvig Planter_1
Loft & Aria - Hedvig Planter_2
Loft & Aria - Grace Succulent
LouChara Vintage Bread Bin
{-Maru Kado-} Ikebana Lotus (white/2Li)
[Merak] - Decorative Tray
MH Tori Shelves
MH Tori Bowls Black
MH Tori Bowls White
MH Tori Mugs Black
MH Tori Plates Black
MH Tori Jar
No59 Espresso Classic series Gastro
No59 Classik Series grinder
No59 Coffee cups Deko
No59 CoffeeBean jar C
POST / Samovar Tray
[Tia] Kelsey's Potted Lemon Tree

Monday, June 6, 2022

Al fresco



Building:  Scarlet Creative Lucia Cape House 0,1

DISORDERLY. / Spring Fresh / Lemon Centerpiece
dust bunny . animal stools . sheep . white
dust bunny . hammock chair . medium
dust bunny . sweet dreams . fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny . strawberry season . bowl of berries
dust bunny . strawberry season . strawberry plant
dust bunny . dreamy outing . potato chips
dust bunny . dreamy outing . croissant sandwiches
dust bunny . beach day . breezy book
dust bunny . at home baking . lemon cake
dust bunny . at home baking . lemon plant
dust bunny . wood beaded curtain
dust bunny . plant stands 
Granola. Zinnia Shade Umbrella. All Colors.
..::THOR::.. Outdoor Dining Table - Dark Wood
..::THOR::.. Outdoor Dining Chair - Dark Wood - PG
..::THOR::.. Dinnerware Lemon
..::THOR::.. Drink Board

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Serenity on the porch



Building:  ** Beach House SAN ROSA - REDGRAVE

Ariskea[Jardim] Hanging Wood Plant Decor[2]
Bloom! Originals - Thora Tray Green
DaD "Pineapple basket bamboo" c/m
DaD "Pineapple light string Gold" c/m
Foxwood - Puppy Kisses 
[IK] Gardener Set - Plants
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Ceiling Fan
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Asian Rug
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Strelitzia Vase Column
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Treillage Panel Full White
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Chair Full White
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Table Full White
KraftWork Zaragoza Collection . Armchair Right  
KraftWork Zaragoza Collection . Armchair Left  
KraftWork Zaragoza Collection . Tray Side Table
Nutmeg. Potted Tangerine Tree / 3
ROIRO - SATEN schefflera vase




{anc} Hatsuyume / pink peacock PET 6Li RARE
{anc} Hatsuyume / blue peacock PET 6Li RARE
[ContraptioN] Decor: L'Orangerie du Docteur
DRD old gazebo bench - Post apoc
:Fanatik Architecture: RUINS Floor B Summer 512
*HEXtraordinary* Regency Splendor Gown - Maitreya Lara
*HEXtraordinary* Corgi - Companion (ADD)
*HEXtraordinary* Regency Tiara - Gold
*HEXtraordinary* Wisteria Arch
*HEXtraordinary* Wisteria Vine
*HEXtraordinary* Four Gargoyles Fountain (High 9LI)
*K* Three Sisters Garden Ornaments
[ keke ] waterfall glitter - rose
[ keke ] twinkle pendel bright - mini
[ keke ] shimmer string - short
[ keke ] light bubble . stringed . white . 5 m
KraftWork Garden Treillage . Tunnel
KraftWork Garden Treillage . Passage Door

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Bait Shop



8f8 - Driftwood TOWEL Stand
Animania Standing Pelican Brown v1.0c
BUENO- SEA Signs-Beaches
Daisy Basket CHEZ MOI
CR Jetty 3
hive // rentals sign
ionic : Grab a pair to dance some more!
~isil~ *Maine* Glass Float (Toppled)
~isil~ *Maine* Glass Float (Pair)
~isil~ *Maine* Lobster Crate (Yellow)
(Milk Motion) Seychelles coconut palms  
PILOT - Harford Patio Cushion 
PILOT - Fishing Poles
Second Spaces - vintage souvenirs sign
Serenity Style- By the seaside Shack RARE
Serenity Style- By the seaside Fish Bucket
Serenity Style- By the seaside Lighthouse Blue
Serenity Style- By the seaside Double Crate
Serenity Style- By the seaside life guard
Serenity Style- By the seaside Buoy 2
Serenity Style- By the seaside ladder
Serenity Style- By the seaside stool
Serenity Style- By the seaside boat
Serenity Style- By the seaside Fish Basket 2
Serenity Style- By the seaside Rowing Rack
Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Wooden Albatross
TLC Pelican Statue
Urbanjungle Awning3 - white tintable
[ zerkalo ] Fisheman's Barrels
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Signs - 5

Tea Party



Ariskea[Jewel] Flamingo Pillow
DISORDERLY. / MTP / Cupcake Bow
DISORDERLY. / MTP / Cupcake Beads
DRD - Elaine's Lunch Set - chair 1
DRD - Elaine's Lunch Set - chair 2
DRD - Elaine's Lunch Set - Table
DRD - Elaine's Lunch Set - Tablesetting
DRD - Boho Backyard - Rugs
DRD - Boho Backyard - Athena Couch - PG
DRD - Garden Nook - Fountain
12.DRD LN Porch planter c/m
Granola. Zinnia Shade Umbrella. All Colors.
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Treillage Panel Beige + Dirt
Nutmeg. Grandma's Cottage Basket w/Flowers
Oh Deer! Bits and Bobs: Pink and Blue
Oh Deer! Bits and Bobs: Green Yellow
Oh Deer! Bits and Bobs: Narrow House
Oh Deer! Bits and Bobs: Wide House
Scarlet Creative Mae Bench
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Wooden Vase

Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...