Friday, January 31, 2014

Dining at the Fanatik Era

My work schedule is grueling.  I'm on call a lot, so I'm not able to devote as much time as I would like to my favorite hobby.

Here are pictures of the dining room/kitchen area.

I have opened up my sim, so if you would like to visit - here is the link.

The door is phantom, so walk right through.

The work on the top floor is incomplete, but there are some interesting placements.

IM me if you have any questions.


Pillars - from Vespertine Metaomorphosis house yard
Plants - Dutchie, Forest Floor, Green and Wild, +SOUL+
Pixel Mode - F Bomb
DIGS - Derya Rug
Creative Decay - September Sofa
CP & Pilot - Backyard Cinema Table
Scarlet Creative - Creme Lamp
POST - Calhoun Barber Pole
Heart Home - Silver Luxury Rug
AF & Flowey - Impact Throne Chair Abyss
The Loft - Casolare Table Walnut
The Loft - Casolare Dining Chair Black
The Loft - Wooden Chandelier
StoraxTree - Hearth and Home Fireplace F
Trompe Loeil - Green Glass Buffet Lamp
The Loft - Concentric Gold (bauble)
Clutter - Whippet Statue
AF - Books
iTuTu - Planter 04 - S
Standby Inc - Furnace
Bazar - Floria Kitchen
The Loft - Barrel Stool
POST - Birchfield Antique Pew Cushions
Frog Garden - Summer Rag Rug - yellow
Tons of other stuff...

Monday, January 20, 2014

So Very Indiana Jones - Part 4 - Game Room

This is my man cave.

NO, i'm not a man, but if I were, it would want it to look like this.


The Loft - TV Stand/Entertainment Center Black
Arcana - Vintage Drinks Machine
MudHoney - Laura Oversize Chairs, Magazine Holder, Eva Coffee Table, Eva Rug
Seven Emporium - Philby Double Sofa, Skeeball Machines, Cigarette Machine, Tall File, Posters: Watch This, Look Closely, Eyes on Me
Fanatik Home - Era Kilim Rugs 3 and 4
Kuro - Ladder Lamp, Pipe Lamp Black; Kitsch Stool
Zacca - Floorlight - Forestshade
Cheeky Pea - Salty Bar Light, Big Bang Elements, Playing Games Console
Tartessos Arts - Challenge Pool Table (T), Vinyls Box, Success Turntable
22769 Bauwerk - Vintage Punching Bag and Sports Deko Set
LISP - Urchin Speakers - Dark Wood
GUDU - Posters: Parental Advisory, Skype
Con. - Wanderlust Platform Signs
Virtual Decay - Metal Signs: Parking in Rear, Sky Chief, Husky
Second Spaces - Ezra Rotary (cigars), Pile o' Games
Art Dummy - Game (Basketball)
Marketplace - Posters: What happens in the garage, Parking sign, Your Country Needs You
Dutchie - Plants, 1 Prim Dinner
Clown Balloon (?)
Other - too many to mention

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Worst Shopping Experience - EVER!

I have tried to shop at the Season Story event since it opened.  What a nightmare.  Even the vendors are putting up signs remarking on the LAG.

I am so frustrated that I am going to blog this mess.  It is avoidable.  I remember a few seasons back when there was a Cinema-themed event.  Before you could enter, you had to reduce your scripts and other attachments that caused lag which made a better experience for everyone.  I think all events should do something similar. 

Even at events like The Arcade, which is hugely successful, you are able to see the items you are looking for.

That little sign says "lag is killing us, please be patient".

Part of my head a lot of nothing.

More nothingness!

So Very Indiana Jones - Part 3 - Living Room of Sophistication

Continuing with the theme, I put my Bauwerk Chesterfield sofas to good use.  I mixed old pieces and new finds - The Loft - Villa Casolare Round - Colonial Walnut and [Tia] Deco Lounge - Floor Lamp - to fill the space with interest.  I also added shadows to AF/s Pillar Table and it works perfectly beside the white sofas.

With such a large space, it can be difficult to divide it up while giving each area its own distinctive flavor.  Above all, I wanted to convey warm and sophisticated entertainment.

Enjoy!  I will happily give you any information you would like on the pieces included here.

Monday, January 13, 2014

So Very Indiana Jones - Part 2 - Fanatik Era as a Museum

Back when you could buy Scholastic Books at school, I purchased "The Shy Stegosaurus".  I have been in love with dinosaurs ever since.

I was fortunate to move to Colorado and attend the University of Colorado. So many dinosaurs, so little time.  I didn't degree in Paleontology (no money in it), but I took several classes and got pretty good at knowing my dinosaurs.

My relationship with dinosaurs has always been through museums, classrooms, and in the field.  I was surprised to hear of "commercial fossil collectors".  I discovered an article from 2009 about Samson the T-rex. Samson is one of the three most complete T-rex specimens ever discovered, possessing the most intact skull in existence.  

In 2009, he went up for auction but didn't sell.  In 2013, a private collector purchased him for $5 million.  I'm sad that I will never get to meet Samson.

However, I have memorialized him in my Fanatik Era home.  Design credits to be posted later.

Friday, January 10, 2014

So Very Indiana Jones - Part 1 - T-REX

I purchased the Fanatik Architecture : Era build as soon as it became available.  The style and look fitted into my pseudo-steampunk, Lord Carnarvon, Richard Owen fueled fantasy.

I filled the space with sophisticated, deco, modern and scientific treasures.  It was a challenge to work with such a large open space.  As soon as I get it more complete, I will publish the link.

Oversimplified Style Card:

Lamps - Trompe Loeil
Chairs - Apple Fall
Folding Table - second Spaces
Log Table - Kuro (i added the top)
Glam Rug - Aphrodite Shop
Pilot - Bar tray
My Artwork

Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...