Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WTF Wednesday - Lady Plumber

The Men's Department is one of the coolest ideas in Second Life.  Shopping designed for and inspired by Men.  The clothes, shoes, and hats are generally male-specific, but there is also some really neat man-inspired furniture and decorating items that draw me back each month.

As you would expect, the place is filled with hunky, adorable men; And, a large population of under-dressed females.   They just seem to hang out in the aisle and generally clog up the place.  

After accidentally bumping into many of these vixens, I realized they were not shopping for hat, or glasses, or a stool - they were shopping for Men.  The Men's Department is filled with men.

Head up lonely ladies - looking for a fashion forward male companion?  Check out The Men's Department.  It's open season, no license required.

I snapped a pic of this alluring creature.  I'm thinking she is a lady plumber or onsite maintenance worker.  Notice the crack.

Lady Plumber Working It at The Men's Department


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