Monday, February 28, 2022

On Display



Apple Fall Cut Tulip  Arrangement - White
[Commoner] Award Statuette / Fashion (Most Fabulous)
-David Heather-Chain Display 1
-David Heather-Chain Display 2
Loft & Aria - Hoyos Concrete Table
Loft & Aria - Hoyos Lamp
Loft & Aria - Nautilus Shell II
Loft & Aria - Hoyos Console Books
OneDecor_Classic Frame 2

Dressing Table



Ariskea[Lian]Curtain [1]
-David Heather-Luggage/Rainbow
-David Heather-Fur Coat Rack RARE
-David Heather-Chain Display 1
-David Heather-Chain Display 2
KraftWork Jewelry Display Clutter . Gold
Loft & Aria - Isabella Vanity
Loft & Aria - Isabella Vase
Loft & Aria - Isabella Shopping Bags
Loft & Aria - Isabella Vanity Stool
Loft & Aria - Isabella Pendant
Loft & Aria - Isabella Hanging Robe
-tres blah- Jolie - Perfume Collection RARE

Summer Treehouse



Apple Fall Winnie's Rose Tea w/ Macarons
Apple Fall Rosehip Branch in Milk Glass Vase
Apple Fall Retro Radio
Ayla. Rustic Living - Wood Stool
Ayla. Rustic Living - Carved Wooden Table
11. Ayla. Homegrown - Hanging Plant (blue)
:CP: Isobel Summer Treehouse RARE
Pitaya - Cozy Winter - Lantern
Pitaya - Cozy Winter - Daybed
Soul2Soul. Seville Orangery Rattan Pot Orange Tree
..::THOR::.. Comfy Pouf - sage
..::THOR::.. Comfy Pouf w/blanket - sage
..::THOR::.. Comfy Pouf - ecru
..::THOR::.. Honey Tea Tray - sage
..::THOR::.. Relaxing Couple Rug - ADULT
..::THOR::.. Dark Incense Burner - bonus
..::THOR::.. Open Book
..::THOR::.. Pillow Flowers
..::THOR::.. Folk Pillow A
..::THOR::.. Nectarines

Living on the coast



Building:  KraftWork PAZ House

1. Architect. RFC Fireplace RARE
Ariskea[Earthing] Pillow [5]
Ariskea[Earthing] Pillow [7]
~BAZAR~ Lina armchair ADULT
~BAZAR~ Lina sofa - Two seater ADULT
~BAZAR~ Lina Marble coffee table
~BAZAR~ Lina Side table
~BAZAR~ Lina Wooden coffee table
~BAZAR~ Lina living room Lamp
~BAZAR~ Lina living room Lamp Tall
~BAZAR~ Lina Candlestick 01
~BAZAR~ Lina Candlestick 02
~BAZAR~ Lina cabinet 01
~BAZAR~ Lina cabinet 02
~BAZAR~ Lina Living room rug
~BAZAR~ Lina magazines
~BAZAR~ Lina Chandelier
~BAZAR~ Toronto-Shelf vases
~BAZAR~ Toronto-Painters manequen
~BAZAR~ Paris - Wine set
~BAZAR~ Paris - Books
~BAZAR~Ivy Sculpture
~BAZAR~Potted fern
~BAZAR~Woodland Floor Pillow
BAZAR~Magnolia - Vase01
BAZAR~Magnolia - Vase02
Fancy Decor: Leah Canvas
[Tia] Valarie Silverleaf Glass Vase
[Tia] Valarie Glass Dome - Peacock Feather
Yaiza Galicia Modern Sculpture

Sunday, February 27, 2022

The Food Blogger



Apple Fall Gardening Books w/ Mister
Apple Fall Drip-Glazed Urn - Cream
+CONVAIR+ Ridge Island dark PG
Dahlia - Hiraeth - Mushrooms in Pans 9 
Dahlia - Hiraeth - Mushroom Box - RARE 1
dust bunny . farmers market . artichokes
KraftWork Draycott Lunch Room . Bowls @Access, February 2022
KraftWork Draycott Lunch Room . Double Pile Plate @Access, February 2022
*LODE* Decor - Mediterranean Pepper [red]
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Basil Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Olive Oil
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Cloth
Nutmeg. Fresh Delivery Eggs

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Art Studio



Apple Fall Artist Supply Cart
Apple Fall Painters' Chair
Apple Fall Easel w/ Drawing Mount
Apple Fall Pinned Papers & Art
Apple Fall Leaning Art Clutter
Ayla. Old Scars - Crystal Chandelier
[IK] Rustic Wood Set - Painting #1
[IK] Rustic Wood Set - Painting #2
Nutmeg. Spring Ensemble Plant
Nutmeg. Painter's Attic Sneakers L Exclusive
1. Nutmeg. Painter's Attic Stool PG RARE
13. Nutmeg. Painter's Attic Pair of Buckets
15. Nutmeg. Painter's Attic Large Brush Holders
17. Nutmeg. Painter's Attic Cloth
19. Nutmeg. Painter's Attic Coffee Cup w/Lid / 1
21. Nutmeg. Painter's Attic Potted Plant / 1
Nutmeg. In Bloom Table / Tan
Nutmeg. In Bloom Cage

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Abandoned Farmhouse



Building:  dust bunny . sleepless attic . skybox

22769 ~ [bauwerk] window dress rack
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Jewel Box Birdhouse
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Decorated Mannequin
AF Dress Form
dust bunny . blanket stool
[IK] Old Days Set - Rope Spools
[IK] Shabby Entrance - Street Sign
[IK] Shabby Entrance - Architectural Ornament
junk. concertina book stool.
junk. flea market chair. stripe.
junk. plan de paris.
junk. bird art.
junk. feather mobile.
Soy. Cockatiel Table Lamp [Gray]

Monday, February 21, 2022

Dragon Magick



22769 ~ [bauwerk] Chained Dragon White - COMMON
22769 ~ [bauwerk] My personal Dragon White - RARE
DRD DG Dock 1a
DRD DG background building 1

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Architectural Beauty



Building:  KraftWork PAZ House

22769 - Caesar Bust on Pillar - COMMON
{anc} Pillow for corpse (gold) 3Li
Ariskea -Lea - Pillow  4
~BAZAR~Ivy bowl
~BAZAR~Ivy Books_02
~BAZAR~Ivy Books_04
~BAZAR~Ivy Mobile
~BAZAR~Ivy Sculpture
~BAZAR~Potted fern
~BAZAR~Paris - Wine set
FD: Mounted Turtle Shell 2
09 Fancy Decor: Gold Dots Pillow
FINCA - bear alebrije
floorplan. waves rug
KraftWork PAZ House . Canvases Trio
The Loft - Peas in a Pod
The Loft & Aria - Lennox Floor Lamp
The Loft - Lola Bowl Black
MudHoney Delilah Big Pillow - Dots
MudHoney Eva Lamp
S2S BohoChic Pouf2
Soul2Soul. Seville Newspaper
Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Print 'Fire Cracker'
Second Spaces - Arlo Couch - amaranth
Second Spaces - Arlo Chair  - amaranth
Second Spaces - Arlo Console - light
Second Spaces - Arlo Coffee Table - night
Second Spaces - Arlo Coffee Table - iceberg
Second Spaces - Arlo Side Table - gold
Soy. Suede Arm Chair with blanket
..::THOR::.. Nectarines
..::THOR::.. Graphic Pillow - &

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Ironing Day



Building:  POST: Palomar Cottage

Apple Fall #JeSuisCharlie
::KKs:: Lace straight curtains - White 4
The Loft - Passion Flower
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Cupboard
Nutmeg. Silver Wall Sconce
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Linen Stack / 2
Nutmeg. Fresh Laundry Flower Basket Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Fresh Laundry Ironing Board / Full
Nutmeg. Fresh Laundry Ironing Spray / 2

Tuesday, February 8, 2022




Building:  Onsu ~ "Eggplant" Expandable Skybox  

Apple Fall Cut Tulip  Arrangement - Red
BAZAR Roya-Carpet
Casita - XOXO Frame
Fancy Decor: Riley Table Lamp
KraftWork Contemporary Vanity Set . Mirror Panel Light
KraftWork Contemporary Vanity Set . Vanity Stool Light
KraftWork Contemporary Vanity Set . Vanity Table Light
KrafWork Skincare Decor Clutter Light Skin Tone Gold
KraftWork Contemporary Vanity Set . Flower Arrangement
MudHoney Love Art
Nutmeg. In Bloom Fruit Bowl
Nutmeg. Retro Glam Telephone Cream w/Pearls
Nutmeg. La Baignoire Mirror
Nutmeg. Jovial Eve Tall Candle / 1&2
Nutmeg. Dacha Bedroom Tray
12. Nutmeg. Delicate Glamor Plain Full Tray
Onsu ~ "Grandpa's Urn" Planter ~ E
Full Perm Curtains -02  apart (POWER MESH)
Serenity Style-Delilah Chaise Longue Creme ADULT

Monday, February 7, 2022

Season of Love



8f8 - Beautiful Imperfections - Petit yet Grown
8f8 - Intertwined Spring - NATURAL_White
01_8f8 - Trea Time - Trea House RARE
[Black Bantam] Older Love Chih rez 1
[Black Bantam] Love Chih Cookie Pup rez 1
JIAN Valentine's Squirrel
The Loft - Claryon Chandelier Gold
(Milk Motion) Antique lyre chair (with materials)

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Awesome Alpacas



*HEXtraordinary* Alpaca Pals

Hopeless Romantic



Building:  Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse

Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair
DaD "Dramatic Curtains mod 02 left"
[IK] Shabby Entrance - Decorarative Stairs
[IK] Shabby Entrance - Architectural Ornament
[IK] Shabby Entrance - Hat Box #1
[IK] Shabby Entrance - Hat Box #2
::KKs:: The Love ladder vintage
::KKs:: Valentine Frame birds
::KKs:: Valentine Frame i<3u more
Nutmeg. Bohemian Loft Bed PG
Nutmeg. Bohemian Loft Headboard
Nutmeg. Castle Lounge Chandelier / Long
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Book Stack
Nutmeg. Memories of Summer Floor Lamp / White
Nutmeg. Dacha Bedroom Rug
Nutmeg. Orchard Treat Apple Bowl
Nutmeg. Retro Glam Telephone Cream w/Pearls

Hair: DOUX - Octavia Hairstyle 
Shoes: Marchese - Alya Heels  
Pose: Amitie Morning Coffee 04

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Taking time to think



Foxwood - Sweet Reindeer - turn saddle
Snowy Winter Bench - PG
Valentine Snowman - red hearts
Winter Pine Tree

Wearing:  *COCO*_BlanketCoat(Monochrome) @Uber, January 2022

Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...