Tuesday, May 31, 2022

On the rocky shore



~BAZAR~ Sienna bed ADULT
~BAZAR~ Sienna canopy
~BAZAR~ Sienna wine set
Birdy - Sahara - Hanging Lantern
.06 [ kunst ] - Pot #1 and #2
+sanctuaire+ Plywood Table

Country Cottage



La Maison du Garde is a replica of one of the houses of le Hameau de la Reine in Versailles, France. It was used by the Swiss Guard officer in charge of the Queen's security at the Hameau. 

Apple Fall Twig Wreath
dust bunny . engineer's lamp 
:FNY: Bougainvillea Climbing Shrub RED
:FNY: Designs - Clematis Viticella Red 
JIAN Countryside Collies :: Adult Wanderer RARE
NTD La Maison du Garde V.1.1
NTD Le Boudoir (background home)
NTD Le Boudoir Fence
Nutmeg. Rustic Fence Mailbox / 3
Nutmeg. Her Bike Black v2 PG
Nutmeg. Garden Junk Broom

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Breakfast Table



*HEXtraordinary* Antique Brass chandelier 
~Libertine~ Candle Holder Short (3 candles)~ Gold [1.1]
LISP - Highwayman Stormy Moon Picture
*LODE* Decor - Tulips & Cherries [red with cherry]
MESHWORX & Terrashop~Olivia Plant Pot Old Terracotta OliveTree5
MESHWORX & Terrashop~Olivia Plant Pot White Lines Olive Tree 3
Nutmeg. Home Gallery Sconces
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Cloth
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Tray
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Pitcher
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Bread Tray
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Pears / 4 Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Dinner Soiree Armchair
Nutmeg. Dining Set Vase
Nutmeg. Mint Iced Tea Tray
The Loft - Corvus Side Table Steel
Trompe Loeil - Laney Dining Table Natural
Trompe Loeil - Laney Dining Chair Natural PG
Trompe Loeil - Taleo Lounger + Fabrics PG
Trompe Loeil - Selah Rattan Chair Tan PG

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Galactic Food Court



Bryn Oh ARCHI robot
D-LAB SP Telephone
DRD - Xantis - ZTR-01Market building
DRD - Xantis - Cubees  foodstand
DRD - Xantis - Coffee machine red
DRD - Xantis - Coffee machine blue
DRD - Xantis - Neon Sign Coffee
DRD - Xantis - Space Wall Chachki 1
DRD - Xantis - Space Wall Chachki 2
DRD - Xantis - Galactic ComBooth black
DRD - Xantis - Galactic ComBooth red
DRD pinball - PG
E.V.E ROBOTIC WARS - The Alien Drone (Rust)
HIDEKI - Scrap Parts Robot
ionic : Urban Fence
{Unflat Stuff} Retro scifi commissary terminal

Monday, May 23, 2022

The Creative Chef



Building:  KraftWork PAZ House

**andika[It's time to cook!']Whisk ver/Bowl
andika[It's time to cook!']Whisk ver-Sweets Stand
andika[It's time to cook!']Whisk ver-Chocolatte sauce 
andika[It's time to cook!']Whisk ver-cookie-B
2. AF Rockin' Robin RARE
4. AF Reaching Plant
6. AF Mixing Bowl Set
Apple Fall Tea Tins & Tea Books
Apple Fall Hand Painted Scandinavian Bowls
Apple Fall Vintage Jelly Molds
Apple Fall Nectarines w/ Basket
Apple Fall Recipe Books
Apple Fall Boxwood Urn
Ayla. Shabby Baking Collection - Basket w/ Rolling Pins (iron)
Ayla. Shabby Baking Collection - Stacked Trays (green)
Ayla. Shabby Baking Collection - Baking Moulds (green)
Ayla. Shabby Baking Collection - Cutting Board w/ Flour (used)
Ayla. Fresh Berry Collection - Cup w/ Berries (antique)
Ayla. Fresh Berry Collection - Plate w/ Blackberries (antique)
Ayla. Shabby Baking Collection - Egg Boxes w/ Twig (brown)
Ayla. Kitchen Corner - Crate w/ Clutter
Ayla. Kitchen Corner - Utensil's Jar
~BAZAR~ Toronto-kitchen base
Foxwood - Country Stove - Pot1
Kalopsia - Cecilia's Lamp
Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Island - Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Stool - Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Mixer - Fatpack
{vespertine} - recipebox
[V/W] Baguettes' Bag
West Village Pears in Vintage Trug
West Village Spring Tulips

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Garden Seating



Building:  Scarlet Creative Serendipity Retreat

22769 ~ [bauwerk] terracotta garden amphore rust
*AF* Log Planter - Mixed Succulents
*AF* Log Planter - Sedum
*AF* Petrified Wood  Tripple
{af} Wicker Basket
Apple Fall Hampton Outdoor Fireplace
Apple Fall Woodland Deer - Ceramic
AF Urne de Terra Cuite
.:EoD:. Newspaper&Glasses
=EliBaily= Vintage PNP_Cream/Print
HISA - Climbing Vines 
JIAN Dove :: Wanderer (rez me!)
JIAN Dove :: Placer (rez me!)
*LODE* Decor - Matthiola [original]
*LODE* Decor - Oleander Wreath [dark]
*LODE* Decor - Marigold Pot [orange]
Loft & Aria - Latgo Rug
Loft & Aria - Azibo Decorative Tequila Sunrise
Loft & Aria - Azibo Armchair With Pillow (PG)
Nutmeg. Mint Iced Tea Tray
Nutmeg. Vintage Metronome
Nutmeg. Disarray Newspapers & Hat
Nutmeg. Historian Paper Rolls
.:revival:. bucket of candles white
SEmotion Libellune Iguana 
Serenty Style- Marbella Armchair [ADULT]
Serenty Style- Marbella Sofa [ADULT]
Serenty Style- Marbella Table
Serenity Style- Antique Vessel Decorated
Serenity Style- Antique Vessel Stand
Soy. Cigarette and ashtray
tarte. lighted city tree B
..::THOR::.. Folded Blankets
West Village Patina Urn - Whitewashed

Sweet Home Alabama



15_8f8 - New Beginnings - Hen Spot
Ama. : Lucky Horseshoe
Apple Fall Stacked Round Baskets
Apple Fall Trough Metal Sink
Apple Fall Shepherd Hook Wall Lamp - Red
Apple Fall Stacked Herb Pots - Bleached
*AF* Succulents Boarded - Warm
*AF* Succulents - Sempervivum
*AF* Succulents - Jade
ArchiTech Design Bougainvillea Climber Red
Ariskea[Jardim] Hanging Wood Plant Decor[2]
:CP: Asher's Hayride Fruit Press
:CP: Asher's Hayride RARE
:CP: Asher's Hayride String Lights
:CP: Country Dreaming Shelf
DaD "Pitcher of Daisies" c/m
DaD "Floral baggage" c/m
dust bunny . hanging plants . 
Konoha - Nanohana - Linecheese plant
Konoha - Cosmos Mouse - Line A v.004TM HighRes
HISA - Hanging vines 4
ionic :  Hanging little plants  [flowers]
*LODE* Decor - Pretty Things [three plums pot set]
*LODE* Decor - Balts Dry Flowers [white]
LouChara Kitchen Herbs
Mali Cola Sign Old Style
[Merak] - Country Love (wheel)
Nutmeg. Country Porch Potted Plant
Nutmeg. Country Porch Rocking Chair
Nutmeg. Country Porch Potted Plant Stand
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Rug PG / 4
Nutmeg. Garden Junk Barrel
Nutmeg. His Vintage Shoes Dirty Bonus Item 
Nutmeg. Garden Junk Brushwood
Nutmeg. Garden Junk Milk Can
Nutmeg. Garden Junk Stool / 2 Single
Nutmeg. Mint Iced Tea Tray
.:revival:. beach fence 2
..::THOR::.. Garden Hose - Hanging
..::THOR::.. Metal Watering Can - bonus
..::THOR::.. Broken Pot
..::THOR::.. Nautical Oil Lamp
..::THOR::.. Garden Tools
..::THOR::.. 30's Gramophone
..::THOR::.. Rustic Hanger
..::THOR::.. Bird Cage Tall
{vespertine} - pitchfork
{vespertine} - botanical vertical curtain.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Lavender Magic



LeLUTKA/ EYES / lel EvoX 3.1
BLUSH:  Zibska Laila Blush 07
FRECKLES:  Izzie's - LeL Evo X - Cheek Freckles 03 50%
HAIR:  ""D!va"" Hair "Isla"
LaGyo_Sharma Earrings - Gold L
[PF] Piggy (head)

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Gordon walking his dog with coffee



The DRD artists have spent a great deal of time creating the most incredible SciFi-Space Western Xantis world.

Algus Fantasia plants orange S
Cica's monster 12 (black bird)
Cica's monster 31 (dog)
Cica's monster 36 (dude with coffee)
DRD - Xantis - New X'antis home A
DRD - Xantis - New X'antis home B
DRD - Xantis - Space Planter black
DRD - Xantis - Rocks with flowers3
DRD - Xantis - Camp Spot Lights
DRD - Xantis - Tent Shelter large
DRD - Xantis - Pile of Space Junk large
D-LAB Air turret truck BLACK
D-LAB Deck monitor blue
NOMAD // Carnivorous Specimen A // Orange

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Sheep May Safely Graze



JIAN Sheep Collection 
[ keke ] back yard fence wood 
Konoha -"Jest" Weeds 
Kohoha Cosmos Mouse (weeds)
.:ROXY:. small stable

Tuesday, May 17, 2022




Building:  Hisa-LMD'Aurora

8f8 - Whites - Vines
Apple Fall Cushion - Mud-cloth, African
~BAZAR~ Traveler-Butterfly frame
Bricolage Chinoiserie Art
DaD "Hydrangea Pot GROUP GIFT 3/20" c/m
*HEXtraordinary* Parakeet Pals
Loft & Aria - Meyer Rug
Nutmeg. Autumn Lounge Tray
Nutmeg. Dinner Soiree Armchair
Nutmeg. Country House Bench
Nutmeg. French Cafe Watering Can
Nutmeg. Overgrown Clock
Nutmeg. Ceramic Jars
PLAAKA StrawberryTablePlanter
ReKa. Metal Bicycle Decor /  Group Gift
Sari-Sari - Indoor Plant Shelf
Soy. Bamboo Framed Pendant Lamp [Cotton]
TABOU. Bag Ready to go - Black
tarte. reused birdcage {iron}
..::THOR::.. Armoire - Bicolor 1
..::THOR::.. Vintage Mannequin - French
..::THOR::.. Vintage Mannequin - Floral
..::THOR::.. Hat Box - Floral - Bonus
..::THOR::.. Laundry Basket
..::THOR::.. Floral Teapot - Bonus
..::THOR::.. Floral Stacked Cups - Bonus
..::THOR::.. Thonet Chair - Plain
..::THOR::.. Bedside Nightstand - Natural Wood
Trompe Loeil - Cagivi Bed PG
[WH] Victorian Terrarium

Monday, May 16, 2022




Building:  Hisa - La maisonette D'Aurora

~BAZAR~ Mila hot tub ADULT
~BAZAR~ Mila steps
~BAZAR~ Mila pergola
~BAZAR~ Mila fence
~BAZAR~ Mila bar
~BAZAR~ Mila bar chair
:CP: Kara Planter
:CP: Pam's Lanai Wine
:CP: Caicos Ball Hanging Lantern Sky
:CP: Caicos Ball Hanging Lantern Grass
:CP: Caicos Ball Lantern Sky
:CP: Whitby Decor
CHEZ MOI El Paso Rattan Chair (PG)
CHEZ MOI El Paso Rattan Table
CHEZ MOI Daisy Jar
~*Forest Floor*~ Cherry Tree - (L, straight, hud ctrl)
ionic : La fuente de la Haciendita
Kalopsia - Polly's Metal Flamingo
Kalopsia - Polly's Watermelon Punch
Kalopsia - Polly's Dots Rug
Kalopsia - Polly's Stripes Rug
Kalopsia - Polly's Flip Flop
Kalopsia - Polly's Picnic Basket
Kalopsia - June's Cabin with Towels
KAZZA - Welcome!toNewMexico - cactuses




{anc} flottante puppies
Ariskea[VividLeaf] Fern Plant & Pothos
DaD "Positano Wrought Iron Gate" c/m 1.0
hive // devil's ivy overhang plant . light
KAZZA - BytheSeaPalmpot - palmpot
KAZZA - BytheSeaPlantpot2 - pot
KAZZA - BytheSeaPalmpot2 - palmpot
KAZZA - BytheSeaSuntable - stoolpot
KAZZA - BytheSeaPalmpot3 - palm3
KAZZA - WillowTwigChair - (PG) armchair
KAZZA - WillowTwigChair - Jasmim vase
KOPFKINO - Tranquility Water Garden Tub (Copper).
Lagom - Tea in the garden [ Chair Green ] @TLC, May 2022
Lagom - Tea in the garden [ Chair Gold ] @TLC, May 2022
Lagom - Tea in the garden [ Table ] @TLC, May 2022
*LODE* Decor Fireweed Flower
*LODE* Decor - Hyacinth [violet]
*LODE* Decor - Geranium Pot [red]
*LODE* Decor - Geranium Pot [pink]
*LODE* Decor - Geranium Pot [white]
Loft & Aria - Roma Daybed PG
Nutmeg. Ceramic Jars
O.M.E.N - Spring Daisies - Potted Blue/White

Saturday, May 14, 2022

The Lost Garden



Building:  Adielle Kabila - Old Chapel

Ariskea[Holo] Stump Mushrooms
:Fanatik Architecture: Fence 1
Foxwood - Floral Archway
Hayabusa Design Apricot Tree Prunus  
*HEXtraordinary* Spiral Topiary
*HEXtraordinary* Bunny Topiary
*HEXtraordinary* Three Balls Topiary
*HEXtraordinary* Pom Topiary
*HEXtraordinary* Sphere Topiary
The Silas Gallery Birdbath

Thursday, May 12, 2022




Building:  LAQ Decor ~ Picturesque Cottage  

AF Model Plane (Large)
Apple Fall Carved Stag Bust - Weathered Oak
Apple Fall Rosehip Branch in Milk Glass Vase
Apple Fall Signature Speaker - Cream
Apple Fall Clay Hand Sculpture
Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 2
ACORN Bourke Floor Lamp -Black @Fameshed, May 2022
ACORN Bourke Floor Lamp -Pink @Fameshed, May 2022
crate Cyber Computer - Aqua
crate Cyber Console & Cam - Aqua
crate Cyber Keyboard & Iced Coffee - Aqua
crate Cyber Console & Cam - Black
crate Cyber Computer - Black
crate Cyber Keyboard & Coffee - Black
dust bunny . round desk . pink
dust bunny . round desk . black
*ionic* Orrery
*ionic* Vintage worldmap
MudHoney Renee Desk Chair - Ink Stripes
MudHoney Renee Desk Chair - Pastel
MudHoney Madagascar Boxes
MudHoney Love Art
Mutresse - Dobby Cats - 7
O.M.E.N - Spring Daisies - Potted Blue/White
{what next} Novelle Book & Pen Decor
2.Yokai - Quack-Quack! - Bunny Duckling (yellow)
12.Yokai - Quack-Quack! - Petals Duckling(yellow)

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Fancy Like



Building:  Scarlet Creative Spellbound Skybox

BROKEN ARROWS - Daphne - Charming Mess - Golden (Worn) @Collabor88, May 2022
BROKEN ARROWS - Daphne - Perfume @Collabor88, May 2022
floorplan. wall tapestry / parfum
Kalopsia - Liz's Lounging Chair @Collabor88, May 2022
[Schultz Bros.] Beverly Lamp
[Schultz Bros.] Beverly Clock Stationary
-tres blah- Jolie -Round Bottle
-tres blah- Jolie - Golden Hand
-tres blah- Jolie - Vintage Bottle
{wn} Chelsea Curtains

Sculpture Garden



Compulsion Decorative Column
(Fundati) Ruins Desierta -wall-
(Fundati) Ruins Desierta -pillar base-
(Fundati) Ruins Desierta -pillar head-
Psyche - Stone
Venus-Italica - Stone
Antinous Farnese - Stone
Mars - Stone
Galdiateur Borgese - Stone
NOMAD // Occult Ruins
NOMAD // Romantic Ruins // Bench // PG @Collabor88, May 2022
NOMAD // Romantic Ruins // Columns @Collabor88, May 2022
NOMAD // Romantic Ruins // Gate @Collabor88, May 2022
Skye Temple Ruins Stone Type 1
Skye Temple Ruins Floor
TLG - Lost Garden Column Single

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Fantasy Garden



Hayabusa Design - Meadow Agri Field Wild M5 v1-2

Chef's Kitchen



Building:  DaD "Positano Mansion" c/m 1.0

Apple Fall Vintage Jelly Molds
Apple Fall Silver Antiqued Rabbit
Apple Fall Gourds in Vintage Bowl
DaD "Wooden Spoons Bowl" c/m
DaD "Rustic Frame Vegetables" c/m
DaD "Rustic Frame Lemon Grass" c/m
DaD "Rustic Frame Tomato & Basil" c/m
dust bunny . kitchen clutter . potted herbs  
dust bunny . kitchen clutter . spice rack . black
dust bunny . kitchen clutter . cutting boards
dust bunny . kitchen clutter . banana hanger
dust bunny . kitchen clutter . paper towels
Foxwood - Grandma's Kitchen - Shelf - Collander
Foxwood - Country Stove - Pot1
Foxwood - Country Stove - Pot2
KraftWork Kitchen Rails . Paper & More Rack
Nutmeg. Porcelain Curiosities China Pieces
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Round Bowl Stack
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Mugs
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Eggs
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Tray
Nutmeg. Fresh Delivery Thick Branches
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Linen Stack / 2
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Sauce
Nutmeg. Dinner Soiree Table
Nutmeg. Dinner Soiree Dish Stack Bonus Item Boats
Nutmeg. Dinner Soiree Jug / 2
Nutmeg. Dinner Soiree Chandelier / M
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Linen Stack / 2
Nutmeg. Bucolic Serving Bowl / 1

Day Tripper



MINIMAL - Lisbon Tram Corridors Linked Version
MINIMAL - Lisbon Tramway Decor

Pose: :LW: Labrador walking prop for "Courage"

Friday, May 6, 2022

Butterfly Dreams



Building: DaD "Positano Barn" v.1.0 c/m

Apple Fall Lemon Branch in Jug
Apple Fall Kingsbury Pendant Lamp
3. Apple Fall Ulysses Butterfly
~BAZAR~ Traveler-Butterfly frame
*BHL - The Dubonnet Table Lamp v2.1
Camdem - A Moment in Time Mortar
Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room - Fur Rug
:CP: Vetur Falkland Books
:CP: Sara Birdcage
DRD MS - Specimens - Butterflies
DRD MS - Specimens - Big Beetles
Kalopsia - Emma's Suitcase
[ keke ] butterflies dancing - yellow
*LODE* Decor - Bougainvillea Vase [pink]
19. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Pink Pointe Shoes
Nutmeg. Holiday Wreath Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Overgrown Clock
Nutmeg. Spring Ensemble Plant
Nutmeg. Flower Cherub Statue
Nutmeg. Disarray Wooden Candlesticks
.random.Matter. - Lost & Forgotten - Birdcage [Bronze] 
Tentacio Ballet shoes
..::THOR::.. Bedside Ottoman - Anniversary Gift
..::THOR::.. Bedside Drawer - Dark Floral
..::THOR::.. Bedside Nightstand - Dark
{vespertine} - bag full of peonies
[ zerkalo ] Montserrat - Bed PG

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Coastal Sunset



Ariskea. Woodlawn . Basket table
~BAZAR~Cancun - Paper Lantern 02
~BAZAR~ Napa - Flowers
~BAZAR~ Florenze - Candlestick 01
[Con.] Dolphin Statue - Silver
DRD - Backyard Dock @Fameshed, May 2022
DRD - Backyard Dock - Dock
DRD - Backyard Dock - Table - Beige
DRD - Backyard Dock - Table - White
DRD - Backyard Dock - Chair - white
DRD - Backyard Dock - Decor - Woven Lantern
DRD - Backyard Dock - Decor - Plant
dust bunny . hanging plants 
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny . areca palm plant
hive // abandoned lifeguard chair
Hyde - Chandelier
MudHoney Throw PIllow - Feather
NOMAD // Changing Booth RARE




Buttercup DDIOR Shopping Bag LRG (R Hand Hold)
Dreamscapes Decor *Penny* Heels Purple
Fancy Decor: Acres Ottoman
Nutmeg. Glass Door Cabinet
KraftWork PAZ House . Bedroom Room Rug 1
KraftWork PAZ House . Bed Side Table 3
KraftWork Jewelry Display Clutter . Gold
KraftWork Signore Vanity Set . Vintage Watch Gold
[North Oak] + Ophelia Boucle Bed
Nutmeg. Apple Still Life Vase / 1
Nutmeg. Classic Bedroom Bench w/Throw&Book Decor
Nutmeg. Glass Door Cabinet
Nutmeg. Soft Noontide Lamp
Nutmeg. Retro Glam Telephone Cream w/Pearls
SAYO - Edison Drafting Schematics
SAYO - Edison Draft Lamp
SEmotion Libellune Iguana Holdable LIMITED
Sway's [Neal] Clothes on floor

Wednesday, May 4, 2022




09 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Wall Grapevine Left
14 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Gourmet Set  
Botanical - Lattice Fence w/ Gate (tall 1 panel width)
dust bunny . farmers market . leeks
KratWork Ende Bar Collection . Wine Bottles
KratWork Ende Bar Collection . Leaves Vase
Nutmeg. Dinner Soiree Armchair
Nutmeg. Dinner Soiree Table
.:revival:. beach deck
.:revival:. stone bench
Soul2Soul. Jardin Patio Garden. Planter Long Brownstone B
Soul2Soul. Jardin Patio Garden. Planter Square Brownstone b
Soul2Soul. Jardin Patio Garden. Planter Low Brownstone A

The Collector



Building:  KraftWork May Skybox

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Dont'cha wish your boyfriend was hot like me
09 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Wall Grapevine Left
13 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Antique Jug
13 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Bucchero Vase
13 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Eggplant Vase
:FANATIK: Wall Shelf Oak Wood
Fancy Decor: Acres Painting
Fancy Decor: Acres Sculpture
Fancy Decor: Acres Ottoman
KAZZA - BytheSeaPalmpot - palmpot
[ keke ]  dark star
[ keke ] hogweed shimmer mini
[ keke ] hogweed in vase
KraftWork Saclay Collection . Full Bookcase Black
*LODE* Decor - Bougainvillea Vase [pink]
MH Elliot Bench
MH Elliot Panel Wave
MH Elliot Panel Tris
MH Elliot Vase 1 - Cream
MH Elliot Vase 1 - Teal
MH Elliot Vase 2 - Mint
MH Elliot Vase 2 - Fawn
MH Elliot Vase 3 - Fawn
MudHoney Capiz Chandelier Light - Brass
MudHoney Calla Pot Oinochoe
MudHoney Calla Pot Amphora
MudHoney Calla Pot Pelike
MudHoney Greta Books
MH Meera Bowl w/ Beads
MH Meera Vase Small
MH Meera Vase Big
Nutmeg. Piled-up Rugs
TG - Weathered Marble Sculpture - Male Torso - Domus Fair

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Peace and Quiet



Apple Fall Rural Farmhouse RARE
ACORN Orchard Box -Peaches
dust bunny . basket table
FINCA - Cancun orange beverages @Cosmopolitan (May 2-May 14)
FINCA - Tulip Jar
[IK] Boho Hanging Chair #2 (PG)
LISP - Charlotte Nerd Book
[we're CLOSED] pond deck V2
[we're CLOSED] broken windmill

Monday, May 2, 2022




Building:  Catta Grizot Jungle Compact House

DISORDERLY. / Antiqued / Key Book & Paper Pile
Fancy Decor: Acres Sculpture
HPMD* Little Birds (no script) -- sky blue 
hive // tenley area rug . tan
KAZZA - HomeStyle - Peace Lily
KAZZA - BytheSeaPalmpot2 - palmpot
KAZZA - BytheSeaSuntable - stoolpot
KraftWork Vejle Dining Collection . Concrete Vase
KraftWork Vejle Dining Collection . Bamboo Chandelier Natural
KraftWork Vejle Dining Collection . Dining Chair Light
KraftWork Vejle Dining Collection . End Table Chair Light
KraftWork Vejle Dining Collection . Dining Table Light
KraftWork Vejle Dining Collection . Minimalist Shelf
KraftWork Vejle Dining Collection . Indoor Potted Tree
KraftWork Vejle Dining Collection . Table Clutter (Gift)
KraftWork Vejle Dining Collection . Marble Prisms
KraftWork Vejle Dining Collection . Marble Sphere
KraftWork Saclay Collection . Decorative Lunette
*PAN* Silver and Gold Glass Orbs with Stand Decor
[Rezz Room] Grouchy Cat Napping

Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...