Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shiny Shabby Goodness

More of my treasures from Shiny Shabby


Building:  llorisen // lils shotgun cottage

Apple Fall - AF Plantation BookCase full, Apple Fall Tribal Print I
[ARIA] - Luana linen sofa
[Fetch] - Slat Table
[ keke ] - summer bottle - shade
MudHoney - Leslie Pillow - honeycomb
Kalopsia - Train/Tank Miniature (Strong Black)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Plate with Apples
7 -  Piano PE-9A 1946
Apt B // Shabby Chic Chair -PG-
The Loft - Roxy Lumbar Leopard, The Loft - Book Cage
Dutchie - rows of books
[PM] Pixel Mode - Victoria Chandlier
MESHWORX ~ Nixie Sandwish Brass v1 (Mod/Copy only) (clock)
[Con.] - The Spell-o d'Cauldron
Second Spaces - vintage deco jacks, marble checkers, Pratt books & jars, Pratt weather vane
ISON HOME - fatty black ram RARE
N4RS Siena Landscape
N4RS Siena Rug
N4RS Siena Table
N4RS Siena Weathered Zinc Lamp
N4RS Siena Fauteuil  PG
N4RS Siena Stool
[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner bottle / Red ale (grunge)
TA - Potato Chips
[][]bs[][] - magazines
:CP: Virginia Flowers
8f8 - Indoor DIY Spring SOLO Tin - NATURAL, Indoor DIY Spring TREE Tin - NATURAL
La Galleria - 3 Bird Lamp Tan shade COPY
Stockholm&Lima: The Alchemist's Shot Glass Tray

Free Bird

I have so many fantasy items, but my favorites have to be these birds from {anc}.  It is hard to use them in everyday home stylings, so I've spent the last few days exploring my fantastical side.

Featuring {anc} cocktailbird/ birds


Building:  {anc} cirque de reverie .2/ blanc / tent 41Li [W22/D18/H8] RARE

{anc} cocktailbird/ birds
{anc} mannequin. MermaidPrincess(Adult)6Li RARE
{anc} NOEL. :  feather table / milk 3Li

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Birdhouse in Your Soul Chair

-JoHaDeZ- BirdyCage "Birds in Love"M, -JoHaDeZ- BirdyCage "Birds in Love"S, 
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass02 - white
HPMD* Garden Tree03 - simple white
HPMD* Rope Ladder
Trompe Loeil - Flying Bird Display - Group Flight no wires
+Half-Deer+ - The Mad Scientist's Birdcage
Culprit - Birdcage Light Bronze
[monaya G] - Bird cage-white
:CP: Sara Birdcage
:CP: & PILOT Garden Party BirdCage 4
[PM}- Pixel Mode  -  Bird Cage
Seraph Kegel - Squeeze - Birdcages
September - Antique bird cage

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Book of Days

Kalopsia - Gipsy Shack (Cream)

available at ~uber~


Kalopsia - Gipsy Shack (Cream)
{anc} cirque de reverie .13/ balloon / floor 2Li, {anc} cirque de reverie .14/ nuit / balloon stand 1Li 1
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass02 - white
HPMD* Winter Tree 2013 - b (white branch)
HPMD* Garden Tree03 - simple white

COCO - Doll Body, Head and Insect Wings
Eshi Otawara - Pearl Headress
The Forge - Pearl Collar
r2 - kagetsu skirt
Spellbound - bramble (book)

Contemplating My Sins


Structure:  Turnips Sky Dome

{anc} cocktailbird / nestchair : white / 2Li RARE 1
{anc} lantern " temari : snow " hang stand [REZ] 2Li, {anc} lantern " temari : snow " on ground [REZ] 2Li
{anc} mannequin. Prince 5Li RARE
{anc} mannequin. pink 4Li
HPMD* Winter Tree 2013 - c (white branch)
HPMD* Garden Tree03 - simple white
HPMD* Winter Grass 2013 - b
(particle) HPMD* Whitish Wave Grass(w)A
:CP: & PILOT - Backyard Cinema Lights

MudHoney - The Arcade March 2015

The shopping frenzy is about to begin.  I hope you get a chance to pick up these cool accessories from MudHoney.


Building:  L2 Studio Dove Bay House (mesh) 125 li

MudHoney Distressed Table RARE
MudHoney Glasses w/ Case - Coral
MudHoney Message Pad
MudHoney Bill Pile
MudHoney Smart Phone
MudHoney Cat Keys
MudHoney Leather Bag - Coral
MudHoney Canvas Shoes - Floral

Apple Fall - #JeSuisCharlie
[ARIA] - Vesna upcycled tulips, [ARIA] Willa exposed light bulb
8f8 - Indoor DIY Spring SOLO Tin - NATURAL, 8f8 - Indoor DIY Spring TREE Tin - NATURAL
Rodriguez Munro - you could walk forever. - grey november gallery
N4RS - Siena Fauteuil  PG, N4RS Siena Stool
TA - Concept Mail Tray
junk. walking sticks. rose., cream animal rug.
oyasumi / 18th street sign
Cheeky Pea - Thistle Teeny Tiny Green House (c)
Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Davenport, Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Lissy

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bohemian Rhapsody

~uber~ February's theme is Boho - I love Aria's Willa Bedroom set - the colors are crazy - perfectly bohemian.


Building:  { ililo } marianne

[ARIA] Willa tapestry
[ARIA] Willa low bed (PG)
[ARIA] Willa exposed light bulb
[ARIA] Willa chipped bedside table
[ARIA] Willa chipped dresser
[ARIA] Willa woven rug
[ARIA] Willa potted Phormium
[ARIA] Willa decorative books

Apple Fall - AF Blueberries, AF His Sideboard, {af} Tied Books, AF Pocket Watch, AF Monogram Luggage Bag, AF Worn Luggage Bag, Apple Fall Neva's Laundry Basket, Apple Fall Victorian Radiator, Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases, AF Apple Line, AF Hat Box, AF Pheasant Feathers
TARTESSOS ARTS- TA Sensation Mini Speaker, TA Sensation Turntable
Sway's - [Pohoda] Wicker Chair . pillows
miyu adder - pumila
JUNK - junk. arch lamp. tall., junk. pulley light., junk. plant stand., junk. cream animal rug., junk. boho curtain., junk. window frame lights., junk. feather mobile., junk. walking sticks. rose., junk. morrison locker cabinet.
floorplan. - the solar woman, floorplan. vintage travel poster, florplan. the optometrist's locker
(iTuTu) petit dahlia can /white, (iTuTu) petit leaf vine can
N4RS - Siena Rug
Zigana - home made flamingo, books
MudHoney - Baobab Tree
7 - Philby Radio (scripted)
The Loft - Pear Trinket Box
NOMAD // Brass Wallclock .001
*AF* Poarch Board Shapes ~ Apples
HIDEKI - Shabby Closet
:CP: Abbotsford Hanging Shelf
ISPACHI Mesh Art - Gazelle's Head
[ kunst ] - Camping mug / steel, [ kunst ] - Cigarette box nouveau / gold, [ kunst ] - Ashtray v3 / Marble #4, [ kunst ] - Malbec glass #5, [ kunst ] - Wine bottle / malbec - black cap

Friday, February 20, 2015

Shabby Shiny

Another reason to love 22769 ~ [bauwerk].  The Upcycled Armchair and Console are beautiful pieces.


Building:  llorisen // lils shotgun cottage

22769~[bauwerk] Upcycled Armchair Beige
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Upcycled Cabinet

Kalopsia - Chandelier, Kalopsia - Morrocan Mirror
MudHoney - Relaxed Shades - Narrow, Ophelia Bag
dust bunny -. twinkley twigs
{anc} "lapin. torso.A 1Li, mannequin. paper 4Li
KAZZA - HomeStyle - Small Vase Foliage
Bazar - Toronto-Lemon basket
[Con.] Arch Rug
Zooby - Pug
My Art (Hunt Slonem)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Alice's Garden

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Mad Hatters Teaparty Gacha at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Building - Atelier Visconti (A.V.) - walls
Windlight - Annan Adored - Noble Goes Dutchie I

Fantasy Gacha Carnival
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stack Of Cups
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Round Etagere
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Queen Of Hearts Cake
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Alice Chair RARE
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Alice Table RARE
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Mad Hatter Cake
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Teapot
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Square Etagere
22769 ~ [bauwerk] House Of Cards
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Top Hat Cake
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cupcakes in Cups

e'lan - tree v2 with fairy garden lights  1
Sway's - [Alice] topiary
AlmostWonderland - Alice in Wonderland Disappearing Cheshire Cat (Blue)
8f8 - Behave Beehive
8f8 - Butterly Hideout *** RARE
8f8 - Bubbleblooms - White
8f8 - Bubbleblooms - Blue
8f8 - Butter' Ups
8f8 - Poppy Hearts
8f8 - Luckylady Bug
3DTrees - creeping ivy 3 mirror
Deja Letov - Dimented Diamonds Card Soldier
+Half-Deer+ - Climbing Rose Vine (Pale) - L
HPMD* - stuffed rabbit/pirate (rare), stuffed bat (rare), stuffed bird/ice greenA, stuffed chipmunk
[HANDverk]- Hatter Chair, Tea Tree.madTEA party.rare
!Ohmai: - Flamingo D (Rez) [Fandango]
Lilith Heart - Heliotrope Bush-Khaki-Large

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One Room Flat

Pixel Mode has the most adorable set - Victora 2.  Available at Shiny Shabby February 20

Shiny Shabby

The Liaison Collaborative



Building:  :HAIKEI: Warm&Natural / Gacha {RARE}skybox

Shiny Shabby
[PM]Pixel Mode - Victoria Hutch
[PM}Pixel Mode  -  Bird Cage
[PM] Pixel Mode - Victoria Chandlier

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Plate with Apples, 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vase with Tulips, 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Purity Fur Rug (Fameshed)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] House Of Cards (The Fantasy Gacha)
Kalopsia - Leather Pouf - Black (PG), Wire Lamp (Onyx), Lips (Black),  Brown Print Rug (The Liaison Collaborative)
.:revival:. - round cushion white, (Shiny Shabby)
Kalopsia - Lifespan Chest (Black),  Kalopsia - Lifespan Chair
junk. metal him. dark rust., bartlet wheel table. worn., redfern chair.  mint chocolate.
Animania - Snow Owl Female
Apple Fall - AF Fern Specimen, AF Unknown Specimen
The Hive - Lighted Wooden Heart
The Loft - Porthole Mirror
Ex Machina - Tesla Lamp - Wood - wall  -Silver, Tesla Lamp - Floor Version, Tesla Lamp - Wall - Red wheel
:HAIKEI: - Warm&Natural / Gacha {3} (sofas), Warm&Natural / Gacha {2} (no right turn on red chair)
[ARIA] - Emmanuel decorative snowflake cushion (Gold A and B) 
Dutchie - ukka
[Con.] - Blumenthal's - Hydrant Stool - red, Jack's Bugout Shelter - Animal Skulls, Blumenthal's - Subway sign, Blumenthal's - NYC Houston, The Spell-o d'Cauldron
Cheeky Pea - Crate, :CP: Homemade Table, :CP: Barrel Chalkboard - Brave
floorplan. monoceros chart frame, floorplan. pile of books
7 - Attention Pickpockets,  HypnoLamp Checkered, Help Box
{vespertine} - welcome to nowhere/rust sign /
{Petite Maison} - Brynn Hurricane & Candle -medium
+Half-Deer+ - Northern Cardinals
NOMAD // Armillary
Casita - LoveWishDream Bottles
Bazar - Toronto-Living room curtain right, Toronto-Living room bookshelf 1, Toronto-Living room bookshelf 2
FD: Half Moon Wire Table
TA - Crossword Magazines
*ionic* - Timmy (Mice), Felix Kitty
/artilleri/ TV Time * black*
KAZZA - HomeStyle - Mat Berger

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rich Texture

Remember when MudHoney debuted the Priya Bed at Cinema 2012?  I do.  I went nuts for that bed. It was expensive and worth every penny - I bought the PG version and have used it many times in stylings.  The bed curtains are so versatile.  You can unlink them and use them on a window or door opening.  The Priya Bed is the perfect compliment to MudHoney's Alicia Vanity set available this month at The Liaison Collaborative.


The Liaison Collaborative


Building:  Never Totally Dead Chateau La Lutiniere - Small

My Kittycats - AGs Olympus!, AGs Labrador! and AGs Talladega!  (Balinese - Seal Lynx)

MudHoney Alicia Table
MudHoney Alicia Mirror
MudHoney Alicia Frame
MudHoney Alicia Makeup Stand
MudHoney Alicia Rose (pink)
MudHoney Alicia Stool
MudHoney Alicia Books

MudHoney Priya Bed (PG) and Bed Curtains
MudHoney Relaxed Shades - Wide Long
MudHoney Neve Rug
MudHoney Red Tulips
MudHoney magazine prop
MudHoney Leslie Garden Stool - lt blue

[ARIA] - Aidan silhouette side table
Apple Fall - {af} Icon Tower Lamp {Pearl}, AF Gilt Frame (Portrait)
[PM]Pixel Mode - Lisa Table - F
Kalopsia - Chandelier, New Royals Couch (White), Arabella's Books, Old Letters, Pot Pourrit
The Loft - Marelda Vanity Chair, Aden lamp, Pear Trinket Box, Bennet Chaise PG OffWhite
{anc} - lantern " temari : momo " on ground [REZ] 2Li, EDEN.olive /  new
Dutchie - rug wheat, valise
::NAMU:: PINK_ballerina_musicbox, SWAN_ballerina_musicbox (Cosmopolitan)
{what next} Hearts Alarm Clock (ivory), Sweetheart Balloons Decor
Zaara - vanity accessories, Antique telephone
POST - Jouanny Chinoiserie Vase 
Kaerri - Felicity Orchid Urn

Monday, February 16, 2015


.:revival:. is participating in February's Shiny Shabby event.  If you are a fan of urban-industrial decor, then you need to see the pulley lounger with texture change - amazing.

Shiny Shabby


Building:  Scarlet Creative Hudson Townhouse 1

.:revival:. pulley lounger
.:revival:. pulley lamp
.:revival:. scrapbook
.:revival:. rustic table
.:revival:. vintage stool grey

.:revival:. lantern cast iron S
.:revival:. candle bowl cushion
.:revival:. wood stove
.:revival:. fire log basket cart - ADULT

[Fetch] Rush Set - Lamp
Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - crate of old music
7 - Hit With Me
[ kunst ] - Wine bottle holder / malbec (x6), Malbec glass #3, Wine bottle / malbec - black cap
junk. electric leopard rug., vintage camera light., leather T chair. bronze.
RO - Dress Form - No Materials
[Con.] - FLF Playbills
floorplan. - carpe diem
.:: ONE GRID ::. Orchid with Perls, Apple Plate
*ionic* - Lazy bunnie, The bunnie and the carrots

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sweetness and Light

[keke] - The Pea Princess set available at Shiny Shabby opening February 20

Shiny Shabby


Building - Greymoon Designs - The Sunset Cove House

[keke] - The Shiny Shabby Event
[ keke ] the pea princess's bed
[ keke ] the pea princess's DIY book stable
[ keke ] the pea princess' step ladder

[ keke ] rose heart - red, [ keke ] rose heart - blush - transfer
[ keke ] berries - red
[ keke ] chandelier - moon
[PM]Pixel Mode - Bisous Table - White Rust, Bisous Arm Chair - White Rust
Kalopsia - Beauty and The Beast Wall Mirrors
Alouette - Candy Jar Style 2 and 3 - Valentines
*AF* Snowden Peaks - Heart Stand Red
HIDEKI - Wooden Craft Town, Rocking Horse,  Wooden Bear
{anc} lantern " temari : snow " on ground [REZ] 2Li, {anc} lantern " temari : snow " hang stand [REZ] 2Li, {anc} cirque de reverie .19/ blanc / hang ball 2Li 1
llorisen // paint splattered old frame.empty square alder
8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Carpet
7 - Box of Love
*ionic* - Alpaca (el) -
~silentsparrow~ Deer Valentine
Serenity Style- Lovely Letter Mouse
Apt B //  Haven Hanging Seat -Tan-
-tres blah- Soiree - balloons, -tres blah- Soiree - Pom Poms
{what next} brown box, red box, heart box, Tiny House Lanterns, Hearts Alarm Clock (red)
Zooby - Black Pug
floorplan. waves rug
Dreamscapes Decor - *Books with dwarf* B
Enchanted Breedables - Bears

Thursday, February 12, 2015

CrimSon Saints Motorcycle Club

Really cool set available at The Men's Department


Building:  [Fetch] Grawt Skybox 2

Kalopsia - Leather Chair
Kalopsia - Leather Chair
Kalopsia - Metal Lamp
Kalopsia - Motorbike (Decoration)
Kalopsia - MC Logo
Kalopsia - Gavel
Kalopsia - Beer Bottle
Kalopsia - Mugshot Frames
Kalopsia - Biker Vest (Female)

Kalopsia - Flying Paper
[ keke ] - bulb stand - chrome
[Fetch] - Vix Rug, Lyla Beer Crates
[PM]Pixel Mode - Levi  Wall Light - Oxidized Copper
Dutchie - subscriber gift: 1 prim dinner Pizza and Bear
Soy. Tires with stand, Folding pipe chair [Brown], Motor oil can [metal], Old van backseat (Brown leather)
POST: Darkbloom Tattered Journal, Old Found Notebooks
junk. morrison ceiling light, morrison locker cabinet, ashtray, morrison packing crate screen
Apple Fall - [AF] JUNKYARD Door (America)
~JD~ MTF WorkBench
[TI] Garage Decoration
Debora Stine - Vintage COCA-COLA Ice Cold (White) DBy*
Bazar - Wall picture-Brando
Second Spaces - area 51 comics, ezra ashtray
--Virtual Decay- Metal Sign:Chesterfield, Clickable Adult Magazine 03
[NikotiN] - Cigarette Butts (04)
Tooter Claxton - fire extinguisher small

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shotgun Shack

I love, love, love lil's shotgun cottage by llorisen.  I picked it up at Collabor88 this week.  It is the perfect backdrop for both regional and timeless decor.



The Chapter Four


Windlight Settings:  Annan Adored - Noble goes Dutch III (Fixed Sky Environment Setting)

Building:  llorisen // lils shotgun cottage (Collabor88)

llorisen // paint splattered old frames (Son of Man - Internet art)
Soy -  Siphon of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove (only flask)
[ARIA] - Delilah curtain - N-TwentyOne exclusive (retextured)
Apple Fall - Apple Fall Masculine Bar, Apple Fall Banana Tree, Apple Fall Industrial Lamp w/ Extender (Rust), Apple Fall Antique Art (Collabor88)
Apple Fall - AF Vintage Camera w/ Tripod, AF Acanthus Fragment
Apple Fall - 5. Apple Fall Book Shelf (The Chapter Four)
[PM ]Pixel Mode - Levi Table, Levi Stool 1, Levi  Wall Light - Oxidized Copper (Collabor88)
[PM]Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Magnifying Glass, Milk Can Berries
[ keke ] bottled roses heart  - red, [ keke ] simple cabinet - bright, [ keke ] glitter frames, [ keke ] ancient ink w magnolia, [ keke ] lab vase cone, [ keke ] lab vase coupe, [ keke ] lab vase w magnolias, [ keke ] ink bottle - ice, [ keke ] ink bottle - frost,
MudHoney - Ophelia Candlesticks, Red Tulips, Golden Candlesticks
Trompe Loeil - Amelia Loveseat PG (Collabor88)
8f8 - Indoor DIY Spring SOLO Tin - NATURAL
The Loft - Aden lamp, Pear Trinket Box (Fameshed)
{anc} - Bdream. sidetable.white 1Li
floorplan - bingo card holder, arrow scroll
Lark - Bird Nerd - Book & Binoculars
junk - vintage cut-throat razors, vintage camera light
:CP: Zodiac Art - Gemini, Oiseau es Chandelles (Birdcage Candle Thingy) Fully Lit, Deconstructed Side Table
Bazar - Vase Decor (lit), Bazar Urn with Tall Ivy, Bazar Brown Rug with Fringe
!! Follow US !! - Lights camera - vintage COPY version
A.V. - Brise' White Roses Bucket
{theosophy} - Beaumaris Mirror (Cloud)
FD: - Winter Rug
HIDEKI - Donkey Cart
!Ohmai : - 100 Years of Waiting Hourglass (Magic Dust)
Olivia Russo - ru morgue picture 5
-tb- - Bon Voyage - Vintage Camera
TA - PhotoStudio Photographs Pile
~Libertine~ - Gustave Dore' + Singing the Glories of the Crusades
{vespertine-} shades of grey swatch board
miyu adder - pumila
[*Art Dummy!] flamingo. (book one), the edge of winter (sketchbook decor)
[Breno] - Elk horns
Zinnias  - Leggy Red Planter
Con.&floorplan. Branch Light, Rose in a Bottle
+Half-Deer+ - Bunnies
.Birdy. - Snow Cub {Medium rez}

Saturday, February 7, 2015


[noctis] introduced several beautiful spring flower sets - Tulips in window boxes, Irises in Window boxes, Irises in Urns.  With the HUDs, you can change the color of the flowers.

Noctis (main shop)


Building:  {vespertine- metamorphosis house}

[noctis] - [noctis] Spring flowers Window Box B (for HUD), [noctis] Tulips Window BoxB (for HUD) 2li, [noctis] lil mother inlaws toungue
Apple Fall Branch Lamp
[ keke ] summer bottle - breeze, [ keke ] soda - peach, [ keke ] summer bottle  - bliss, [ keke ] summer bottle - birdsong
PILOT - Potted Plant Shelves, PILOT - Rain Barrel, PILOT - Garden Tools
[DDD] Gardening Bench, [DDD] Potting Bench
:CP: & PILOT - Garden Party Chair 1
ArchiTech Design - Creeping Ivy
+Half-Deer+ - Goat Bros
-Hanaya - Faucet Wall Mount with Garden Hose
-Hanaya - Double Yellow Daffodil (Medium), -Hanaya- Mesh Rustic Square Table
Kaerri - Cage Roses Yellow
miyu adder - pumila
(iTuTu) poppy pot /  cream (tintable), (iTuTu) lavender pot, (iTuTu) petit dahlia can /white, (iTuTu) petit dahlia can /yellow, (iTuTu) petit leaf vine can, (iTuTu)paper planter01(M)
-tb- Bon Voyage - Clock Radio (Yellow)

Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...