Sunday, June 29, 2014

4th of July - American Holiday That Can't be Beat

I'm American.  Born, raised and proud of my country.  I am thrilled to share this holiday with everyone and want to thank Aphrodite for the beautiful set.  I'm trying to figure out a way to cut and paste this to my deck.


Building: Interior Addiction - The Boat Shack

Aphrodite - American Picnic Bike, 4th of July Lanterns, American beer on ice, Aphrodite 4th of July Buffet Table
Convair - Row Boat RARE
Floorplan - Bloomers Sign
llorisen - Deck Chair Red & White
KIDD - Long Grass Wild Sword
Raquel Gagliano - 4th of July Fabric bunting
MudHoney - Leslie Wicker Chair White

Friday, June 20, 2014

Checking my Inventory

Went through my inventory and found some great old pieces to mix with new acquisitions.  My inventory is just under 65,000.  I wish there were a better way to manage it.


Building - Old Designer Prims House

Heavenly Villa - LD mesh Sunday sofa - ocean white
Dahaus-Retro egg chair-3 pose color change
Cheeky Pea - Hastings Side Table, Weekender Bench Neutral
7 - Tall File (several together)
Fanatik - Era Shelves, Chandelier Brass
Floorplan - Map chest / old, Office desk PG / black
Apple Fall - AF Boat Oars, AF Huge Fan Palm, AF Icon Tower Lamp (lust), AF Travel Drawers (Stained), AF Urne de Terra Cuite, AF Annan Reclaimed Wardrobe, AF Rope Suspended Gallery, AF Ram Chaise (Dark Chocolate), AF Ralph's Boat, AF Annan Reclaimed Shelving, AF Fall Cup 2013, AF Tied Books, AF Reading Pile
Trompe Loeil - Louis Chair Face PG F1
PRIMVISION - Portland Rug - Cocoa - Shabby Chic
What Next - Bedroom Laurel Rug
Miyu Adder -  Basil in pot
Vespertine- Silent memories/frames - set 1
Second Spaces - Messy bookshelf - beige fileboxes
DIGS - Ferryside Book D├ęcor, Ferryside Tripod Lamp
Stonewood Interiors - Basket Plant
MudHoney - Textured Vase - sand
POST -  Antique Juggling Pins, Knackerbrod Plate, Darkbloom Tattered Journal
Noodles - Books to Believing, Books to Imagination
The Loft - Catch All Bowl, Dahlia Decor Large, Dahlia Decor II Large, Bacall Accessory Tray, Bacall Bowl of Roses Yellow, CD - Cd Frame 1, CD - Cd Frame, Neo Mirror Black
Arcana Antiques and Oddities - Antique World Globe II 
Lame - Theo's Woods
Kopi - Classic Typewriter Black
LISP - Lullaby Flower Arrangement
ARIA - Clementine sculpture, Bryony double stem potted orchid
Frogs Garden - Potted cyclamen / white, Potted cyclamen / red
Meli Imako - Mesh Statue Horse Model
ANE SLON SET - Floor Industrial Lamp (4Li) RARE – The Arcade
Aphrodite Shop - "Simplicity" Magazines for Table
TA - Concept Mail Tray, Noor Jar, Old Drink
Alchemy - Doge -  French bulldog – Cream, French bulldog - Smoke
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Empty King Crown
BananaN - Books w texture
 [PM]Pixel Mode - Somewhere in Time Broken Pocketwatch Clock
Dutchie - Philodendron full, Dieffenbachia picta
Scarlet Creative - Vintage Bulb Lamp (modified with red shade)
O.M.E.N - Dear John - Diaries & Love Letters – Old Arcade Item
Kalopsia - Book Rack
Noctis -  Tropical shrub in wooden pot
TMS Designs - Art Deco Equestrian Bookends

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eat at Joes - Shut Down!

The health department came by for an inspection today.  They said the food was beautifully prepared and uncontaminated, but fortunately they discovered rats in the kitchen.  So much for my fine dining experience :)


Building:  Gabrielle Swindlehurst  - The Burton Cottage 

OW (Old World) - Pumpkin with rats
Laura Liberty Builders Deport -Fresh Fish Fishing Crate Seaside Nautical Decor
Bazar - Toronto-Long kitchen cabinet B, Long kitchen cabinet A
Shai - Watermelon Crate 2
L&B - Lobster Vintage Sign
Trident - Shark Trophy I
SC - Ornate Candlestick T*Shabby Stuff*
Apple Fall - AF Annan Reclaimed Shelving, AF Vintage Portable Camera
Culprit - Fishy Box 7 (copy)
Dining Tables - The Loft - Villa Casolare Round - Colonial Walnut
Dining Chairs - Trompe Loeil - Nautical Basic Chairs
Aphrodite - Sea Food, "Sailors Seabreeze" Coastal Bedroom - boat deco
Dutchie - Schefflera, Scindapsus, Bread and Cheese
What Next - Charlotte Rug, Magazine Pile
Cheeky Pea - Bowl Planter, Hastings Light, Hastings Side Table, Cup of Tea
(iTuTu) - Planter-04-s
Petite Maison - Brynn Hurricane & Candle
The Loft - Alderan Placemat - Deco Only no Food
Fri.home - ahoy rug, nautical silhouettes, ahoy bench (PG), in the navy pictures
7 - Jukebox DC108C, Cigarette Machine
Picnic - fish DU5,ltd
Vespertine - postcard stand - Old Arcade Item
BoatHouse - Driftwood Coffee Table
Junk - Morrison ceiling light.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Loft - Reading Nirvana

The Loft has long been one of my favorite interior design stores.  The very first piece I purchased when I came to Second Life was a sofa from The Loft.

Lately, the inspiration seems to be Restoration Hardware meets Ballards Design meets Pottery Barn.  I am a huge fan of Restoration Hardware.  I have a store credit card with a ridiculous spending limit and my bedroom furniture was purchased there.

Thank you Colleen and Nardya.


Building:   POST: Suntaks Gamla Kyrka v1 - The Grove

The Loft - Alexand Porter Chair Blue, Bacall Bench, Counter Weight Lamp, Trestle Table Cherry
Apple Fall - AF Jute Natural Rug, AF Pillow (Tree)
Vespertine - Bookcase Units 1 and 2, Bookcart for him, Book of dreamer RARE, Antique chandelier/brass - Former Arcade Items
JD (Jojo Deed)  - Architectural print 2, Antique Print A
MudHoney - Zelia Books
7 - Wedding Bells RARE - review
Annastasia Scofield - Jar (x2)
Dutchie - Dieffenbachia picta, Sansevieria
Ravenghost - Victorian Gas Sconce Luminaries
Laura Liberty (Builders Depot) - Vine Planter (11 prims)
SHOP SEU -  1prim cat Siamese

Tea with Friends

In RL I have two dogs.  In SL I have 30+ KittyCats.  Once upon a time, I was involved in breeding Siamese and Bengal for my own amusement.  Now I have a couple of hundred "new born kittens" in my inventory which will most likely remain unborn.

I invited a few of my favorite Kitty friends to Tea and Poetry.

AGs Margarete! Siamese Chocolate with Mint Julep Eyes

AGs Augustus! Balinese Seal Lynx with Green and Violet Eyes

Me: BAD Knees - AGs Blizzard! Bengal Snow with Orange and Violet Eyes; AGs Carmen! Siamese Chocolate with Violet Eyes

AGs Calcutta!, AGs Valencia!, AGs Churchill! and AGs Persephone!

AGs Valencia! Siamese Chocolate Ice Eyes; AGs Calcutta! Siamese Chocolate Gold Eyes


Building - POST: Suntaks Gamla Kyrka v1  (Modified - windows added) at The Grove

La Galleria - Ice Blue Fruit & Vine Rug
Cheeky Pea - Weekender Bench Neutral (PG)
ARIA - Bryony curtains (mod/copy) (Modified - texture)
Dutchie - Room Divider China
Atelier Kreslo - Ma Vie & Lark - Chaise Musicale 5, Chaise Musicale 2
Floorplan -  Librarian cart / rusted
llorisen - Eclectic wooden painted chair RARE (old Arcade item)
Painter Meriman/Meriman's Emporium - Georgian Crystal chandelier 2012
DIGS - Falmouth Coffee Table - Mahogany/Mid
Junk - Ladder shelf dark
JoHaDeZ - Sidetable "Classic"
PILOT -  Journal
What Next - Chocolatier Drinks Tray, Coastal Coffee Cup (blue)
The Loft - Bacall Bowl of Roses Cream, Bacall Bowl of Roses Peach, Neo Mirror, Meid Lamp Baby Blue
iTuTu - petit dahlia can /white, planter-06-s
Apple Fall - AF Pillow (Tree), AF Books, AF L'Olivier
Cute Poison Home - Crown Hook (Gold)
Vespertine - Used suitcase books, bookstack (old Arcade items)
Vespertine - Garden gate door right - moss 
Bazar - Toronto-Bedroom books & glasses
Ohmai - Little Brior Rose R&C Reed Diffuser (Full), 100 Years of Waiting Hourglass (Magic Dust)
Frogs Garden - Nichinichi-sou (pink)
My KittyCats
My Art

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Eat at Joe's - Seafood at its Finest

The awesome folks at Aphrodite have given me yet another beautiful food setting to showcase.

This fits into my lifestyle here in Washington, DC - seafood is everywhere.  If you travel to Southwest DC and go to the Fish Wharf, you will find the Maine Avenue Fish Market.  It is the oldest continuously operating fish market in the United States (older than New York City's Fulton Fish Market), and it is one of the few surviving open air seafood markets on the East Coast.

I call my little fish shack - Eat at Joe's!

The Arcade


Building - The Burton Cottage; Gabrielle Swindlehurst

Seafood - Aphrodite Seafood Buffet Tables, shrimps kebabs plate, BBQ squid platter, crab legs platter, crawfish with savory cream sauce & garlic mayonnaise, assorted fish kebabs platter,  Rainbow Trout platter, assorted summer bruschettas platter, sea delights feast platter, finest oysters platter

Food Display Tables - The Loft - Bailey Dining Table
Fish Display on Wall - OW Trophy (old world) - swordfish, bream, barracuda
Trunk - Junk - Wannabe Boho Studded Trunk - The Arcade
Dining Tables - The Loft - Villa Casolare Round - Colonial Walnut
Dining Chairs - Trompe Loeil - Nautical Basic Chairs
Planter - (iTuTu) planter-04-s
Candles on Tables - {Petite Maison} - Brynn Hurricane & Candle

BALACLAVA!! Seahorse Candlestick (silver)
(iTuTu) tree pot 2
{af} Ralph's Boat
(epia) - 'All Directions' Roadsign - The Arcade
POST / Country Stonewear Bowl
LISP Bistro Fan - touch blade for on/off
LISP - Mermaids & Seadogs Sign
[Breno] Pigeon hole Wine rack (HVD)
floorplan. juice dispenser / red [c/m/nt]k mimosa jars [c/m/nt], tray - The Arcade
Mesh Plants - Floral Arrangement 1 in Pot
MudHoney Zelia Bag; MudHoney Zelia Plant - The Arcade
8f8 - 20. IceDreams Table Menu - The Arcade
Mike's Studio - White Wine Glass
Trompe Loeil - Seashell White Wine Bottle
The Loft - Alderan Placemat - Deco Only no Food

Thursday, June 5, 2014

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

I put together pieces from my favorite designers.  Credits at the end.

The Arcade

Building - POST at The Grove

Mutresse - Rock Star Gnome - RARE - The Arcade
Ispachi - [Upheaval] Axis Bowler - F2 RARE, Militia Gasmask - Plain* (box only) - The Arcade
What Next - Silver Ride-On Speedster (wear) COPY - The Arcade
Apple Fall - Province Chair, Province Table, AIR Notebook, Fern Specimen, Fashion Trunk Classical / Ink Stained / Original / Weathered, Hat Box, L'Olivier, Springbok Skull
Apple Fall - Sketchbook, Plaid Luggage Bag, Monogram Luggage Bag - The Arcade
Kalopsia - Books Pile,  Staglady Statue, Diving Helmet (Copper), Diving Helmet (Steel), Old Letters, Rusted Ottoman, Garage Shelf
Bazar - Toronto Bedroom Books & Glasses, Toronto-Bedroom floor lamp w/o cable, Toronto-Bedroom books, Toronto-Bathroom carpet, Toronto-Dining room carpet, Toronto-Kitchen lamp, Toronto-Bedroom Industrial art2/art1
Aria - Verna Leather Sofa (on top of  HBLYS_WoodCabinets 2x1)
Mad Pea - Bonsai Naku, Bonsai Kasa
Lisp - Kepler Telescope
MudHoney - Zelia Rug
Theosophy - Dinmael Bust (Sand/Iron),  Chess Set
Koenji - Lamp
Half-Deer - Raccoon Paperweight w/ Sketch
The Loft - Roxy Pillows, Storage Box Old Map
Chloe Home - Office breakfast
TA - Panorama Boxes
Eleventh Hour -  Stromfield Flyer - RARE
Verspertine - Curious Boxes
Artilleri - Tahoe TV
Seven Emporium - Square Frame Wall Leaners, Now Serving Sign
Seven Emporium - No Service Sign (REVIEW), Clown Head RARE (REVIEW) - The Arcade
One Grid - Torso Male, Hat Lamp Gold
Pilot - McCoy Bedside Table, Feeny Food Tray - Warehouse, Rolled Paper Rack, Sagittarius 1
Junk - Pipe Magazine Rack, Morrison wall art light, Morrison locker cabinet, t. pipe stool cushion, Morrison wall art light, Target practice dartboard
Fanatik Home - Real Folded Jeans, Sweaters, Vintage travel trunk Stickers, Skull
Michigans Shack - Urban Pallet Bed, with decor
Trompe Loeil - Gyroscope Lamp Rusty
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Vintage Plane Figurettes (LI3), Vintage Globe, Vintage Travel Magazines, Sextant, Engine Room Telegraph
Miyu Adder - Pumila (plant)
Zigana - packaging on bed
Alouette - Box of Mail 4, Box of Mail 2
Dreamscapes Decor - *Worn Rug* 3
Denchy -  Basset Hound (with sound Menu)
Floorplan -  bowl of apples, soda crate stack
Damien Fate - Friendship Bear
Second Spaces - Area 51 comics
POST - Metropol Cast Iron Floor Lamp
Mijn.botique / home - The Moon
BananaN - Scrolls
TG - Weathered Marble Sculpture - Male Torso - Domus Fair
We're Closed - Cable light black (transfer)
Culprit - Dragon with the Girl Tattoo
[n]  - Wall Cage Light Grey

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Arcade Made Me Smoke

More fun and groovy things from The Arcade.  I'm totally in love with Birdy's Slothicorns.  I received a review pack with several different critters.  Each one is cuter than the next.

I had a lot of fun with PicMonkey.  Since I don't have Photoshop, this little web-based program is killer.

Building - POST (my home at The Grove)

MudHoney - Zelia Chair RARE,  Pillow - Painted, Pillow - Chev, Plant, Bag, Books - The Arcade
AF - Pillow (Script), His Sideboard, Backgammon Table, Hand of Hercules, Neoclassical Seat (Country)
Birdy - [Alchemy] Story Book - Slothicorn - Cream - The Arcade
The Loft - Meid Lamp Nut, Porthole Mirror, Klee Rug
{anc} - EDEN.candle / new 1Li, EDEN.cross / new 1Li, EDEN.cross / old 1Li - The Arcade
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Sack Pouf Fair Trade
[ARIA] - Bryony double stem potted orchid
Sway's  - [Breakfast around the World] Venice.IT - The Arcade
-JoHaDeZ- Sidetable "Classic"
(iTuTu) - planter-06-s
!Ohmai -: Little Brior Rose R&C Reed Diffuser (Full) - The Arcade
{theosophy} - Bear Cappucino (Sailor) NT - The Arcade
Kismet - Harrogate Trestle Side Table
[ba] - Onion Lamp
Bazar - Toronto-Mail box

on Me:
{u.f.o.} - Swan Lake Act1 - Ballet Flats, Pink tutu - The Arcade
theSkinnery - Chloe 4 (champagne) DB CL1 - The Arcade
Boom - WMO0003 Hair Black
Redgrave - Holly /V1.1 sungasses
Rotten Toe (Elsa Liebknecht) - Moth Socks - Grey

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Ancient Art of Bonsai

I LOVE my little Bonsai plants.  I have several in my home and marvel at their details.  I purchased mine already styled and I just maintain them.  It took me a lot of time and many dead specimen's to understand that these diminutive beauties are real TREES.  Once I got that, I adjusted my technique and am now nominally successful in keeping them alive.

MadPea released a collection of Bonsai for The Arcade.  I am in my own little Bonsai Heaven.

Building - Spargel and Shine Orangery Whyte

Art Dummy - bare (chair light)
ANC - Eden Pair (table ) - The Arcade
22769 - bauwerk - Leafes Lamp Gold
A.V.  - Brise' Yellow Roses Bucket
MudHoney - Rain Chain
Dutchie - Aspleniun Nidus
Kalopsia - Bamboo Hanger
Hanaya - Windswept Bonsai (summer) w/table
Clutter - Oak Bonsai (on floor)
Forest Floor - Rounded Pots
MMG - Bucket-Standing
Turnips - Pinecones
Picnic - Antique Canvas - White thing, Antique framework - white,  Antique canvas - wallpaper, Antique frame - natural & white
Bazar - Floria Kitchen Chandelier
Trompe Loeil - Apple Stand Shelving Right
Miffyhoi Rosca - Kiosk Birdcages
Simplicity - Cute Bonsai
The Loft - Garden Table Tile (m)
Zigana - Moroccan Table - Red
Urbanized - Garden on A String
HPMD - Sitting Rabbit White L

Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...