Thursday, February 21, 2013


I don't know much about the artist who creates the amazing L2 Studio homes - Lindini2.lane.  I know that I am strongly attracted to her beautiful homes.

I own everyone of her homes and am always drawn to pictures of her builds.  The houses are so flexible you can put any type of furniture in them, place them in any landscape and they fit.

I pulled the L2 Studio West Lake House out of my inventory (a skinny 110 prims) and filled it full of cool stuff.  The bedroom was a modest affair which I didn't bother photographing.

I hope Ms. Lindini2.lane likes it.

If you would like information any items, please check with me in-world.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Southern Gothic

There is a genre of literature and architecture called Southern Gothic.

Common themes in Southern Gothic genre include deeply flawed, disturbing or disorienting characters, decayed or derelict settings, grotesque situations, and other sinister events relating to or coming from poverty, alienation, racism, crime, and violence. (from wikipedia).

Truman Capote wrote several stories in this style.  Other notable authors are William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Flannery O'Connor, Eudora Welty, etc.

I found the perfect home for my characterization - Hackberry Hall Manor.  This amazing build is sold by Never Totally Dead/BlueSean Yiyuan, 393 prims, $3,900 Lindens.  NTD is also the creator of the equally amazing Chateau La Lutiniere (i have this home as well).

The ceilings are beautiful and the peeling wallpaper is incredibly realistic.  There is a secret room upstairs accessible through a sliding bookcase.  There are two other rooms that can only be accessed from within the dining room and the master bedroom - all amazingly decayed and shabby.  The kitchen space is creepy, but inspiring as well.  You can see this in-world.

I only present pictures of the entry, living room and den.   As time permits, I will try to add style information.  Please don't hesitate to IM me in-world if you have questions.

Friday, February 8, 2013

POST Sunnanby - Part 2

Here is the rest of the house, the dining room and bedroom.  I went a little overboard with the Valentine theme, but it really cheers me up.

Style Information:

Trompe Loeil - NYC66 dining room table, NYC66 artichoke lamp pearl
Prefabrica - wedding table set chairs and place settings
POST - Sunnanby rustic hutch, Sunnanby harvest hutch, Latour bureau,
Gogebic gaslight, stoneware canister and bowls antique white,
trio of salvaged glass bottles, Falun apples and pears
Noctis - antique tea caddy metal/burlwood
Nordari - wooden poetry chair_h
Baffle - flutterby stool
Y's House - rug wool09_b
Lisp - Mesh shabby paisley rug
HPMD - pendulum clock
Pamela Galli - blue and gold mahal rug
Picnic - tea coaster patchwork light
Second Spaces - urban garden hanging plants
What Next - with love gift boxes
Petite Maison - brynn hurricane & candle
Teawood - cherries wooden plate
Gumi Yao - gypsophila in glass
Rusalka Writer - whisky service
Dutchie - bread and cheese
Kismet - Wine Conversation and The Baker, medieval kitchen art
Forest Floor  - potted topiary style 9
Zooby - ultimate Zooby Leopard 9.0
Ruxy - halloween basket
OW (old world) - picnic baset with lilies, mushrooms and food1
The Loft - steel fruit basket

Xzari - curtain parts (rod is homemade)
Painter Meriman - Bruges coffee table, Sandpiper Bed, oak chest of
drawers (x2)
LISP - Anna chair with stool, Anna sofa, lullaby flower arrangement,
frost floor lamp
Samantha Smadga - armchair
Bazar - Roya bedroom side table, Nelle coffee table
POST - Bohus credenza and side chair, Jamtland tapestry rug
DIGS - Rae gothic mirror silver
Trompe Loeil - star light pendant silver/white
EOD - old school tunes radio
Cleom Bailey - knitting basket
Melino Style - book bundle 2
Damien.fate - Friendship Bear
Kau Pinklady - KP_TV
Prism Furniture - Love letters wall art
What Next - charlotte book decor, stack o' books, love is wall art
Winona Wiefel - knit prime basket
Patron - red stained glass & gilt votive
Zinnias - Mexican Nicho
Designer Prims - ambient candles
Jimpsky Rhode - lamp_1 Mirror, mirror_sun star
Cheeky Pea - Heather Antique Perfume, Ansel wall art frames
Gumi Yao - Casa Blanca lily in glass vase
Enchanted Breedable Bears
Rosemaery Lorefield - shabby - sea glass bottle

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

POST Sunnanby-Part 1

I have had the POST Sunnanby house in my inventory for a long time and always wanted to do something with it.  I recently relocated to a new sim and thought this would be a great opportunity to play with it.

I love the rustic atmosphere and the fact that there are enough rooms to cram full of stuff.

Part 1 - Entrance and Living Room

Style Information:  
POST: Sunnanby House

POST - Shanghai Club Rug; Ardis Deco Radio, Darkbloom pencils in retro cup,
Darkbloom tattered journal
Lusch Motors - Allroader
ArchiTech - Planted Half Barrel with Holly, Frosty Path, Colorado Spruce Cluster
G&W - Snowy Saplings with a few leaves
floorplan - color block drapes/red
LISP - Mesh Anna Floor Lamp Cream, Feathers Specimen Pic, Anna Birds - Beige
Tatty Soup - Holmes Chair Beige Spot
What Next - Mayfair Trunk - London, Laurel Wooden Birds decor, Novelle typewriter, Laurel Table Lamp
bananaN - Book with texture
Dutchie - moustache club chair, enamelled Chinese vase with palm leaves 2,
stack of books 1
ionic - all i need (frames)
Bazar - Arizona sofa, coffee table, living room rug, Memories Mirror
The LOFT - Antler Chandelier
Aunt Marina's Reindeer trophy Brown Eyes
Pilot - Sagittarious 1, Connolly Coat Rack
BB - Deer Rug, Wall mounted deer head (mesh)
Sebastiani.porchers - Low Prim Premier Rust floor lapm
Dutchie and iTuTu - plants
BoatHouse - Mesh Fireplace tools
MudHoney - Priya Armoire
CJ - Floor vase (yellow)
Designer Prims - file box (tinted red)
CP - Heather antique phone
Sonja.scorbal - potted house plant 7
ISO VII Quark Fallen - White Dandelion Spring/2013
Nordori - and.birds
Hanaya - Duck Decoy
Anthony Gartner - Wooden desk/chair
Jazzmonkey.voom - Sparrow Swing
HBLYS - Book Set 2
Jimpsky Rhode - Painting_maddog
DECO - Glass Bubble Lamp
O'Georgia - Bookshelf 2 levels
MMG's - 4 book+letter-B_1prim
Virtual Decay - Metal sign:  Klondyke
Stonewood Interiors - Red Pheasant Statue
Black Karbon - Rustic Wardrobe

Valentines Day - 2013

There are so many Valentine goodies out, that I couldn't decide what to use.  I went over the top, crazy, abundaza!!  It was SO MUCH FUN being gaudy.

I was experimenting with environment settings and found one with kinda pink tones - maybe Sailor's Delight.

I wouldn't live in this room, but maybe Mae West would like it.

IM me in world for design questions or references.

Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...