Saturday, March 22, 2014

Let them Eat Cake - A Wedding

In today's society, the cost of a wedding is becoming far too expensive and for the practical-minded, an extravagance that can't be justified.  Yet, there is still a strong tradition of weddings and matrimonial fanfare.  

I was lucky enough to be asked to create a setting for a wedding. 

I choose Heartsdale Hall created by Kaya Angel for that "over the top" luxurious ambiance.  It was prefurnished with chairs, tables and beautiful light fixtures.

I made a statement with the entrance. RED.  The rug is a texture change piece from Not so Bad called Amal.  The red Victorian sofas are created by Augyr Ayres.  Occasional tables are from Apple Fall - Empire Coffee table.  The final, but essential touch are the Rose Floral arrangements by Nienna Wood (Chessie Chengpang).

The centerpiece of the setting is the table with the cakes - amazingly detailed creations from Aphrodite.  I used the Loving Swans and the Choco Roses cakes.  If you click the cakes, you receive a piece on a beautiful plate, either chocolate, strawberry or tiramisu (and a fork).

You can see the rest of the credits at the end of this post.


Aphrodite - Aphrodisiac Champagne Tray, Loving Swans Wedding Cake, Choco Roses Wedding Cake, Scripted Curtains (re-textured)
Kismet - *K* Florentine Dove Fountain, Vintage Wine Floral Arrangement
Heart Homes - Christmas table, Silver dining chairs
Turnip - Lace tablecloth
Kaya Angel - Exotic Standard Lamps, Antique Wall Table Large (white), Vase on Stand 6
Bazar - Memories rug
Apple Fall - Cherry Voulevants, Designer Table (gold), Tiffany Drink Trolley, Cherry Blossom Branches
Post - Stack of Plates
iTuTu - Petit Vine leaves
Rusalka Writer - Champagne Bucket
Antique Rhodes Show - Candelabra Crystal Cascade (table top candles)
Poche - Merry Christmas Champagne (on table tops)
Tartessos Arts - Resort Champagne sets, Virtuoso Stand Candelabra
JoHaDeZ - Vase "Elegance"
Trompe Loeil - Oceania Chair, Oceania Bench
Sakisa - Harp
Lisp - Grand Piano Open and Bench
UrbanizeD - Garden Vases
E'lan - Tree v2 with Fairy Garden Lights
Half Deer - Mr. Mousies Door and mice

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BA - Fabienne Pied-a-Tierre - Oldie but a Goodie

One of the most popular backdrops for interior stylists is Apple Fall's Paris Apartment Skybox.  It is stylish, sophisticated and stunningly neutral - waiting for the inspired decorator.

Several years ago, Barnesworth Anubis [ba], issued a Paris Apartment - Fabienne pied-a-tierre Skybox.  Its design is more targeted, but still has plenty of room for creative interpretation and it is furnished.

I removed the furniture and jammed it full of details.  I hope you enjoy.

French Country Day - Chateau La Lutiniere

I prepared several sets for the Spring, 2014 edition of Love to Decorate magazine - stay tuned.  Once the photos were taken, I did a partial tear down and added my French Country Home - Chateau La Lutiniere.

Before I re-design my sim, I wanted to capture some pictures of pastoral beauty.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Serious Musician - Abiss "The Apartment"

I've been building and preparing for my article in the March/April edition of Love to Decorate Magazine.  When the edition rolls off the virtual press, I will publish more shots.

I have been banging on the keyboard lately and thought i'd do a quick set of photos.


Abiss - The Apartment
LISP - Grand Piano Open
Sakisa - Cello
LISP - Vintage Boudoir Chair
Elan - Exotic Lily with Phylox
The LOFT - Bon Accord Vase Cluster

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WTF Wednesday - Lady Plumber

The Men's Department is one of the coolest ideas in Second Life.  Shopping designed for and inspired by Men.  The clothes, shoes, and hats are generally male-specific, but there is also some really neat man-inspired furniture and decorating items that draw me back each month.

As you would expect, the place is filled with hunky, adorable men; And, a large population of under-dressed females.   They just seem to hang out in the aisle and generally clog up the place.  

After accidentally bumping into many of these vixens, I realized they were not shopping for hat, or glasses, or a stool - they were shopping for Men.  The Men's Department is filled with men.

Head up lonely ladies - looking for a fashion forward male companion?  Check out The Men's Department.  It's open season, no license required.

I snapped a pic of this alluring creature.  I'm thinking she is a lady plumber or onsite maintenance worker.  Notice the crack.

Lady Plumber Working It at The Men's Department

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Crazy Cat Lady Loves The Arcade

I love my KittyCats.  I have 20 of them and they all have names.  The majority are Siamese - so aristocratic.

I'm not a breeder.  I birth my kitties and convert them to Perma Pets.  They are charming and liven up my Second Life homes.

I guess with 20 cats, you can call me a Cat Lady!!!


Nylon Outfitters - Cat Art - The Arcade March 2014
{anc} - Butterfly's Dream Thistle Chair Red - The Arcade March 2014
[Commoner] - Award Statuette - The Arcade March 2014
Arthur - augyr.ayres - Victorian Sofa (3 seat)
Vent du Sud - Geo Black and Brights rug
The Loft - Roxy pillows
The Loft - Portolla Chair Purple Spring - FAMESHED (new)
Senzafine - La Gitana Ottoman (toque)
Cheeky Pea - Millesime Baignoire Table
Apple Fall - Ornate Mirror
MudHoney - Coil Basket Green
FUSE (lamps) - Cheese grater streetlamp; emerald anvil gear lamp
Trompe Loeil - Valiano Serving Table - FAMESHED (new)
Trompe Loeil - Ines Branch Screen
Annastasia Scofield - Jar
Dutchie - Palm
!Ohmai: - Mochi Kittens (in basket)

Package Delivery

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