Friday, May 30, 2014

Inventory of Flowers

This is for my own amusement and reference.

Picture 1

Picture 2
Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16

All pictures take in The Aviary by Meshworx

Picture 1
Culprit - Old Standing Urn with Ivy
GK (Grey Kurka) - Turkish Vase with Acanthus
Patron - Neruda Branches
Vandelo - Plant on Silver Stand

Picture 2
Dutchie - Enamelled Chinese Vases with Palms (on stairs)

Picture 3
Dolome Designs - Potted Day Lily
A.V. - Vincent Side Table
CJ Creations - Plant Montbretia
LISP - Vintage Boudoir Chair

Pictures 4, 5
Noctis - Victorian Fluted Roses
Noctis - Skeleton Rose Urn
Stonewood Interiors - Bamboo Stalks Black Pot
Patron - Matu in Bamboo, Chaotic Long Stem Roses & Vases
Jorja Giano - 3 prim Basket of Red/White Petunias
Botanical - Twoey Carnivorous Plant
Cheeky Pea - Bowl Planter
Fanatik Home - Era Table 1

Pictures 6, 7, 8
Kismet - Vintage Wine Floral Arrangement
Vespertine - Green jar with Twig
Mesh Flowers - Bird of Paradise in Vase
The Loft - Twig Vase
D.R.O.P. - Kokedama B-2, A-3, A-1
Fanatik Home - Era Table 1
Patron - Hyatt Vase & Flowers
Old World (OW) - Flower in Pot Red
Gummi - Gypsophila in Glass
The Loft Durham Plant
Shutterfield - LD Potted Flowers - Terracotta2
MudHoney - Baobab Tree
Kalopsia - Orchids (Natural Pink)
Jorja Giano - Baptisia Blue Planter, Basket of Star Flowers
Fanatik Home - Era Shelve

Picture 9
Meshworx - Louis Chest 01
Patron - Gilded Lapis Vase with Orchids
Apple Fall - Cherry Blossom Branches
JoHaDeZ - Wicker Vase with Bamboo
Gummi - Casa Blanca Lily in Glass Vase
LISP - Christmas Flowers Red
Gummi - Lily of the Valley Arrangement
The Loft - Lillies White
bbqq - Plants Rosa (group gift)
Aria - Raquel Vase with Lilacs
Apple Fall - Calla Lillies
Cleo - Package for products - Flowers in Bag
Tatty Soup - Grass Bucket
Luna Bliss - Magic Roses
Fanatik Home - Era Shelve

Picture 10
Bazar - Memories Flowers - Tulips
LISP - Mathilde Table Roses
ARIA - Avelien Tulip Flower Arrangement, type A
ARIA - Avelien Tulip Flower Arrangement, type B
Apple Fall - Hydrangea Bunch
Apple Fall - Lilies
Miyu Adder - Pumila
Cobblestone - January Tulips
LISP - Daisy in a Paper Bag Planter
Stonewood Interiors - Basket Planter
Kismet - Red Roses in a Tasseled Vase
Fanatik Home - Era Shelve
Patron - Orchid Stem & Platinum Starfish
The Loft - Bennet Magnolia Vase
ARIA - Eva Plumeria in a Vase (white, yellow)
keke - Lab Vase with Magnolias
Apple Fall - Lustful Lilacs
CLEO - Lilacs
LISP - Lullaby Flower Arrangement
Miyu Adder - Basil in Pot
Arctic Greenhouse - Lilac Kit

Picture 11
Kismet - Callas in Embossed Silver
The Loft - Frezza Baby's Breath
Dutchie - Glass Vase with 3 Flowers
The Loft - Hydrangea
Weddings by Nienna Wood - Stone Roses Wedding Set
Luna Bliss - Red Geranium (x2)
floorplan - dirigible sapling
Fanatik Home - Era Shelve
Mesh Plants - Floral Arrangement 1 in Pot
Apple Fall - Pillar Table
JoHaDeZ - Vase "Elegance" (x2)
Meshworx - Louis Chest 01
Gummi - Blue Star in Glass
Cheeky Pea - Millesime Baignoire Table
Jorda Giano - 2 Prim POtted Petunias White

Picture 12
Weddings by Nienna Wood - Spring Romance Wedding Set
Weddings by Nienna Wood - Pure White Set - Table Flowers
Meshworx - Louis Chest 01
Patron - Aria Candelabra
Kalopsia - Orchids (Diped in Gold)
Weddings by Nienna Wood - Orchid Wedding Set - Centerpiece
Patron - New Year Orchid Arrangement
LISP - Vintage Boudoir Chair

Picture 13
EoD - Evora Vase
Scarlet Creative Mesh Accessories - For Lyla Twiggy
Starmark - Dry Bush
Bazar - Vase Decor
Grey Kurka (GK) - Fruitwood Urn with Pedestal
ARIA - Luana Linen Sofa
Apple Fall - Pillow (Horse Riding)
22769 Bauwerk - Ottoman Enfant Red Brocade
Varriale Designs - Regency Rug

Picture 14
Kismet - Foxgloves in Embossed Silver Urn
Snuggles - Bouquet of White Roses
Patron - Abbess Orchid & Planter
Vandelo - Gold Urn with Red Plant
Antique Artistry - Victorian Marquetry Dining Table

Picture 15
ARIA - Luana Linen Sofa
Pilot - Flower Bundle Yellow
Patron - Captured Heart Stand
The Loft - Beige Floral Rug
Oriolus Oliva (OO) - Ruined Rug 3

Picture 16
The Loft - Wareham Planter (x2)
Grey Kurka (GK) - Fruitwood Urn with Pedestal

Cake with Friends

The folks at Aphrodite LOVE a good party.  Recently they gave me samples of their latest wedding cakes, however, I am already married, so I'm sharing them with friends.

Aphrodite - "Summer Daisy" Wedding Cake
Aphrodite - "My Sunflower" Summer Wedding Cake
Aphrodite - "Forever & Ever" Wedding Cake
Aphrodite - Table and Wedding Tablecloth


Angelica The Fennux
{aii} - Shiro Muse, Ice Muse
2Xtreme - Owl 4.0
Gaio - Snail Aqua
Animania - Snow Owl Female
~*SR*~ - Rabbit Family with Log
HPMD - Little Birds Ice Pink
Mesh Plants - Humming Bird

The Loft - Garden Party Pergola
Noctis - Bluestar and Lace Wicker Chair, Settee, blue plant table
Ink - Plain Curtain
HPMD - Branch LogSwing White
Picnic - Antique Mirror White
22769 bauwerk - Baroque Sidetable
Cheeky Pea - Painter's Armchair
iTuTu - Owl Cushion Pink
What Next - Bric-a-brac Winter Chair

Saturday, May 24, 2014

High on a Hill in El Dorado

I imagine this Villa on a quiet island near Corsica.  A very private retreat.

Credits to come

Building - BA Villa Siena
Botanical - Grapevine Trellis
Cheeky Pea - Outdoor Movies Planter
Zinnias - Basket of Geraniums
Leyla Firefly - Floral n Hardy Flower Pots
Luna Bliss - Geranium - Red in Clay Pot
Jorja Giano - 2 prim Baptisia Blue Planter
DDD - Orchard Tree - Citrus
Frog's Garden - White Cosmos (group), Warm Pile Rug
Alouette - Lounge Chair, Rustic Wall Sconce
TA - Seaside Parasol, Backgammon Set, Noor Jar, Old Drink
Forest Floor - Marble Dolphin
Apple Fall - Evelyn Throw Cushions Yellow, Province Dining Table, Province Chair
Dutchie - Plants, 4 fashion magazines
KIDD - Japan Lantern Lamp
Pr1tty - Turtle Table
Rebourne - Bali Potted Agave, Bali Table Candles
Lame - Sandy's Sunny Lounge, Peggy's Patio Bench, Kenway Sectional
A.V. - Etienne Lantern
Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Table
Vespertine - Vintage Rounded Chair
Amiari - Rug Tokyo
(FDD) - Tuscan Fountain
TTR - Potted Lemon Topiary
The Loft - Taylor Side Table Dark, Alderan Lamp, Mathis Consoles, Bennet Magnolia Vase
Lillies White, Shell Jar, Molinar Cactus, Aloe Pot mini
Art Dummy - Love Heals (white chair by door)
Heart Garden - Mediterranean Orange Sapling
Flecha - Earthenware vase, Sculpted Earthenware vase 3, Sculpted pitcher
JoHaDeZ - Birdy Cages
MudHoney - Leslie Garden Stool
Fri.home - book basket
Old World - Flower in Pot Red
Scarlet Creative - Autumn Reclaimed Candles

Friday, May 23, 2014

(iTuTu) - The essential beauty of simple things

Whenever you see a well-dressed room, you will see a simple, elegant piece from (iTuTu).  Kao Sands and Toraji Voom, the creative geniuses behind (iTuTu) have been making the "must-have" decor items for over six years.

I have most of there garden items and felt the need to pay homage to the charming little shop that endures.

iTuTu - 1

iTuTu - 2

iTuTu - 3

iTuTu - 4

iTuTu - 5

iTuTu - 6

iTuTu - 7

iTuTu - 8

iTuTu - 9

iTuTu -10

iTuTu - 11


AQ Factory (Akiraaa Questi) - AQF Aging Hut

Picture 1 and 6
AF - Rue du Fauborg (sign), Annan Reclaimed Shelving
iTuTu - Planter-02-m, Planter-04-s, Planter-04-m, Planter-01-m, Planter-01-s, 
branch light
Y's House - ID Shelf 00 black H-2100
iTuTu - Planter 05-m, Planter-06-m, Paper Planter, Planter-06-s,
Planter-05-s, Poppy Pot Cream, Poppy Pot Yellow/Orange, 
Garden Bowl M
Lark - Dessert Table
iTuTu - Pear Bowl, Petit Leaf Vine Can, Petit Dahlia Can White,
Petit Dahlia Can Yellow, Paper Planter 02 L, Paper Planter 02 M,
Paper Planter Rose 01 M
HPMD - Standing Rabbit M, Standing Rabbit L
Picnic - Rabbit Head DU5, hi, Rabbit Head DU5, lo
Durer Pic - my own
Leyla Firefly - Bucket (Rabbit is sitting on it)

Picture 2 and 3 - Partial
iTuTu - Wreath02, Wreath-01, Wreath-04

Picture 4 and 5
Y's House - ID Shelf 00 black H-2100
iTuTu - Lavender Pot, Petit Leaf Vine Pot S, Vegetable Bowl L,
Petit Leaf Vine Pot M, Garden Bowl L, Flower Basket - 01 M,
Water Bowl M, Water Bowl L, Vegetable Bowl M, Petit Vine Leaf

Picture 7 and 8 - Partial
Standby Inc - Akira Chair (brown stool)
iTuTu - Tomato Bowl, Paper Planter Rose 01 L

Picture 9
HPMD - Sitting Rabbit White L
iTuTu - Planter-03-m, Planter-03-s

Picture 10
MMG - Standing Bucket
Hanaya - Metal Bucket
Boudoir - Spring Grass (with butterflies)

Picture 11
iTuTu - Tree Pot 2, Owl Cushion M Pink


That first coffee of the day

The talented folks at Aphrodite gave me a copy of their Nexpresso Luxury Coffee Machine.  I think Marina and Jaylin know how much I LOVE coffee.


My home at the Grove - POST Suntaks Gamla Kyrka

Aphrodite Nexpresso Luxury Coffee Maker, Expresso Cup
Power Mesh - Full Perm Curtains (modified)
Trompe Loeil - Louis Chair Leather White
Frogs Garden - Muscari Purple, Potted Cyclamen Purple
Dutchie - Free Newspaper, Coffee bag, Can light (pot on floor)
ARIA - Mantel Clock (from The Apartment), Potted Mint
Second Spaces - Lovely Sideboard White
[ba] - Four Frame Grid - white (roses from internet)
Kismet - Wicker Basket Tray
Flecha - Jam Jar
AF - Doiley (tinted), Feuilles Lantern, L'Olivier
Bazar - Toronto Living Room Rug
Tartessos Arts - TA Noor Jar
Vespertine - Tile Skipping Path/Plain

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hall of Mirrors with a Quicksand Floor

This may be futile, but I'm attempting to tame my inventory.  I have over 65,000 beautiful items and once they get buried in the hierarchy of stuff, I quickly forget about them until I see them posted on other design blogs.

This exercise is also a way for me to play with the toolbars in Picmonkey.  I can't seem to get the hang of Photoshop so I'm excited about this online graphic editing program.

The narcissistic, inner ballerina is lost in the Hall of Mirrors, captured by her own image.

Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three

Picture Four

Picture Five

Picture Six

Picture Seven

Picture Eight

Picture Nine

!Pandemonium - Baby Bethlem Asylum
CREDITS - Picture One
22769 [bauwerk] - Angelic Chair
+ILO+ - Ballet Mirror
The Loft - Wrought Iron Mirror - White
POST - Kalmar End Table
~Libertine~ - Candle Holder Short - (all candles In photos)
Picnic - Antique Mirror White
Snuggle Cards and Gifts - Bouquet of White Roses
Lark - Crawford Mirror
BAZAR - Memories Mirror
*ionic* - horror story - 6

CREDITS - Picture Two (Partial
Melino Style - Tooled Silver Mirror (store recently closed)
The Loft - Bacall Mirror Patina, Casolare Fireplace Ivory
[ContraptioN] - Walton's Mask *fabulous*
AF - Slipcover Chair White
POST - Chinoiserie Vase

CREDITS - Picture Three
Melino Style - Butterfly Mirror
The Loft - Alders Mirror - Silver and Gold, Neiman Mirror Silver Birch, Taylor Mirror
Antique Rhode Show - Mirror_Royal Silver 1.2
Tartessos Arts - TA Noor Mirror
Glimmer Moon Warehouse - Glimmer Baroque Silver Mirror
DIGS - Rae Gothic Mirror - Silver

CREDITS - Picture Four (partial)
Spargel & Shine - Mirror Gold Carved
The Loft - Wrought Iron Mirror Iron
PrimVision - Arts & Crafts Mantle Mirror
tarte - Starry Mirror (metals)

CREDITS - Picture Five (partial)
AF - Stature Fireplace
Antique Artistries - Garland Mirror
Melino Style - Juniper Wood Bench
Picnic - Antique Mirror - Moss
Zinnia - Nevada Belted Mirror
VonGklugelstein Alter - FVG Picture Frame 003 Mirror
[ba] - Cheval Floor Mirror
The Loft - Bacall Mirror Copper
[keke] - Photo Clipped Sketch 2
POST - Qing Vase - Carp

CREDITS - Picture Six (partial)
StudioL2 Leaning Mirror for Foxgate 1
MudHoney - Eva Mirror
LUSH Interiors - Gilt French Mirror
The Loft - Bacall Mirror Black, Porthole Mirror, Casolare Mirror Gold and Black
Melino Style - Vase Reflects 1

CREDITS - Picture Seven
Ryker Jacobus; Antiques Alley - M. French "Empire" Oval Gilt Mirror
Antique Rhode Show - Wall light_mirror_convex empire
Spargel and Shine - Armchair Rococo Gold Leaf
22769 - [bauwerk] - Ottoman Enfant Red Brocode
Olive - The Forget Me Not Bedroom Mirror

CREDITS - Picture Eight
The Loft - Starbust Mirror Bronze, Wrought Iron Mirror Gold, Stefan Mirror Bronze
Brietje Munro - Fengshui Art Deco Mirror
Antique Rhode Show - Mirror_sun Star
Fantastic Furniture - Golden Swirl Mirror
AF - Ornate Mirror
Kismet - Gold Filigree Oval Mirror
One Grid - Sun Mirror
North West - Tall Gilt Mirror

CREDITS - Picture Nine
Jessie Lauria - Leaf Wrought Iron Mirror

Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...