Tuesday, June 30, 2020

No Lifeguard on Duty


Caboodle - Pool Floaty - Bubblegum - Ruffled (rez)
dust bunny . dreamy outing . cooler
GOOSE - Workers rack
hive // no lifeguard sign
"Killer's" Huge Transformer
KraftWork Summer Shack . Shark Sign
Pewpew! Camper Chair - Yellow / Beige - Black Leg
.:revival:. dumpster pool blue @Fameshed X, June 2020
*** rojo *** Pool Set - Pool Noodles
*** rojo *** Pool Set Dino Float
Second Spaces - Pool Upkeep set @Summerfest, 2020
Second Spaces - Pool Upkeep - robot vacuum
Second Spaces - Pool Upkeep - pump& filter
Second Spaces - Pool Upkeep - brush & net (up)
Second Spaces - Pool Upkeep - chemicals & stuff

Bela Tea


Ariskea[Lian] Curtain [2]
Bela Tea set @Belle Events, June 2020
BROKEN ARROWS - Bela Tea - Teapot
BROKEN ARROWS - Bela Tea -  Tea Cup
BROKEN ARROWS - Bela Tea - Plate
Dahlia - Lazy Days - Elegant Eggs In Cups 18
D-LAB Pinocchio co 01 copy
Dreamscapes Decor *Cookie Boxes* E
dust bunny . strawberry season . bowl of berries
*LODE* Decor - Parrot Tulips  [yellow]
*LODE* Decor - Dream [white]
Nutmeg. Springtide Couch Cotton Pattern / 1 PG
Nutmeg. Vintage Small Table
.peaches. Bee Sweet Tea Set - Honey Trike
{vespertine} - bag full of peonies
{vespertine} - summer peony bouquet

Monday, June 29, 2020

The White Garden


22769 ~ [bauwerk] Boho Bamboo Chair
{anc} little garden / garden wall 26Li RARE
Garden by anc "hydrangea" R 4Li (light blue)
-Garden- by anc "baby's breash"{yellow white} line 1prim
1. Ayla. Boho Farmhouse - Wood Chest w/Candelabra RARE
*AF* Boho 10 - Rug
Foxwood - Boho lounge - Love Birds cage
Foxwood - Boho lounge - Banana plant
Foxwood - Boho lounge - Fig tree
*HEXtraordinary* Baby Octopus Aquarium @Summerfest, 2020
junk. wannabe boho. floor cushion. two.
Loft & Aria - Arion Side Table
(luc) Crystal Shard Lamp [L], Gold
Serenity Style- Balearic Canopy [ADULT] @Uber, June/July 2020
Zigana . maypole light . tangerine
Zigana . maypole light . plum

Cool Summer


Apple Fall Hampton Outdoor Fireplace
Apple Fall Banana Tree
Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch - Wine
Apple Fall Bistro Planter
Apple Fall Oxeye Daisy Patch
AF Huge Fan Palm
AF Grass
AF Rosemary
dust bunny . toy horse
Loft & Aria - Arion set @Uber, June/July 2020
Loft & Aria - Arion Shelf
Loft & Aria - Arion Rings
Loft & Aria - Arion Bookends
Loft & Aria - Arion Heartleaf Philodendron
Loft & Aria - Arion Armchair (Adult)
Loft & Aria - Arion Side Table
Loft & Aria - Arion Coffee Table
Loft & Aria - Arion Floor Lamp
{Petite Maison} - Brynn Hurricane & Candle -large
*pm* Tattooed Plaster Hands: Fresh Pair - Night Sky
Scarlet Creative Jenna set @Fameshed, June 2020
Scarlet Creative Jenna Gazebo - Grey Paint with Back
Scarlet Creative Jenna Sofa White - Center
Scarlet Creative Jenna Rug
Scarlet Creative Jenna Curtain Navy Pattern
West Village Oranges in Dish
West Village Cocktail Books & Biscuits
West Village Champagne & Merlot
West Village Aged Black Urn
West Village Fiddle Leaf Fig
West Village Painted Indian Dough Bowl
West Village Novelty Cricket Ball

Friday, June 26, 2020

In the Maldives


Building:  Trompe Loeil - Zaliki Tropical Cottage PG

~BAZAR~ Maldives - Bed PG
~BAZAR~Maldives - Night Stand
{BE} Letters and Eagle paperweight
Di'Cor Dylan Lamp [White]
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Colorful
*HEXtraordinary* Baby Octopus Aquarium @Summerfest, 2020
hive // leather tote . white
KraftWork Lusitania by Annan Adored . Arm Chair
KraftWork Lusitania by Annan Adored . Side Table White
KraftWork Runner Rugs . Stripes Mix 3 @Happy Weekend June 27-28, 2020 
KraftWork Runner Rugs . Stripes White @Happy Weekend June 27-28, 2020 
KraftWork Round Rugs . Crochet Mix 1 @Happy Weekend June 27-28, 2020 
KraftWork Round Rugs . Small Natural @Happy Weekend June 27-28, 2020 
Loft & Aria - Do Not Eat!Contains Pixels. (fruit)
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Open Lattice Wardrobe / 3
TA Seaside Beach Tote

I can dream


~BAZAR~ River Dock @Uber, June/July 2020
~BAZAR~ River dock - Walkway @Uber, June/July 2020
~BAZAR~ River - Day Bed PG @Uber, June/July 2020
Granola. Wooden Stand with Tea & Honey.
JIAN Dolphin Deco :: Adult - Static - Jumper A
junk. oversized floor cushion. orange pattern.
KraftWork Trancoso Ceiling Lamp
[Merak] - Bread Loaf
[Merak] - Bread Sticks
[Merak] - Oranges Basket
{vespertine} - summer peony bouquet (Fifty Linden Fridays)

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Summer Dining


22769 - Beach House - RARE @The Arcade, June 2020
22769 - Pottet Banana Tree - COMMON @The Arcade, June 2020
KraftWork Trancoso dining set

Bartender, hit me again


22769 - Beach Bar - RARE @The Arcade, June 2020
22769 - Tiki Bar Stool Green - COMMON @The Arcade, June 2020
22769 - Tiki Bar Stool Red - COMMON @The Arcade, June 2020
22769 - Beer Keg - COMMON @The Arcade, June 2020
22769 - Paper Cups - COMMON @The Arcade, June 2020
22769 - Alcohol Bottles - COMMON @The Arcade, June 2020
22769 - Barkeeper Bottles - COMMON @The Arcade, June 2020
22769 - Barkeeper Tools - COMMON @The Arcade, June 2020
22769 - Bowl with Citrus Fruits - COMMON @The Arcade, June 2020
Ariskea [Plumeria] Plumeria Red Plant

Bossa Nova


BUILDING:  Scarlet Creative Sonoma Villa - Plaster 0.2 (with tinted wall)

brocante. beanbag loveseat / cloth
[ keke ] tall garden planter . orange
[ keke ] big garden planter . orange
KraftWork Bossa Nova . Arm Chair ADULT @Uber, opens June 25, 2020
KraftWork Bossa Nova . Knitted Console @Uber, opens June 25, 2020
KraftWork Bossa Nova . Moonlight Print @Uber, opens June 25, 2020
KraftWork Bossa Nova . Sunset Print @Uber, opens June 25, 2020
KraftWork Bossa Nova . Table Lamp (Straight Spot) @Uber, opens June 25, 2020
KraftWork Bossa Nova . Table Lamp (Down Spot) @Uber, opens June 25, 2020
KraftWork Summer Gazebo . Sofa Right Pillow 1
Loft & Aria - Latgo Potted Potted Banana Plant
SAYO - Fallen Autumn Set - Jute Runner (on wall)
Soy. Green plants with a coiled vase
Soy. Green coiled vases
Soy. Superlong potted cactus A w/stand
Soy. Superlong potted cactus B w/stand
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Sunshine comes softly


Ayla. Beach Day - Basket @Summerfest, 2020
Ayla. Beach Day - Beach Lounger @Summerfest, 2020
Ayla. Beach Day - Beach Parasol @Summerfest, 2020
Ayla. Beach Day - Hanging Pot A @Summerfest, 2020
dust bunny . beach day . lounge chair . folded
dust bunny . beach day . closed parasol
dust bunny . beach day . towel tote
dust bunny . beach day . breezy book
dust bunny . summer picnic . ukulele classic
dust bunny . dreamy outing . beach paddles . group gift
dust bunny . flip flops
dust bunny . volleyball net . deco only
dust bunny . sand castle . light
dust bunny . beach locations sign

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Al Andalus


22769 ~ [bauwerk] terracotta garden amphore rust
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tuscany Fence Folding Screen Rust
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Terracotta Mosaic Table Rust
8f8 - Foodlicious - FIGS Raw
:CP: Louis' Star Lantern
DaD- Peacock wicker chair  -PG V.1.0
*HEXtraordinary*  Flying Monkies
*HEXtraordinary* Flying Monkey Incense Burner - Gold
ionic : La fuente de la Haciendita (fountain)
junk. oversized floor cushion. turquoise paisley.
junk. oversized wall cushion. coral sari.
Serenity Style- Al Andalus building @Belle Events, June 2020
Serenity Style- Al Andalus Vessel Plant Blue @Belle Events, June 2020
Serenity Style- Al Andalus Vessel Plant Black @Belle Events, June 2020
Serenity Style- Al Andalus Vessel Brown @Belle Events, June 2020
Serenity Style-Al Andalus Vessel Decorated @Belle Events, June 2020
Serenity Style- Al Andalus Vessel Blue @Belle Events, June 2020
Soy. Stepping Tiles (on the walls) 
*Tatty Soup* Little Wall of Tiles.
Zaara [home] : 3 Block printed futon *coral*
Zaara [home] : 5 Block printed futon *turquoise*
Zaara [home] : 12 Jaipur blue pottery
Zaara [home] : 16 Kathputli puppets
Zaara [home] : 18 Rajastani wall hanging *elephant*



*AF* Paper Lanterns - Short White
Ariskea [Plumeria] Plumeria Orange Plant @Summerfest 2020
DISORDERLY. / Frozen Summer / Raspberry Yogurt / Decor @Belle Events, June 2020
DISORDERLY. / Frozen Summer / Banana Yogurt / Decor @Belle Events, June 2020
dust bunny . various plants
KraftWork Vintage Barrel Organ
MudHoney Furniture and Decor Mainstore
MH Marli Deck Chair Fatpack @Summerfest 2020
MH Meera Bowl w/ Beads
MH Meera Console - Fatpack
MINIMAL - Greek Island Gacha 13 (potted plant) @The Arcade, June 2020
MINIMAL - Greek Island Gacha 14 (potted plant) @The Arcade, June 2020
MINIMAL - Greek Island Gacha 04 (building) @The Arcade, June 2020
NOMAD // Silver Lantern
Nutmeg. Lavish Lounge Candle /1 Bonus Item
.peaches. Bae's Journal - Summer
The Loft - Martini Table White
..::THOR::.. Pillow Flowers @Kustom9, June 2020

Friday, June 19, 2020

First day of summer


22769 - Hurricane Light - COMMON
22769 - Hippo Figurine - COMMON
22769 - Pottet Banana Tree - COMMON
22769 - Bowl with Citrus Fruits - COMMON
Ayla. Moroccan Corner - Pouf (camel)
6. Ayla. Boho Farmhouse - Stone Jars & Candlestick Tray
DRD - Garden Nook - Rattan Chair - Green
[ keke ] sticks w lights
Early Summer Gacha Set @ Kustom9, June 2020
..::THOR::.. Wooden Boat - RARE
..::THOR::.. Floating Dock
..::THOR::.. Picnic Blanket
..::THOR::.. Pillow Flowers
..::THOR::.. Pillow Birds
..::THOR::.. Pillow Acanthus
..::THOR::.. Old Crate Table
..::THOR::.. Enamel Mug Mint
..::THOR::.. Enamel Mug White
..::THOR::.. Summer Goodies - RARE



Set @ Collabor88, June 2020
Loft & Aria - Galina Floating Credenza
Loft & Aria - Galina Floor Lamp
Loft & Aria - Galina Mirror

Loft & Aria - Hedvig Frame
Loft & Aria - Hedvig Pendant Light (Right)
Loft & Aria - Hedvig Table Lamp
Loft & Aria - Hedvig Tree Headboard
Loft & Aria - Hedvig Planter_1
Loft & Aria - Hedvig Planter_2
The Loft & Aria - Abalone Pillow
The Loft - Chidi Sculpture
The Loft - Lola Bowl Red
The Loft - Concentric Gold
The Loft - Canson Chair Harvest

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

SoapyBomb Workshop


5. AF Copper Pan Set
Apple Fall Violet Glass Bottles
Apple Fall Stoneware Vessels
floorplan. industrial wall shelf / black
floorplan. tourist billboard / adult video
Foundry Table // Made by Vikki Placebo
hive // rentals sign
"Killer's" Old Radio Building 
3. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Cup Stack
Nutmeg. Kate's Little Cups
Nutmeg. Hardy Iron Lamp White
Nutmeg. Hand made Soap
Nutmeg. Handmade Shelf w/Bag
Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Pitcher
Nutmeg. Antique Baby Cups
Schultz Bros. Industrial Desk - Edison Lamp
Schultz Bros. Industrial Desk Chair
Schultz Bros. Industrial Desk
Second Spaces - SoapyBomb Workshop set @The Arcade, June 2020
Serenity Style- FruitMania Carrot Juice Jar
Serenity Style- FruitMania Papaya Juice Jar
..::THOR::..Old's Cool Radio
Urban Spirit Baby Weed Plant
-Virtual Decay- Metal Sign:Hudson

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Staycation Spa


Dutchie spa necessities
Granola. Florian Shaving Mirror.1
junk. vintage perfume tin.
[ keke ] rug 43 - oriental saffron
Kinokoko - Duck Bath(Dirty)
L2 Studio TRAVIS  HOUSE 89 prims 
LAQ Decor ~ Clawfoot Bathtub & Shower (Silver)
MudHoney Mainstore
MH Sloan Sink PG - Fatpack @Fameshed X, June 2020
MH Sloan Mirror@Fameshed X, June 2020
MH Sloan Sconce@Fameshed X, June 2020
MH Sloan Towel Ladder@Fameshed X, June 2020
Mithral * Branch Wall Display (White Ceramic)
Mithral * Bird of Paradise Large (White Pot)
Mithral * Mounted String of Hearts (White)
Mithral * Stephania Erecta (White Pot)
Mithral * Philodendron Gloriosum (White Pot)
Mithral * Hoya Linearis (White)
sf cluttered bathroom chair - light
Trompe Loeil - Classic Wicker Basket with Towel White
{vespertine} - bathroom stool.
{vespertine} - pampering basket.
{vespertine} - beautify tray.

My Pink Gameboy


Ariskea [ELLE] Small wood table
Ariskea [ELLE] Bamboo Basket Plant
CJ Easter Planter with Orchids
:CP: Rowan Tea Screen
[ContraptioN] Snow Auxentios Worker Bird
Foxwood - Chow Chows
Kuro - Nothing to do blanket
Lark - Atlantis Fountain (MARBLE)
O.M.E.N - Enchanted - Little Red Wine
PLAAKA Protea Vase
Pomegranate - Taffy Pillow - Cat
Scarlet Creative Sonoma Villa - Plaster 0.2
Serenity Style- Sabana Summe Bed [Solo] @UniK, June 2020
Tentacio Lazy monday. Game
Tentacio rose develope

Monday, June 8, 2020

Backpacking 2020


~BAZAR~ California-Rug
DRD Gazebo rusted
dust bunny . storybook living . old backpack
HPMD* Static Rabbits(sc)
KraftWork Under the Sun Messy Mattress ADULT . Hippies 1 @Anthem, June 2020
11. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Coffee Pot & Pears
Nutmeg. Dacha Candle Jar
Nutmeg. Disarray Old Pitcher Lamp Linen
PLAAKA DeadLilyLives

Quiet in the Shade


*Vanity Hair*:Phases(Resize)-Greedy @TLC, June 2020
Les Sucreries De Fairy * Natasha * Orange Bikini @TLC, June 2020
Les Sucreries De Fairy * Natasha * Orange Top @TLC, June 2020

Ariskea [ELLE] Bamboo Basket Plant
crate Beachcomber Bar -Board Rack @TLC, June 2020
crate Beachcomber Bar @TLC, June 2020
crate Beachcomber Bar - Chair @TLC, June 2020
crate Beachcomber Bar - Planted Palm @TLC, June 2020
DRD - Boho Fish Shack - Decorated Shack
dust bunny . beach day . net bag
dust bunny . dreamy outing . essentials bag
Kalopsia - Polly's Dots Rug
Kalopsia - Polly's Watermelon Punch
Soy. Glass Fishing Floats
TLC BlueAndGold Parrot - Perched
Zen Creations Crates

Friday, June 5, 2020

Mara's Garden House


~BAZAR~Mara - Garden house @Uber, May/June 2020
DaD "Rustic Garden - Bundles of beauty" c/m
DaD "Rustic garden - Watering Can with lights wall - c/m
[noctis] Mirkwood Farm Hollyhock box/mix
[noctis] Mirkwood Farm seedling Holder/yellow
[noctis] Mirkwood Farm tools in basket
[noctis] Pots and tools 1
Nutmeg. French Cafe Iron Chair PG
Nutmeg. French Cafe Wooden Chair PG
Nutmeg. French Cafe Table / 2
Scarlet Creative Laurel Dovecote Surround

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Summer Beach Getaway


DaD "Mandarin Spa Sensory rug" gift c/m
Dutchie life buoy on hook
floorplan. stock tank pool / red
+Half-Deer+ Starbreeze Palm Trees
LISP - Mesh - Bergamot Square Decking - Rustic Pine
Serenity Style- El Saler Beach Rocks Set @TLC, June 2020
Serenity Style- El Saler - Group 1
Serenity Style- El Saler - Rock 1
Serenity Style- El Saler - Rock 2
Serenity Style- El Saler - Rock Formation REGULAR
Skye Wild Grass type 5 dry
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 short brown
..::THOR::.. Beach Vibes Gacha Set @The Arcade, June 2020
..::THOR::.. Beach Hut - RARE
..::THOR::.. Outdoor Shower - RARE
..::THOR::.. Floating Ring Red
..::THOR::.. Fences
..::THOR::.. Stright Paths
..::THOR::.. Beach Folding Chair Navy Stripes
..::THOR::.. Beach Folding Chair Sand Stripes
..::THOR::.. Folding Sidetable
..::THOR::.. Retro Cooler Red
..::THOR::.. Retro Radio Saffron
..::THOR::.. Beach Tote

Pretty in Pink


{af} London Apartment 2.0 (with tinted walls)

22769 - Geometric Rug - COMMON
[ARIA] Bryony curtains (mod/copy)
Camdem - Season Change - 6.Jardiniere RARE
Compulsion Plant 4
:CP: Lincoln Road Cow Hide Rug Fauxlstein

Loft & Aria - Tali set @Fameshed, June 2020
Loft & Aria - Tali Credenza
Loft & Aria - Tali Dining Chair
Loft & Aria - Tali Table
Loft & Aria -Tali Modern Sculpture
Loft & Aria - Tali Pendant
Loft & Aria - Tali Sconce
Loft & Aria - Tali Sconces Arrangement

Loft & Aria - Barlow Metalic Candle Holder
Loft & Aria - Midland Lamp
TA Majestic Stone Panel
Trompe Loeil - Nine cell photo arrangement - Berlin
White Orchid Wedding Set - Centerpiece (Marketplace)

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Gardening - the art of dirt


Ayla. Homegrown set  @The Arcade, June 2020
1. Ayla. Homegrown - Shed RARE
2. Ayla. Homegrown - Gardening Chair RARE
3. Ayla. Homegrown - Wooden Table
4. Ayla. Homegrown - Tool Rack
5. Ayla. Homegrown - Vegetable Basket
6. Ayla. Homegrown - Firewood Bucket
7. Ayla. Homegrown - Old Mailbox
9. Ayla. Homegrown - Birdhouse Lantern (hanging)
10. Ayla. Homegrown - Hanging Plant (red)
11. Ayla. Homegrown - Hanging Plant (blue)
Ayla. DIY Plant Stands - Small Pot Tray
crate Junkyard Art Tub Chandelier
DRD Rustic cabin
dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . peach pile
dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . cherries
dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . lemons
floorplan. homemade pies sign
ionic : Los botecitos colgantes (hanging flower bottles)
ionic :  Hanging little plants  [flowers]
ionic :  Hanging little plants  [geometry]
*ionic* Piled drawers
*ionic* Distressed Piled Windows
*ionic* Piled Pots
[ keke ] summer party flowers . white
KraftWork Grasmere Collection . Old Wood Door . Dark
Pewpew! White Harvest Chair (Texture Change Branch)
Pewpew! Harvest Planter Solo - Brown Branch
Pewpew! Gold Nugget Garden Crate
Wheelbarrow Planter (Marketplace)
Cargo Barrels (Marketplace)

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Front Room


ACORN Tassle Cushion Stack -14
Apple Fall Cushion - Satin Trellis, Silver
Apple Fall Cushion - Satin, Beige
brocante. bauble lamp / silver
Dahlia - Reese - Mirror - Gold
dust bunny . potted palm
dust bunny & con . lauren bathroom . radiator . silver 1
Fancy Decor: Evans Sofa (pg)
Fancy Decor: Crystal Sconce
Granola. Gypsy Soul Pillow V2.Grey.
[ keke ] rug 43 - oriental blush
[ keke ] black print 3
[ keke ] tivoli pendant silvery S
[ keke ] glass lamp tall . white
[ keke ] bastet cat figure
[ keke ] geometrics . black
[ keke ] crystal on stick 4 . black
(Milk Motion) vintage pot with flowers - 2li
MINIMAL - Rattan Chair  *7*
MudHoney Main Store
MudHoney Classic Photo Room 1 RARE (c) @The Arcade, June 2020
MudHoney Milo Drapes open
MudHoney Petra Table Deco Only
MULLOY - Yullabi Frame
TA Majestic Wall Lamp

Pine Martens


Ariskea[Tangy] Geranium Flowers
KraftWork . The Tree Fort set @The Arcade, June 2020
Mutresse - Pine Martens  @The Arcade, June 2020
..::THOR::.. 9 - Boho Guitar
..::THOR::.. Improvised Bench - RARE
..::THOR::.. Pallet Wall Divider

Monday, June 1, 2020

Game On!


{anc} escape / chair 3Li (black) @The Arcade, June 2020
{anc} escape / parasol 5Li (black) @The Arcade, June 2020
{anc} escape / chair 3Li (ivory) @The Arcade, June 2020
{anc} escape / parasol 6Li (beige) @The Arcade, June 2020
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass04 - pink (flowers)
Serenity Style-Outdoor Chess @Man Cave Event, May/June 2020

Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...