Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Capture The Summer Feeling/Help Zigana and Her Dog

Still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the fresh clean interior colors.  Perhaps, right now is the best weather for being outside - here in Washington, DC it is a balmy 74 degrees and sunny.

Scarlet Creative - Paradise Circus
JAXSunnyDayII - Sky/Day Windlight

Nalena (Zigana) has a sick dog that needs about $1,000 worth of medical care.  The creative thinking person that she is, she created a donation gatcha and you get these adorable rocking dogs.  Please support her and her puppy.  http://ziganasl.wordpress.com/2014/07/23/donation-gatcha/

Zigana . rocking dog . lucky  

MudHoney - Tabatha Lounge, Orbit Decor, Sydney Sofa - Cream, Ophelia Bag
Cheeky Pea - Deconstructed Coffee Table, Deconstructed Side Table
Frogs Garden - Warm pile rug
What Next - Maison Table Lamp (white trim), Morning Tea Rug
MadPea - Bonsai Tsukikage RARE, Bonsai Ryu
Apple Fall - Lightbulb Terrarium, Organic Form Chair (White), Recycled Wood Sideboard, Design Books, Wicker Baskets
O.M.E.N - Dear John - Old Radio
SOY - Lace Curtain (re-textured), Old laboratory chair
LISP - Mesh - Jacob Display Case - Pine
PILOT - Window Shade [White/Brown]
(iTuTu) Paper planter/ rose01(M), Planter-04-m
Trompe Loeil - Classic Wicker Basket Closed Brown, Ines Triangle Plate Decor Metal, Candle Fireplace Plaster Plain, Vintage End Table Atlantic
The Loft - Neo Mirror White, Alexand Porter Chair Blue, Queen Chess Piece, King Chess Piece, Mara  Leather Tray, Mara Mink Pouf
Shutter Field - Tea cup stool - rustic
Junk - Rings candle holder. iron.
JoJo Deed/La Caprese - Japanese porcelain bowl with brass, Moroccan Silver Pitcher with callas and ivy
Art Dummy - Summertide mirror
DaD DESIGN - Nautilus Lamp
Kuro - Decorative plates (oval)
Dutchie - Framed vintage poster 1, Other Plants
ARIA - Eva Plumeria in a vase
Beach Street - Storage suitcases (love letters)
KAZZA - HomeStyle - Flower Pot
8f8 - 18. Our Secret Hideout - Secret Diary
DIGS - Falmouth Coffee Table - White/Light
Keke - Ink bottle - ice
NikotiN - Ashtray City (TMD)
Floorplan - Dictionary prints (camera)
The Gadget Shop - Wall Clock, Old (mc) 
Balaclava - Gatsby Mansion Shelf (golden wood) empty A, Gatsby Mansion Shelf (platinum wood) empty B
Heart Garden Center - Tropical - cala lily1 3 / Frogs Garden Pot
Yoni and Lingam production - Titanic poster in brass frame, 
ON*SU - Display Frame~Rectangle~Texture Change2 / with my art from Internet

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Nights

In a couple of weeks it will be August, the 8th month.  Only four more months left in the year.  I want to enjoy the rest of my summer to the fullest.  Celebrating Summer with friends and food.


My House - The Grove Country Club

Trompe Loeil - Classic Hot Tub Tent With Lights
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Tuscany Garden Chair Rust
DIGS - Genoa Firepit, Genoa Lanterns, Genoa Daybed, Genoa Side Table
The Loft - Verona Dining Chair 2 Walnut, Multi-Candle Lantern Java
A.V. -  Etienne Low Table
La Galleria - Pastel Chinese flower tree rug 
Second Spaces - Poolside beverage cart
Dutchie - Rosebush orange, Gift lillies, Olea bonsai, Olea bonsai small, Three Herbs
(Elate!) - A Posh Picnic - Plate of Grapes
G&W - White sweetpea planter
Scarlet Creative June Arcade - My Domino Pattern, My Dominoes Stacked
PILOT - Its a horse
Botanical - Lattice Fencing
{vespertine} - opened memories trinket box}
{what next} - Magazine Pile
(iTuTu) - Petit vine leaf -2 (on ground)
Arduenn Schwartzman - TBF Dos Equis Beer Bottle
Aphrodite - Paprika chips bowl

Urn Planters:
Urn Planter - from Chateau de La Lutiniere gate
Cypress Plants - from Forest Floor

Saturday, July 19, 2014

American Pickers - The History Channel

The promo says "Follow expert antiquers as they scour the country's junkyards, basements and barns for hidden gems."  The few shows that I saw reminded me of "let's cheat some ole guy out of a cool relic".  But, that's just me.

A similar show, American Restoration, is incredibly interesting - Rick Dale is an expert restorer with a great eye for what is cool and what ain't.

Anyway, this blob pays homage to the American Pickers of the world.


Con - Backyard Drive-In - Truck BLACK PG, Marquee Black, Soda
Seven Emporium - The Cupid Motel Sign, Route 66 Sign
POST - Ely Roadside Star (v2), Old Spigot / Water Trough (sculpty)

POST - Hurley Rural Garage, Tire Stack, Frosti Beer Bottles (props), Les Folies Haybales (grouped)
Zinnias - "Nevada" Cow Skull
Con  - Boneyard Soda Machine - Red, USA Crate Shelving, Backyard Drive-In - Truck RUST PG
Junk - Metal drawer chair. paint splatter, Old school cabinet.
Arcana - Vintage Drinks Machine
Seven Emporium - Gasoline Lamp, Gasoline Can, Ranch Guide Sign
Dirty Deeds - BEER Bottles
Debora Stine - Extinguisher Fire (model 3) DBy
Virtual Decay - Metal Sign: Sky Chief, Metal Sign: Texaco gasolines
MMG's - Railroad tie-Short_dark cocoa

Con - Boneyard Naval Fireplace - Coffee, Boneyard Soda Machine - Gold,  Boneyard Soda Machine - RUST - FLF,  Mill Collection - Windmill
Seven Emporium - Ice Machine, Cigarette Machine, Clown Head RARE, Wonder Wheel #2 RARE
Floorplan - Drive-in speaker
The Domineaux Effect - Wheelbarrow Planter
22769 bauwerk - Old Register Counter
Junk - Salvaged tractor table

POST - Rural Gas Tank
Angharad Greggan - Makeshift Chair Barbecue

Jordan Giant - Wooden Poetry Chair F
Kiku's Works - Wheelbarrow
Apple Fall - Bee Hive (Old)
Seven Emporium - Moonshine Still

Deserved Break

At the end of the day, when the dishes are washed, the clothes are folded and the house is put away for the night, I slip into the bathhouse and take my much deserved rest.


Building - POST: Palomar Cottage
Atmosphere Setting - Firestorm - Bryn Oh's Annas Many Murders

Soy. Tub of tinplate - Blogger Copy
Soy. Chair for water tub [wood] - Blogger Copy
Available at Okinawa Summer Festival 2014

Anc - Canopy Lace
RW - Tariq Enameled  Vase
Oyasumi - branch bench; Vase /w plant
Tartessos Arts - Essence Spa Towels 1
Apple Fall - Body Butter (Mango)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Safari Log - Day 2

Okay, I think I have exhausted my Safari theme.  I wanted to add a few more pics which include some old favorites as well as new favorites.

FYI - I purchased all these things.  You can see the hole in my Linden Bank Account. :)



Building - Apple Fall Paris Apartment

Artwork - Zebras - Internet Downloads

Apple Fall - Kensington Bookcases (Rustic), Travel Drawers (Peruvian), Reading Pile, Rope Suspended Gallery, Nelly the Ele
Junk - Old School Tube Bench (pg), Pulley Ceiling Lights
Anc - Stonesidetable/antiquemilk
Alouette - The Sylvianne Chaise
Tarte - Elephant Plush, Hunter Stool
Pilot - Plain Tufted Sofa Snow Leopard
Culprit - Edwardia Chair Zebra
The Loft - Storage Box(es) Old Map, Twig Vases, Twisted Vases, Mathis Drapery, Mathis Console, Wireframe Lamp, Mara Bucket Club Chair (black), Lady Slipper Vase, Mara Mirror Copper, Roxy Lumbar Pillow (my texture), Linen Trim Rug Black
Cheeky Pea - Hastings Light, Lightning Bug Can, Heather Antique Phone
Aphrodite - African Masks
Spargel and Shine - Annie Antique Travel Set
Jimpsky Rhode - Jewelry Box_inlay, Jewelry Box_egyption, Fauxbooks2
Dutchie - Asplenium Nidus (fern), 3 Herbs, Palms
Ispachi - Gazelle's Head
Arcana - Animal Specimen - Gigant Bat, Helmet Collection - Iron
Stonewood Interiors - Basket Plant, Plant in Wicker Basket
Standby Inc. - Globe #2, Antique Camera (bronze) (floor and on shelf)
JoHaDeZ - Old Globe
MudHoney - Tea Light Plank, Leslie Plant
Bazar - Floria Antique Clock
Con - the Incantanium Novellas - Multi, Backyard Drive-In - Reels, Fossil Hunter Bag, Fossil Hunter Map & Notes
China Trading Post - Golden dragon treasure box
StoraxTree - Native Giraffe Whimsy Brown Statue, Native Giraffe Whimsy Grey Statue, Native Zebra Statue
Case de BeBe - Mercury Glass Candle Stick
Tartessos Arts - Concept Mail Tray
Post - Orange box, Old Found Notebooks
Petite Maison - Brynn Hurricane Candle
8f8 - Post Apocalyptic Tree
Theo Republic - SC Ornate Candlestick
Floorplan - Candle Vase
Kuro - Decorative Plate, Old Ladder
Tarte - Elephant Plush, Hunter Stool
OAL/SP Discoverying.destiny - Valezquez Desk, Chairs and small table
BA - Onion Lamps (orange)
AV - Epoque Candles

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Safari Log - Day 1

So many beautiful things this month.  I decided to expand on the Safari Theme of Collabor88.

I'm afraid a few animals were harmed in the making of this post.


Building - Apple Fall Paris Apartment

Images - Zebra Art Downloaded from Internet
The Loft - Mara Couch Black, Rollo Stump Bar Table, Lillies White
Apple Fall - Evelyn Throw Cushions - White, Cast Iron Victorian Fireplace (stretched onto wall), Hand Carved Zebra Mask, Springbok Skull
Lark - Safari Chair - Linen Charcoal
Culprit - Edwardia Chair Zebra
Tarte - Hunter Lamp
MudHoney - Zelia Plant, Leslie Coffee Table - tobacco (x2), Chelsea Rug
Land of Nodd - Steampunk Speaker Pipe
Kuro - Remnants of a war
Floorplan - Explorer Map
SilentSparrow - (Orange) Newts
Cheeky Pea - Hastings Light
Jon Haskel - Antelope Trophy 1
ANE - Elephant  (color change) RARE
Dutchie  - Dracaena, Red wine
ILO - Yukka Bottle
Bazar - Floria flower vase
Keke - Lab vase with magnolias
Standby Inc. - Antique Camera w/stand (Bronze)
Kazuhiro Swords - Book with Glasses-Decor
Spargel and Shine - Annie Antique Travel Set
Half-Deer - Mr. Mousie - Natural Tones

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grooving with Soy - I got my Big Hair on!

Take a walk back in time.  
Back to the Summer of '89. 

New movie release directed by Spike Lee - "Do the right thing".  Radio Raheem roams the streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn blasting Public Enemy's hit "Fight the Power" on his boombox.

Well, I received the new blogger pack from Soy and it has me feeling quite retro today.  I put on some big hair, grabbed some cool shades and popped a cigarette in my mouth - dance on!!!

Soy has created a cassette collection, portable tape players and boomboxes for the hipster in all of us.


These groovy items are available today at Kustom9, which is already full.  Happy Shopping!



House - Post Suntaks Gamla Kyrka v1, at The  Grove
Soy - Vintage Boom Box (Metal)
TESH - Antique french candelabra, Rose Tristesse (85 prims) no longer available
Zacca - Cabinet Icing Sugar
LISP - Closed Grant Piano, Bench and Accessories
Ohmai - Flamingo C Peach
Apple Fall - Hydrangea Bunch
Cute Poison Home - Crown Hook Gold
MudHoney - Leslie Rug Tapestry
Cheeky Pea - Rue Abel Loveseat
Noctis - Tropical Shrub in Wooden Pot
Aria - Bryony Curtains
Intrigue - Rocket Lava Lamp: Dark Matter - Purple

Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...