Friday, January 11, 2013

After the Holidays - Part 2

After you've spent a hard day skiing or if the weather is so terrible you must stay inside, a comfortable lodge with areas for socializing, reading, or eating is essential.

The Loft - Roxanne Salvaged Table
Cheeky Pea - Amisha's Old Saybrook Chair White
Picnic & (pda) - autre-moeurs chair 01
Zigana -  old apothecary cabinet
Bazar - Arizona Lamp
Accessories:  iTuTu, artilleri, clematis, cheeky pea, pilot, shabby, others 

To be continued....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Salk Institute - SL meets RL

On  October 16, 2012, Neva Crystall did a fashion shoot in front of an amazing building - SALK by Fanatik Architecture.

Needless to say, I rushed over to Fanatik and dropped $4,000 L for this amazing piece of architecture.  It has been sitting in my inventory and just before Christmas, I decided to decorate one of the rooms/floors.

I just got my copy of the February, 2013 issue of Architectural Digest.  They did a small piece about The Salk as it is nearly 50 years old.

It was completed in 1965, designed by Louis I. Kahn and is a nonprofit research center in La Jolla, California.

The timing couldn't be more perfect to show you my design.  Because of the angles, it was very hard to decorate and photograph.  I did my best.

There is so much stuff in here, I'm listing the main items.  Please contact me inworld if you would like more specifics.

Kismet - Titian's Raphael and Tobias art, Titian's Carved table
Patron - Gilded ornaments
China Trading Post - Golden dragon treasure box
Fantastic Furniture - Beautiful white lillies
POST - Bremen Sconce

Fanatik - Cabinet 2
NsB - Wilfried sofa, Wilfried coffee table
Vent du sud - grey/beige rug with trees
Picnic - rug giraffe
Meshworx - Book Table
2Xtreme - Eames loungechair and ottoman
Scarlet Creative - Creme Lamp, Adler Ceiling Lamp
Augyr Design - Victorian chair
iTuTu - Letter cabinet / dark
SF - "La Gitana" ottoman (Lira)
Shop Seu - 1 prim cat orange

Pravda-DC - Armored Infantry Terracotta Warrior Statue
af - Chateau Fire Advent day 6
BoatHouse - mesh Fireplace Tools
OO - ruined rug 1

Dutchie Plants
Oriental Art - me

Patron - Kahala Champagne Coin lamp
lame - Caroline's chair
Hanaya - round glass top table (modified)
Kismet - Diagonal weave jute and sisal rug - wheat
POST - Deco Rug, Robert Dalaunay, 19302

LISP - Mathilde Vintage Map
Handverk - Antler chair, natural
af - Ralph's boat
Meshworx - Factory Cabinet v8

Accessories:  AF, POST, Elan, Antiques Rhode Show, MMGs, Sway, EoD, UrbanizeD, iTuTu, vespertine, The LOFT, TA, Art Dummy, BananaN., DAHaus, La Galleria, +soul+, LAQ, Lisp, Stonewood Interiors, Alchemy Immortalis, Kismet, Luna Bliss, One Grid, {sa}, Melino, Tatty Soup, Clematis


After the Holidays! - Part 1

After the excitement of Christmas and New Year's Eve, I usually feel emotionally hungover.  So off I go for a week-long ski trip.

You can rent a house or condo in the Colorado ski areas and spend your entire year's entertainment budget.  But - WOW - it is so worth it.

This is my interpretation of a perfect ski lodge.  

The Entryway

WHD - Texture Change Rug - Cabin Set 2
Picnic - Mail sorting shelf

BAZAR - Lounge2 from Arizona House
Y's House - Old pine bench
DIGS - Milton Luggage, Milton Standing Lamp-Pewter
Belle Belle - Ski and Luggage Deco
The LOFT - Antler Chandelier, Peas in a Pod (decor on bench)

Plants - Dutchie
Pine tree in barrel - me 
Basket with redberries - me
Painter Designs - Antique Map of New England
Zigana - Weathered mirror
LISP - Chalk Print Set, Log Basket with Axe, Feathers 2 Specimen Pics, Rustic Acorn Bowl, Anna Birds Beige
ChiChiBoo's Happy Toast pillow 
True North Designs - Tiger Plop
Somnia - Santa bear
Hanaya - Duck Decoy

what next - Laurel wooden birds decor
Kismet - Christmas Joy Candy Dish
Stonewood Interiors - Red Pheasant Statue
Casa de Bebe - Brass Candlesticks
vespertine - beeswax box (hatbox)
Agora prefabs - Birdhouse
TA - Bohemian letters
Jon Haskell - Oryz Trophy


Package Delivery

  CREDITS: (Fundati) Stone Vase 4 -snow- +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails MINIMAL - Town Hall Backdrop Sereni...