Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shotgun Shack

I love, love, love lil's shotgun cottage by llorisen.  I picked it up at Collabor88 this week.  It is the perfect backdrop for both regional and timeless decor.



The Chapter Four


Windlight Settings:  Annan Adored - Noble goes Dutch III (Fixed Sky Environment Setting)

Building:  llorisen // lils shotgun cottage (Collabor88)

llorisen // paint splattered old frames (Son of Man - Internet art)
Soy -  Siphon of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove (only flask)
[ARIA] - Delilah curtain - N-TwentyOne exclusive (retextured)
Apple Fall - Apple Fall Masculine Bar, Apple Fall Banana Tree, Apple Fall Industrial Lamp w/ Extender (Rust), Apple Fall Antique Art (Collabor88)
Apple Fall - AF Vintage Camera w/ Tripod, AF Acanthus Fragment
Apple Fall - 5. Apple Fall Book Shelf (The Chapter Four)
[PM ]Pixel Mode - Levi Table, Levi Stool 1, Levi  Wall Light - Oxidized Copper (Collabor88)
[PM]Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Magnifying Glass, Milk Can Berries
[ keke ] bottled roses heart  - red, [ keke ] simple cabinet - bright, [ keke ] glitter frames, [ keke ] ancient ink w magnolia, [ keke ] lab vase cone, [ keke ] lab vase coupe, [ keke ] lab vase w magnolias, [ keke ] ink bottle - ice, [ keke ] ink bottle - frost,
MudHoney - Ophelia Candlesticks, Red Tulips, Golden Candlesticks
Trompe Loeil - Amelia Loveseat PG (Collabor88)
8f8 - Indoor DIY Spring SOLO Tin - NATURAL
The Loft - Aden lamp, Pear Trinket Box (Fameshed)
{anc} - Bdream. sidetable.white 1Li
floorplan - bingo card holder, arrow scroll
Lark - Bird Nerd - Book & Binoculars
junk - vintage cut-throat razors, vintage camera light
:CP: Zodiac Art - Gemini, Oiseau es Chandelles (Birdcage Candle Thingy) Fully Lit, Deconstructed Side Table
Bazar - Vase Decor (lit), Bazar Urn with Tall Ivy, Bazar Brown Rug with Fringe
!! Follow US !! - Lights camera - vintage COPY version
A.V. - Brise' White Roses Bucket
{theosophy} - Beaumaris Mirror (Cloud)
FD: - Winter Rug
HIDEKI - Donkey Cart
!Ohmai : - 100 Years of Waiting Hourglass (Magic Dust)
Olivia Russo - ru morgue picture 5
-tb- - Bon Voyage - Vintage Camera
TA - PhotoStudio Photographs Pile
~Libertine~ - Gustave Dore' + Singing the Glories of the Crusades
{vespertine-} shades of grey swatch board
miyu adder - pumila
[*Art Dummy!] flamingo. (book one), the edge of winter (sketchbook decor)
[Breno] - Elk horns
Zinnias  - Leggy Red Planter
Con.&floorplan. Branch Light, Rose in a Bottle
+Half-Deer+ - Bunnies
.Birdy. - Snow Cub {Medium rez}

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