Thursday, February 12, 2015

CrimSon Saints Motorcycle Club

Really cool set available at The Men's Department


Building:  [Fetch] Grawt Skybox 2

Kalopsia - Leather Chair
Kalopsia - Leather Chair
Kalopsia - Metal Lamp
Kalopsia - Motorbike (Decoration)
Kalopsia - MC Logo
Kalopsia - Gavel
Kalopsia - Beer Bottle
Kalopsia - Mugshot Frames
Kalopsia - Biker Vest (Female)

Kalopsia - Flying Paper
[ keke ] - bulb stand - chrome
[Fetch] - Vix Rug, Lyla Beer Crates
[PM]Pixel Mode - Levi  Wall Light - Oxidized Copper
Dutchie - subscriber gift: 1 prim dinner Pizza and Bear
Soy. Tires with stand, Folding pipe chair [Brown], Motor oil can [metal], Old van backseat (Brown leather)
POST: Darkbloom Tattered Journal, Old Found Notebooks
junk. morrison ceiling light, morrison locker cabinet, ashtray, morrison packing crate screen
Apple Fall - [AF] JUNKYARD Door (America)
~JD~ MTF WorkBench
[TI] Garage Decoration
Debora Stine - Vintage COCA-COLA Ice Cold (White) DBy*
Bazar - Wall picture-Brando
Second Spaces - area 51 comics, ezra ashtray
--Virtual Decay- Metal Sign:Chesterfield, Clickable Adult Magazine 03
[NikotiN] - Cigarette Butts (04)
Tooter Claxton - fire extinguisher small

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