Friday, February 3, 2023




22769 ~ [bauwerk] Newspaper Wings White (Walldecor)
22769 - Marble Angel
[ keke ] twinkle pendel bright - mini
[ keke ] glass hearts - snow
[ keke ] paper whites - group
[ keke ] paper whites - jar
[ keke ] wild allium . blush 2
[ keke ] chandelier - moon
[MF] Cherub angel garden statue
Nutmeg. Cherub Statue
Nutmeg. Holiday Clutter Wooden Angel Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Flower Cherub Statue Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Crowned Cherub Statue
[P3] - Paper Angel
PLAAKA Angel Feathers Flutting A
Serenity Style- Helen Old Cupboard
Serenity Style- Helen Old Canister 1
Serenity Style- Helen Old Canister 2
Serenity Style- Helen Old Candle
Serenity Style- Helen Old Vessel
Serenity Style- Wings for my Angel
Serenity Style Mainstore
[Tia] Lil' Maison Cherub Bust

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A Wintery Day



Building: VARONIS - Lueur Skybox

[Con.] Vintage Poster - Kellar
Dahlia - Lazy Days - Vintage Clock - Copper .06
dust bunny . wiccan book stack
KAZZA - BytheSeaFloorLamp - lamp
LISP - Mesh Carmen Drapes - Narrow Plinth - Olive
LISP - Mesh - Faded Summer Rug - Cafe Chocolate
(luc) Metallic Fern Lamp, Copper
NOMAD // Cart Daybed // Leather A // PG
Nutmeg. Photographer's Desk Frames
Nutmeg. Wicker Corridor Blanket Basket / 1
Nutmeg. Wicker Corridor Potted Plant

Monday, January 30, 2023

Lounge Chairs



Building:  VARONIS - Lueur Skybox

Apple Fall Display Podium - Small
Avani Cactus Pillow Collection, Natural Lumbar One
Di'Cor Ancient Vase [Black]
Foxwood - Adele Unit - Dark
Loft & Aria - Talbot Lounge Chair (PG)
Loft & Aria - Talbot Lamp
Loft & Aria - Talbot Stool
Loft & Aria - Talbot Vase
The Loft - Morgan Rug
Nutmeg. Low Light Nights Vases
- Scafall - Decor / Funeral of the Mango Kiwi (Tall)
- Scafall - Decor / Funeral of the Mango Kiwi (Shortie)
Soul2Soul. Warm-as-Toast Fireplace
Soul2Soul. Warm-as-Toast Mirrors Clutter
Soul2Soul. Warm-as-Toast Figurines
Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Abstract Art #4

Thursday, January 5, 2023




Ariskea[Mocorra] Bushy plant
brocante. alivia standing lamp / copper
Fancy Fall Renouveau Tied Books
Fancy Fall Renouveau Display Easel
*HEXtraordinary* Whisp Willow Bonsai
KraftWork January Collection . Modern Shelf
KraftWork January Collection . Cotton Sofa PG
KraftWork January Collection . Concrete Coffee Table
KraftWork Bossa Nova . Table Lamp (Down Spot)
KraftWork Interior Designer Clutter . Metal Handles
Nutmeg. Apple Still Life Vase / 1
:[P]:- Masse Planter [Short]:// Oak
{vespertine} - pegasus automata. RARE

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Christmas Shadows



Building: 01 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Cottage RARE

!13ACT - Christmas box
20_8f8 - forgotten secrets - deartime
32_8f8 - forgotten secrets - trembling light
40 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Lantern Cage
Ariskea[Fluff] Pouf Beige
[CIRCA] - "Dark Solstice" Potted Holiday Tree (mini) - Noir v3
Culprit Decor Fairground Horse Dapple
DRD - Party Time - Floor confetti B - Gold/silver
Fancy Decor: Regal Christmas Tree
13 Fancy Decor + KraftWork Fete d'hiver: Wreath
*HEXtraordinary* Merry Krampusnacht Music Box, MadPea Christmas Advent Calendar Day 19, 2022
Nutmeg. Vintage Small Table
Nutmeg. Chaise Longue Cream PG
Nutmeg. Round Back Fabric Chair Biege
Nutmeg. Low Light Nights Spruce Branch Bonus Item (High Lod)
[P3] - Paper Angel with string
Random Matter - Magical Yule - Presents [Wrapped]
Second Spaces - Holiday Prep - bag of supplies
-tres blah- Cozy Winter - Snowman Trinket Box
{what next} Christmas Gift Box (Red Dots)
[ zerkalo ] Christmas Train (with Steam)

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Night Before Christmas



Building:  01 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Cottage RARE

15_8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Carpet
31_8f8 - forgotten secrets - his little ride
brocante. moon man mirror / rose-gold
CHEZ MOI Xmas Ladder Tree  
CHEZ MOI Xmas Gifts 
CJ Winter Dreambush with Berry Column
KraftWork Drum Planter . Red
KraftWork Nutcracker Christmas Countdown . Traditional
KraftWork Celebrations Tableware . Gifts Drum
KraftWork Christmas Tableware . Gifts Drum
KraftWork Celebrations Tableware . Pine Bell
KraftWork Grasmere Collection . Cushion Xmas 1
KraftWork Grasmere Collection . Cushion Xmas 2
Myrrine Xmas - blanket with stuff
Nutmeg. Dacha Loveseat Leather PG
[QE Home] Holiday Shadowbox A (flickering)
[QE Home] Holiday Shadowbox B
[QE Home] Winter Pine Shadowbox
[QE Home] Winter Pine Shadowbox v2
Raindale - Sparklejoy drum

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Bitter Cold Night



Building:  01 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Cottage RARE

ionic : Vintage ice skates chair
KR King of the Jungle Ruby Crown
NOMAD // Brocante // Swan Taxidermy RARE
Nutmeg. Miniature Wooden Angel
Nutmeg. Rustic Firewood Basket
Second Spaces - Holiday Prep - lights going well - bright

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Yard Decor



Building:  Scarlet Creative Jardiniere Cottage

DD Old Dirty Snowing Seasons Door
Hearth - Snowman Christmas Cookie
Hearth - Snowman Christmas Cookies Bunch
Hearth - Gingerbread Christmas Cookie
Hearth - Gingerbread Christmas Cookies Bunch
*MishMish* Snowman - Green Scarf (rez)
tarte. pine tree in basket - dark green D
Trompe Loeil - Holiday 2022 Branch Tree
Trompe Loeil - Holiday 2022 Rustic Town Display
Trompe Loeil - Holiday 2022 Hammered Wreath
Trompe Loeil - Holiday 2022 Brass Bell Hanger
YOKAI - Christmas Deer  

Friday, December 23, 2022




DUST: Snowman
DUST: Tree
DUST: Mail Box
dust bunny . key chandelier
dust bunny . gingerbread chateau
dust bunny . gingerbread house
dust bunny . gingerbread carrousel
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Tree II - Flocked - Tree (LOW-softlinked)
Nutmeg. Autumn Lounge Coffee Table
Nutmeg. Dining Room Holiday Decor
Nutmeg. Low Light Nights Spruce Branch Bonus Item
PILOT - Christmas Village 2 - Lamp wWreath
PILOT - Christmas Village 2 - Star Pole
{vespertine} - gingerbread town. - tree shop.
{vespertine} - gingerbread town. - bakery.
{vespertine} - gingerbread town. - cafe


  CREDITS: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Newspaper Wings White (Walldecor) 22769 - Marble Angel G^G MESH FULL PERM STATUE ANGEL [ keke ] twinkle pendel ...