Sunday, July 21, 2019

Me Time!


MudHoney Mainstore
MH Sloan Shower Adult (bento faces) @Fameshed X, July 2019

ARIA &The Loft - Portico Rug
/ frag.ment's / Aromatherapy  ( Rain )
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
[ keke ] hygge lounger . day
[ keke ] glass lamp tall . white
[Merak] - Soap and Towels
Mithral * Stephania Erecta (White Pot)
Soy. Plaster Side Table
Soy. Pine branch
The Loft - Alderan Rug White
Trompe Loeil - Glass Buoy Light Blue
Trompe Loeil - Glass Buoy Light Green

Thursday, July 18, 2019



[ContraptioN] Decor: Basement Dweller's Station A
D-LAB  SKY TOY LAND Wooden dolls
*ionic* Indie posters
*ionic* indie poster
[ keke] dot projector . gold . L - turn on advanced lighting
[ keke ] kaboom pulsing neon sign - blue
Mushilu 0025 summer  headphones
NOMAD // Disco Ball
.:revival:. bar stool
Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - crate of old music
Serenity Style- Music is Life - Dj Booth @Feverfete, July 2019
Serenity Style- Music is Life - Dj Speaker @Feverfete, July 2019
The Loft - Scattered Records

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hot Tuscan Sun


:: DS :: Emmanuelle Glasses @TLC, July 2019
Junk Food - Budget Paris Bag @TLC, July 2019
Le Poppycock-C'est la vie (Pose) @TLC, July 2019
[monso] My Hair - Terri (m/ plus)
!Rebel Hope Maui Mesh Bikini Top_Maitreya

A.V. Arches
A.V. Wall A
A.V. Wall C
Concept} 14. El Charco. Table S
Dahlia - Gokotta - Mimosas  13
dust bunny . beach day . towel tote
dust bunny . laundry room clutter . rolled towels
(Fundati) Ruins
MeadowWorks Hope ~ a Fragment - Resizer
Nutmeg. Seashore Large Bowl
Second Spaces - Sunset Lounger - coral @Collabor88, July 2019
Second Spaces - Sunset Lounger - yellow @Collabor88, July 2019
Trompe Loeil - Classic Wicker Basket with Towel Brown
Trompe Loeil - Taleo Lounger + Fabrics PG
{vespertine}driftwood towel stand

2019 Tropical Getaway


Building:  Scarlet Creative Lucia Cape House

22769 - Minimalist Floor Lamp - COMMON
~BAZAR~ Traveler-Bag 1
~BAZAR~ Traveler-Bag 2
~BAZAR~ Traveler-Luggage stool
:CP: Jake's Short Lantern
:CP: Jake's Tall Lantern
Compulsion Plants
Concept} 07. El Charco. Couch C. PG @Kustom9, July 2019
Fancy Decor: Blague Bed (pg)
Fancy Decor: Blague Endtable
Fancy Decor: Blague Lamp
(Fundati) Roman Vase 1
(Fundati) Roman Vase 2
(Fundati) Ruins Desierta -pillar-
(Fundati) Ruins Desierta -corner wall- (in background)
(Fundati) Ruins Desierta -beam upper- (in background)
Kalopsia - Pepper's Vase - Twigs
Kalopsia - Hazel's Newspaper+Cup
L2 DOG ART 15 Greyhound Running mod copy
(luc) Quiet Life Wall Art, Bronze
Nutmeg. Seaside Calm Bag
OneDecor_Black Mirror
West Village Theodore Rug - Mudcloth