Friday, September 20, 2013

Apples at The Grove

Many years ago, I read a book about a woman who inherited her grandfather's run down farm.  She moved to the country and began rebuilding the farm and her life.  I have used that theme for my Apple Orchard.

I started with L2 Studio's Foxgate House, a zillion Apple Trees from ~*FF*~ (Forest Floor) and some new acquisitions and now I'm feeling like Old McDonald.  I even have a few chickens and a pig.

In this post, I have showcased the entry and the living room.  I will do the bedroom and kitchen area soon.

Please stop by and take a visit.

Style Card at the end (not inclusive)

House - L2 Studio Foxgate House
Entry Way
Cheeky Pea - Elanor Chair
7 - Now Serving Sign
floorplan - Reclaimed Hutch
Zigana - Lanterns (Chapter Four gatcha)
Land of Nod - 50's Radio
~*Forest Floor*~ - Potted Scrub Yellows
MudHoney - Coil Basket Green
Food by Sami - Basket of Peaches
Kuro - Pipe Lamp Black
Vespertine - Apple Juice Basket - THE ARCADE
floorplan - Vintage Kitchen Scale - COLLABOR88
OW - Set of Baskets
{ililo} - Wooden Bench
Guardamar Bunnies
(arcade) - Jackalope Trophy
Apple Fall - His Cabinet - THE ARCADE
Apple Fall - Tied Books
Picnic - Rabbit Heads - DESIGNERS UNITED 5
.lame - Peter Rabbit Figurine
Apple Fall - Fashion Trunk Ink Stained
LISP - Mesh Blinds
Angharad Greggan - Old Desk
{ililo} - This is Wall Clock
POST - Smithfield Radiator
Belle Belle - Aether Table Lamp
Cheeky Pea - Painter's Armchair
11th Hour - Streamline Bookshelf
Cheeky Pea - SciFi Bookends
Tartessos Arts - Panorama Telephone
L'aize Dayz - LD rug v4 - green
Dutchie - 3 herbs
[19MC?] - Loudspeaker
...and other cool stuff
Living Room
Dutchie - Moustache Club Chair
Cheeky Pea - Outdoor Movies Pouffe Hessian
MudHoney - Sydney Sofa Red
Art Dummy - Peace and All is Calm art
The Loft - Bago Rug
DIGS - Derya Rug
DIGS - Stephenson Bookcase
Dutchie - Gustavian Dresser
Maven Homes - Floor Lamp
Fanatik Home - Utaba Table Small
Dutchie - Library Book Shelves
Second Spaces - Caster Table San Francisco
Second Spaces - Ezra Rotary Cigar Holder
Circa - Scene Scape Table Box - Sand Turtles
7 - Two Cigar Boxes
Balaclava - Phantom Bookshelf - DESIGNERS UNITED 5
O.M.E.N - Hanging Plants - The Men's Dept
Bazar - Wood Tables from Arizona House
Bazar - Sconce from Memories Bedroom
Dutchie - Plants
The Loft - Dunham Plant, Hydrangea
iTuTu - Plants
Pilot - Burger Meal
Apple Fall - Hydrangea Bunch
Antique Artistry - Backgammon Game
BSD Design Studio - Light Tower Table - BRING MYKONOS HOME
Bettlebones - Deer Rug
What Next - Serendipity Garden Knitting Basket
The Loft - Canson Chair Chevron Sand
Picnic - Fish - DESIGNERS UNITED 5
Pipe Picture and Truck Picture - mine
....and more cool stuff

Something a Little Different - Partially R Rated

September's issue of Avenue Magazine is out.

Four things caught my attention.

1.  This is the R-Rated part, Cajsa Lilliehook introduces us to the glamorous and decadent world of 1920's jazz age.  Showcased is the amazing club - The Chamber Society - in essence a private sex club.  This is a part of SL that I have never explored, but since the club was filled with architecture and accessories from one of my favorite designers, Van Auster/Post, I had to visit. 

The long and short - I joined the club and roamed the beautiful rooms.  I haven't met anyone yet and am still pretty timid, but I took some cool pics in one of the rooms.   See below.

2.  The beautiful and sad eulogy to Donna Flora written by Cajsa Lilliehook entitled Absence is Physical.  Donna Flora/Squinternet Larnia recently passed away from cancer.  The article is well written and thought provoking.  I am sorry that I never had the nerve to offer her my friendship.  I am intimidated by famous SL'ers who often don't want to be bothered by us "mere mortals".

3.  Neva Crystal has homes for rent on her residential sims.  Neva River Sim is completely rented, but I was able to get a beautiful home on the Neva Sky Villi.  I love my home at The Grove Country Club and will stay there forever, but I have so much furniture, I need a place to put it :)

4.  Colleen Desmoulins and Nardya Rousselot/The Loft will be releasing a new home tentatively titled The Tuscan Dream.  I can't wait.  This new home will be my next project for my beautiful spot at The Grove.

Please check out Avenue Magazine and enjoy my pics!

Dutchie/Rustica - La Signora Della Pazienza Cage

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Apple Cider Time in The Grove

Everywhere I travelled the last couple of weeks I saw apples.  I decided to switch things up at The Grove and changed my house and landscaping.  Apple Cider anyone?

I pulled out L2 Studio's Foxgate House and am in the preliminary stages of setting up.  You are welcome to stop by and take a look. 

I won't post a lot of details today, but will give more information as I get into it.


Edgar Allan Poe Read Here

More Cool Stuff from THE ARCADE

To echo the sentiment of my favorite bloggers - I LOVE AUTUMN!!!  I love the colors, the smells, the special golden lighting and the promise of Halloween.

I pulled out my spooky house - Hackberry Hall and began my creepy inspiration.  The cool thing about this house is that it has a couple of rooms that are "hidden".  It makes exploring so much fun.

I live near Edgar Allan Poe's final resting place in Baltimore Maryland and thought him a perfect guest for my library.



Hackberry Hall - Never Totally Dead

[ba] - Reference Book Shelf Walnut - Large
Mudhoney - Ryan Club Chair
Kismet - Bishop's Long Table - Dark Gothic
~BAZAR~ - Toronto Study Lamp, Toronto Study Books, Arizona Book Clutter
DAHaus - Waste Basket, Arman Drafting Stool, Pencil Cup (part of Arman Drafting set)
TOC Art Gallery - Stubbs, Mares and Foals
flightless - Cardboard Moose Head
HBLYS - Books Set 2
POST - Vintage Sensible Globe
Plants - Dutchie, iTuTu, TSG Botanical, *bbqq*
{sa} - Letter Press M and S
[AF] - World Globe, Parisienne Horloge
O.M.E.N. - Whiskey & Cigar Set
TA - Old Typewriter, Panorama Telephone
Pilot - Crown (aged)
I-Reckon - Carpet Rust with Medallion
Trompe Loeill - Deco Table Lamp, Antique Floor Lamp - THE ARCADE
[AF] - Boat Oars, His Cabinet, Backgammon Table - THE ARCADE
aLOUETTE - 8Bit Heart Bookshelf (#3), Literal Bookshelf (#4), You're a Wizard Bookshelf (#9), Antique TV Bookcase (#2), Police Call Box Bookshelf (#8) - THE ARCADE
Lark - Imaginarium Librarium Roots, Mariner, Poetry - THE ARCADE
[ARIA] - Daliah Animal Stool - Deer - Saddle - THE ARCADE
Commoner - The Chandelier Silhouette Newsprint - THE ARCADE
floorplan - Deer Canvases - THE ARCADE
+Half-Deer+ - Carved Woodland Animals (Faerie Deer) - THE ARCADE
*bbqq* - Silhouette Lamp - Boy - THE ARCADE
Zigana - Packaging for items (stack of papers on floor)

Monday, September 2, 2013

THE ARCADE - Isn't She Lovely?

Check out their website for up-to-the-minute info.

On September 1st, join the crowd.  Here is the SL link

You can also preview the items on The Arcade Flicker site.

When I saw the Abomination Boots, I could barely contain my excitement.  There are over 100 color combinations that you can buy at $75L a pop.  These boots are so insanely magnificent.

Like I previously mentioned, they would be the perfect addition to your back-to-school look, OR your Halloween costume.  They are versatile and stylish and they add just that touch of panache we all try to achieve.

I combined them with some other Arcade goodies and old friends.

Style Card:

Location:  DEADPOOL

[theSkinnery] - Alice 5 (champagne) BB CL1 (The Arcade)
Diva - Hair "Giz" (The Arcade) 
*YS & YS* - Athena Shape
kobillca - Feathers Tattoo
[PF] - Yum Bubblegum!
*LpD* - "MyStar* Dress
Abomination - Queen White Boots (The Arcade)
[LWL] - La Vie en Rose Aviators (cream) (The Arcade)
LaGyo - Santa Monica Earrings Gold
[glow] Studio - Boyfriend Watch with Bracelets (glow/gold)
Poses - Adorkable Poses - Frisky

THE ARCADE - A Relaxing Bubble Bath

Check out their website for up-to-the-minute info.

On September 1st, join the crowd.  Here is the SL link

You can also preview the items on The Arcade Flicker site.

Apple Fall created a beautiful vignette for women - vanity, candles, willow plates and more.

Pixel Mode sculpted a vintage bath with all the accoutrements that fills every woman's fantasy.

[ keke ] designed another incredibly detailed set of bottles. 

I combined them here with some old favorites.

Style Card at the end.


The House - Hackberry Hall

The Arcade - Pixel Mode - Old Time Bath, Iris, Bath Bombs, Cucumbers
The Arcade - Apple Fall - Bastide Vanity, Poppies/Glazed Vase, Scented Candles(Sandalwood, Jasmine, Apple), Beauty Is (artwork), Willow Plates
The Arcade - Baiastice Porcelaine Fairies - Dreamer
The Arcade - [ keke ] - Dreamers Medicine Cabinet, Drop Bottle (Juniper Dew, Mars Fumes, Saturn Salts), Tincture Bottle (St. Johns Wort)

[HANDverk] - White Rabbit Chair
~Bazar~ - Floria Vanity Chair, Tea Light, Book, Antique Clock, Candlestick, Flower Vase, Parfume; Arizona House Rug Bath, Rug Bath1, Towel Hanger
Lisp - Rub a Dub Tub Hanger, Mathilde Fluffy Towels
Post - Mirror, Salvaged Medical Cabinet, Glicks Hot Water Bottle, Gogebic Pottery bowl, Fabron Aftershave (group)
Dutchie - Pink Robe
Designer Prims - Basket of Towels
Bitter Vanilla - Medicine Shelf
The Loft - Wrought Iron Mirror white
~Libertine~ Achille Deveria for Gamiani, Litography I and II
Cheeky Pea - Heather Antique Phone, Antique Book, Antique Flowers, Antique Perfume, Sara Hanging Plant
{af} - Tied Books
-tb- Vanity Jewelry Tree, Platter of Treasures, Mirror
Turnip - Bubble Bathroom Toiletries (various items)

THE ARCADE - The Creepily Cute Zen Zarco and His Bugs

Check out their website for up-to-the-minute info.

On September 1st, join the crowd.  Here is the SL link

You can also preview the items on The Arcade Flicker site.

During the Bloggers Preview, I had the dubious pleasure of meeting Zen Zarco, the diabolical creator behind <:*BoOgErS*:>;

After introducing me to his wearable creepy critters, he proposed marriage.  I have never been so tempted to accept.

I left the preview with a lovely collection of garden pests, singing the Ugly Bug Ball, all the way home.

Come on let's crawl
Gotta crawl, gotta crawl
To the ugly bug ball
To the ball, to the ball
And a happy time we'll have there
One and all
At the ugly bug ball