Saturday, February 7, 2015


[noctis] introduced several beautiful spring flower sets - Tulips in window boxes, Irises in Window boxes, Irises in Urns.  With the HUDs, you can change the color of the flowers.

Noctis (main shop)


Building:  {vespertine- metamorphosis house}

[noctis] - [noctis] Spring flowers Window Box B (for HUD), [noctis] Tulips Window BoxB (for HUD) 2li, [noctis] lil mother inlaws toungue
Apple Fall Branch Lamp
[ keke ] summer bottle - breeze, [ keke ] soda - peach, [ keke ] summer bottle  - bliss, [ keke ] summer bottle - birdsong
PILOT - Potted Plant Shelves, PILOT - Rain Barrel, PILOT - Garden Tools
[DDD] Gardening Bench, [DDD] Potting Bench
:CP: & PILOT - Garden Party Chair 1
ArchiTech Design - Creeping Ivy
+Half-Deer+ - Goat Bros
-Hanaya - Faucet Wall Mount with Garden Hose
-Hanaya - Double Yellow Daffodil (Medium), -Hanaya- Mesh Rustic Square Table
Kaerri - Cage Roses Yellow
miyu adder - pumila
(iTuTu) poppy pot /  cream (tintable), (iTuTu) lavender pot, (iTuTu) petit dahlia can /white, (iTuTu) petit dahlia can /yellow, (iTuTu) petit leaf vine can, (iTuTu)paper planter01(M)
-tb- Bon Voyage - Clock Radio (Yellow)

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