Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Secret Garden

So much to love, so much to buy.  I haven't been overly annoyed that I can't get into The Arcade.

But I been to Fameshed, uber, No21 and The Liaison Collaborative and am looking forward to The Chapter Four opening September 4 and Collabor88 opening September 8.

Items I got at ~uber~
Apple Fall - I-Beam Grandfather clock, Katya's Pipeline Sideboard
Sway's - [Crack] Birdhouse . wall

So...feeling dreamy, I pulled out the Secret Outdoor Pavillion and Vase Shrubs from Kalopsia and added one of my favorite chairs from MudHoney, loveseat from Floorplan and gave a nod to The Arcade with past fun accessories.

Here is something I found interesting!  The Arcade has a page on their website with lists and SLURLs to vendors for past items.  

One of my favorite pieces in inventory is Apple Fall's Chateau Fireplace. I can't tell you how many times i've been asked where I got it.  So....i'm posting the Marketplace URL.  It is copy/mod and cost $250L


Building - Kalopsia - The Secret Outdoor Pavillion

Kalopsia - The Secret Outdoor Pavillion, Vase Shrubs
LISP - Victorian Street Lamp, Single Raven (comes w/chair)
Atelier Visconti - Noir Rust Benches, Etienne Side Table
MudHoney - Zelia Chair RARE, The Arcade June, 2014
Apple Fall - Rue du Fauborg / de Bourgogne (sign), Tied Books and Love Letters, Collector Egg (Calamander), Chateau Fire Advent day 6, Lemon Tea (past Arcade item)
floorplan - Sailor's loveseat / blush PG
The Loft - Bacall Bench
[ARIA] - Bryony curtains (mod/copy)
{anc} - Bdream. sidetable.white 1Li (past Arcade Item
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Leafes Lamp Gold
Kaya Angel - Chandelier Manor Splendour 
Painter Meriman - Pfeiffer Table Lamps
d-lab - Giraffe sit Pink
Kuro - Decorative plates (bowl)
(iTuTu) - Candle glass light - B
Sway's - [Crack] Birdhouse . wall (uber)
O.M.E.N - Dear John - Diaries & Love Letters (past Arcade item)
Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Love Birds  (past Arcade item)
junk. - Vintage teacup planter (No.21)
*ionic* - Memories collector (pink suitcase)
{what next} - Laurel Cottage Tulips & Morning Mail
LAQ Decor - Angel Chimes (Gift!)
ISPACHI - Pancake Breakfast (free at their shop)
Antique Artistry - "Pretty Bird" Singing Canary in victorian silver cage (very old item)
Dutchie plant
Art Dummy - Concrete planter (orchid added by me)
miyu Adder - pumila 
~*Forest Floor*~ Fairy's Field - Morning Haze, 
Two Moons Garden - {B} roses (yellow daisies)
[DDD] - Creeping Wall Vine - Tall
*bbqq*- Plants-Rosa (group gift)
[ keke ] - lab vase cone, coupe, and jar, roadtrip - oil can w flowers, plainbottled roses - pink, lab vase w magnolias

My botanical prints, toile rug and pillows

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