Saturday, August 30, 2014

Decadence and Over Indulgence

When I get emails from LTD Magazine, I immediately check it out - in fact it is usually the highlight of my email inbox.

Last week, I read the announcement of the LTD Group Gift (free) from 22769 ~ [bauwerk] called Decadence is Bliss Deco Set.

I scooped up the free gift and my creative juices exploded.  Coupled with recent pieces from MudHoney at August's Collaborii, I have created my own little den of inequity.  There are a ton of pics, but the scene is loaded with detail.  If you want to take a look, here is the SLURL which will be available through Monday, September 1.

CREDITS - Partial

[ba] - Paris Penthouse, gold and marble nesting console
Kalopsia - Vase Shrub (in urns), Orchids (Dipped in Gold)
MudHoney - Zoe Dresser - Black, Zoe Lounge - Red PG (Collabor88), Vases Tray, MudHoney Wooden Boxes w/ Metal Diamond(the Arcade)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Decadence Collection Concert Grand Black with music sheets (plays several selections of music including Bruno Mars),  Kraken Dinner Table black, Violin (Decoration), Kraken End Table (black), Decadence Leather Sofa Black (PG), Decorated Picture Frame, Books with Skull Holder, Decorative Balls, Lillies in Glass Vase
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Jaques Chair Red Brocade, Leafes Lamp Gold, Amelie Chair Red Brocade, Baroque Side Table Gold, Ottoman Enfant Red Brocade
The Loft - Bacall Chair Mateo, Bacall Desk Darken Wood, Manhattan art, New York art, Bacall Bowl of Roses Red
tarte - Hunter stool
[ARIA] - Eva Plumeria in a vase
ONE GRID - Hat Lamp Gold
Apple Fall - Pug Ceramic Decor, Bow Tie Art, Pediment Frame w/ Pillar Sketch, Charlotte's Pears, Cherry Blossom Branches, Tied Books, Temple Jars, L'Olivier
{what next} - Maison Drapes (long length)
DIGS - Astronomer's Newton's Cradle Decor [MESH]
Floorplan - Throne chair PG / brick, Faux fur rug
[noctis] - Skeleton Rose Urn w menu, Baron Von Scarlet wall lamp on/off, Baron Von Scarlet ceiling lamp on/off, Pile of books 2B
++LP2++  - Ottomans
PILOT - Crown [Gold]
JoJo Deed - JD Roman statue
!Ohmai - 100 Years of Waiting Hourglass (Silver Dust)
Abiss - Ivory Female Bust
Culprit - Buddha Heads on mantle
ee Oh - BUDDHA XVIIth 17 S v2
MadPea - Bonsai Kojiki
.:NsB:. - Rug AMAL (all colors)
The Jewel Garden - Gem Goblet & Table
TG - Weathered Marble Sculpture - Male Torso - Domus Fair
Heart Homes - Silver luxury rug
LISP - Persian Rug Red, Piano Seat for 1 or 2 - Grand Noir, Piano Music, Bag and Brolly Decor v2,  Christmas Flowers Red
Antiques Rhode Show - Chandelier_crystal MKI 34p 2.1 , Fauxbooks_2, Chinese Export Porcelain
MeshtakesWereMade - Couple Statue
Dutchie - Book with glasses
Libertine - Candle Holder Short (5 candles)~ Gold [1.1]
O.M.E.N - Dear John Diaries & Love Letters
TA - Classy Telephone
BoatHouse - MESH Fireplace Tools
Elan - Ssian vase 16 century v1
Mostly my art, my pillows

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