Thursday, September 4, 2014


Something old, something new, nothing borrowed and something blue.  I'm mixing it up and working outside my comfort zone.  Lots of color.

I used fabulous old MudHoney stuff mixed with new, one of my favorite chairs from *Tatty Soup* and a damned cute cat from The Arcade.

*Tatty Soup* you say?  TS is Tab Tatham's old shop.  If you don't recognize her name, she is the owner of junk.

Not sure if you care, but.....One of my favorite elements in this room are the drapes.  LISP - Mesh - Carmen Drapes Pack of 3 Darks.  I unlinked them, changed the texture and repurposed the pieces to create a slightly more exotic feel.

The house is Lindini (L2). I have changed the floor texture and added lattice work to separate the spaces (I've unlinked it so I'm not sure if it is the Padre Island House or the Shoreline House. (sorry lindini2.lane).  It fits nicely on my small lot at The Grove.

Kalopsia did these cool Train/Tank miniatures - what perfect bookends.  You can get them at ~uber~.


House - Lindini (L2), at The Grove Country Club

MudHoney - Laura Sofa, Meredith Ottoman (color change), Neve Rug, Reese Cabinet, Eva Mirror, Textured Vase - blue, Textured Vase - sand, Eva Chandelier (doubled), Golden Candlesticks
MudHoney - (former Arcade Items) - Zelia End Table, Zelia Lamp, Zelia Bag
MudHoney - CURRENT ARCADE ITEMS - Campaign Coffee Table, Books w/Apple, Concrete Pillar (candles), Wooden Boxes w/ Metal Diamond, Tulip Jug
MudHoney/Exposeur - Wooden Leaf Chair - beech

*Tatty Soup* - Mrs. Castaway's Chair Giraffe.
Cheeky Pea - Rowan Tea Screen
[ba]  - Reference book shelf white - large
DIGS - Milton Umbrella Stand
Apple Fall & Flowey for AK - Impact Throne Chair (Cyprus), EVELYN Throw Cushions Blue series
Apple Fall - Stature Fireplace RARE, AF Travel Drawers (Peruvian), AF New Arrival Painting (former Arcade items)
Trompe Loeil - Roanna Lamp Tall, Cobble Hill Abstract Art #4
Kalopsia - Old Clock, Staglady Statue, Train/Tank Miniature (Last Gold), Train/Tank Miniature (Old Rust)
[PM]Pixel Mode - Basevi Lamp - Marble
Bazar - Brown Rug with Fringe
LISP - Mesh - Carmen Drapes Pack of 3 Darks
Dutchie - Strelitzia (plant), Chrysalidocarpus (areca), Asplenium nidus, 
Dutchie - Tray with black coffee (home/small inside), Envelopes, History of the Netherlands (books)
Mesh Nation - 4 messy vertical books
Miyu Adder - Pumilla
Mesh Plants - Leafy Plant in vase
Yaiza Galicia - Modern Sculpture
La Galleria - Trophy Lamp 1 Champagne Shade 
[ARIA] - Eva Plumeria in a vase (texture change)
::CD Homes:: - Kaya Plant
Alouette - Box of Mail 4, Box of Mail 2
O.M.E.N - Dear John - Diaries & Love Letters
-Hanaya- - Plant Stand GIFT
*chronokit*-  Clock No09 -rustclock- S
*~*HopScotch*~* Take a ride - Male (vintage bicycle)


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