Monday, September 8, 2014

Lighthouse - For Sale

"Lighthouses for sale! Actually, lots of lighthouses for free. Technological advances and a desire to purge unneeded properties have paved the way for the federal government to get rid of more than 100 lighthouses over the last 14 years, and it intends to keep selling and giving them away. The sold lighthouses, located on both coasts and in the Great Lakes states, have become everything from museums to bed-and-breakfasts."


{vespertine} - Abandoned nautilus lighthouse
.Shi + Vibe - Velocipede [Limited Edition]
Stockholm & Lima - The Spellbound Settee[TMD-PG]
[noctis] - Skeleton Rose Urn w menu
Organica - Broken Gas Pump (rusted black)
floorplan - Gas pricing sign
Sway's - [Crack] Birdhouse . tree stump
POST - Tire Stack
Angharad.Greggan - Broken gate, Posts and side fencing
Heart Garden Center - Gothic Black Oak -bare-young-5
ee Oh - AUTUMN SHRUB 16 M v5
[we're CLOSED] - Grass field dry, White flowers 
Forest Floor - Cherry - (L, formal, hud ctrl)

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