Tuesday, September 9, 2014

End of the line....

  1. kalopsia (uncountable). The delusion of things being more beautiful than they are.
This is no delusion!  Kalopsia's Train/Tank for ~uber~ is crazy, cool, beautiful.  It is perfect for a post-apocalyptic party with 4 of your best dead-head friends.  Singing Casey Jones by the Grateful Dead while I blog this

This Train/Tank can sit 5 avatars at once with sets of animations, there is 20 animations in total divided in 4 sets.  With the buried Train/Tank you have the choice of  3 premade ground texture (Sand, Dirt, Snow) but you can set your own texture on the ground part to match you place.

I took pictures using Second Life viewer and the Fine Day environmental setting.


I have added some other slightly sinister items from my inventory.

Kalopsia - Train/Tank (Old Rust)
-arbres obscurs - [Hallowseve tree/Dark] (free gift)
8f8 - Back to School Chair
[Con.] - Wanderlust Ticket Office signs, tracks and bench.
:CP: - Louis' Lantern
PILOT - Fisherman's Shack
7 - Handtruck (Animated), Ranch Guide Sign
[Vintage] ~ (MESH) Horse Pose 7, (MESH) Horse Pose 3
[LW] - Fire Hydrant (Mesh), Stop Sign Big Barbed wire Beacon, and Barbed Wire Chain Link Fence, were purchased on the Marketplace and designed by the benign lunatic Lindsey Warwick owner of  L. Warwick Handmade Shoes and Creepy Cool Gadgets.


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