Thursday, August 28, 2014

D is for Delicious + Derby + Dalek

The food goddesses at Aphrodite have an interesting creative Muse.  They have whipped up confectionery mayhem with their latest cakes, all based on a Doctor Who theme.

I invited some space friends to the house to get reacquainted and had a superb evening.

Selfie - photobombed by Big D.

The Party  - A Timeless Event.


Aphrodite - Wedding cake "Tardis & dalek"
Aphrodite - "Dalek" Chocolate cream pie
Aphrodite Marina Ramer/Jaylin Whitewood - "Industrial" Deco Clock
American Badass Alex - Daleks (The Marketplace)
<THAT> - Bowler Hats (The Marketplace)
Ellaguru Wellesley - Tardis Hall Bench (The Marketplace)
LAQ Decor - Kitchen Set
JoHaDeZ - Vase "Elegance"
{Petite Maison} - Foliagee' Coffee Cups Staggered
Sari-Sari - Antique Clock Faces
!Ohmai: - Usagi Mochi Ice Cream (Rez & Click)
!Ohmai: - Nezumi Mochi Ice Cream (Rez & Click)
Swaming Writer - Snail Aqua, Snail Blue
[PM]Pixel Mode - Cohen Candle 3
Headhunter's - ::: COCO COLA Drink:::

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