Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grease Monkey

I have been collecting garage related decor for a long time.  Being inspired by The Liaison Collaborative's August Theme - Route 66 - I pulled out some of my favorites - high prim, no shadows, dodgy textures and full of early inspiration.  I've combined these well loved, older pieces with new offerings from Soy and [Fetch] to capture the feel of a small town gas station/auto repair shop.

Anything you don't find in the credits, please ask.  I am always happy to share.

Soy - Old Van Set set (brown leather) available at The Liaison Collaborative

[Fetch] - Vix Chair Set for 25L Tuesday available at their shop.


Building - POST Floodwood Skybox (v3) (The Grove in the sky)

[Fetch] - Vix Rug, Vix Chair, Vix Ottoman
Soy - Tires with stand, Old Van Backseat (Brown leather), Old Van Frontseat (Brown leather), Motor oil can [yellow], Motor oil can [green] stacked, Motor oil can [metal], Old laboratory chair
MudHoney - Leg Lamp white
[CX] - Makeshift Table
Kalopsia - Garage Hanging Lamp, Garage Shelf
Pipe Chief Motorcycle – Marketplace
Figurine – Monkey - Marketplace
AK flowey/ohmai - Artist Reclaimed Chair [Fresh Catch]
i-reckon - Cheap desk, Carpet - Brown Pattern
[19MC] - AUTO-DRUG Table 1.01
By Georgia! - License plates, rags, toolbox, bike magazines and miscellaneous garage stuff
!! Follow US !! - Vintage gas pump
Oyasumi - Gas stand set
Second Spaces - Vintage tool cabinet - red, Ezra ashtray, *Game of war (cards)
~JD~ MTF  - Vintage Compressor, WorkBench
Kuro - Hitchhiker kit
[NikotiN] Ashtray City (TMD), Cigarette Butts (03)
Seven Emporium - Time Card Shelf (REVIEW), Route 66 Sign, Truckers Welcome  - review, Joyride!, The Filmore Factory Clock, The Filmore Washington DC Sign, Philby Radio, Cigarette Machine, Change Machine, Skeeball Machine #2 – Personal, Gasoline Lamp
Floorplan - Gas price numbers basket, Wall paper
Junk - Salvaged spring stool, Pulley light
Belle Belle - Aether Table Lamp
Artilleri - Orlando table lamp *green boxy*
*Y's HOUSE* - Denkyu Lamp 01(W)
Tarte -  66 light (red)
Virtual Decay - Metal Sign: Piedmont, Metal Sign: parking in rear, Metal Sign: Sky Chief
Victoria's Little Secrets - What Happens in the Garage Stays in the Garage !!! (sign)
=Cloud 9.1= - Metal Sign:Moxie
Rocko.Ghoststar - Parking Sign (race fans only)
LTD - Decorative License Plates
Lindsey Warwick - Chain link fence with barbed wire
PILOT- Journal
Arcadia Asylum - Cargo Containers
POST - Tire Stack, 3 Frosti Beer Bottles (props)
DBy - Extinguisher Fire (model 1) DBy
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Steel Ashtray
Dutchie - subscriber gift: 1 prim dinner (pizza and beer)
Vespertine - Mr.Gorgeous beer /poisonous}
Dirty Deeds – Beer Bottles
Plants:  Bazar - cactus;  Miyu Adder - Pumila, Breno - Travelling Plants

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