Sunday, May 18, 2014

And such a lovely time we will have...

Dining al fresco is all the rage in Second Life right now.  Content creators are debuting furniture, homes and décor with a Mediterranean, Tuscan or Provence style.

Although I have acquired a number of décor pieces to create a scene in the traditional Mediterranean style, I have taken a slightly different approach to al fresco dining.  

At one of the earlier Arcade Gacha events, Handverk sold a Tea Party set inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  I was lucky to get one of each piece, but never had an opportunity to build a set around the quirky pieces.  Until now....


Handverk - Alice and Wonderland table, place setting and chairs.  (table modded)

Swarming Writer - snails
::BB:: - Wizarding Frogs
Zigana - Home Made Flamingo
Almost Wonderland - Alice in Wonderland Disappearing Cat, Wonderland Circus Chair, Demented Spades Card
Lark - Autumn Cake Pops
LeeZu - Twiggy Bowl
Shai - Apples
What Next - Eggie - Peenk, Little Miss
Casa de Bebe - Pewter Candlestick
Sanctuaire - Placesetting (Garden Party)
MudHoney - Priya Rock Placemat
8f8 - Poppy Hearts
iTuTu - Petit Vine Leaf - 3
FLECHA - Sculpted Honey
Teawood - Bowl of Kiwis, Cherries - breezy plate
Apple Fall - Cherry Voulevants, Treats Platter RARE
=Z= - Kiosk Birdcages
Cheeky Pea/Pilot - Backyard Cinema Lights
Ohmai - Steampunk Chestnut Squirrel
Picnic - Rabbit Heads
HPMD - Little Birds
Atelier Visconti - A.V. Noir Floor Clock
TESH - Antique French Candelabra (85 Prims)
Floorplan - Apple Crates
Vespertine - Apple Crate

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