Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hall of Mirrors with a Quicksand Floor

This may be futile, but I'm attempting to tame my inventory.  I have over 65,000 beautiful items and once they get buried in the hierarchy of stuff, I quickly forget about them until I see them posted on other design blogs.

This exercise is also a way for me to play with the toolbars in Picmonkey.  I can't seem to get the hang of Photoshop so I'm excited about this online graphic editing program.

The narcissistic, inner ballerina is lost in the Hall of Mirrors, captured by her own image.

Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three

Picture Four

Picture Five

Picture Six

Picture Seven

Picture Eight

Picture Nine

!Pandemonium - Baby Bethlem Asylum
CREDITS - Picture One
22769 [bauwerk] - Angelic Chair
+ILO+ - Ballet Mirror
The Loft - Wrought Iron Mirror - White
POST - Kalmar End Table
~Libertine~ - Candle Holder Short - (all candles In photos)
Picnic - Antique Mirror White
Snuggle Cards and Gifts - Bouquet of White Roses
Lark - Crawford Mirror
BAZAR - Memories Mirror
*ionic* - horror story - 6

CREDITS - Picture Two (Partial
Melino Style - Tooled Silver Mirror (store recently closed)
The Loft - Bacall Mirror Patina, Casolare Fireplace Ivory
[ContraptioN] - Walton's Mask *fabulous*
AF - Slipcover Chair White
POST - Chinoiserie Vase

CREDITS - Picture Three
Melino Style - Butterfly Mirror
The Loft - Alders Mirror - Silver and Gold, Neiman Mirror Silver Birch, Taylor Mirror
Antique Rhode Show - Mirror_Royal Silver 1.2
Tartessos Arts - TA Noor Mirror
Glimmer Moon Warehouse - Glimmer Baroque Silver Mirror
DIGS - Rae Gothic Mirror - Silver

CREDITS - Picture Four (partial)
Spargel & Shine - Mirror Gold Carved
The Loft - Wrought Iron Mirror Iron
PrimVision - Arts & Crafts Mantle Mirror
tarte - Starry Mirror (metals)

CREDITS - Picture Five (partial)
AF - Stature Fireplace
Antique Artistries - Garland Mirror
Melino Style - Juniper Wood Bench
Picnic - Antique Mirror - Moss
Zinnia - Nevada Belted Mirror
VonGklugelstein Alter - FVG Picture Frame 003 Mirror
[ba] - Cheval Floor Mirror
The Loft - Bacall Mirror Copper
[keke] - Photo Clipped Sketch 2
POST - Qing Vase - Carp

CREDITS - Picture Six (partial)
StudioL2 Leaning Mirror for Foxgate 1
MudHoney - Eva Mirror
LUSH Interiors - Gilt French Mirror
The Loft - Bacall Mirror Black, Porthole Mirror, Casolare Mirror Gold and Black
Melino Style - Vase Reflects 1

CREDITS - Picture Seven
Ryker Jacobus; Antiques Alley - M. French "Empire" Oval Gilt Mirror
Antique Rhode Show - Wall light_mirror_convex empire
Spargel and Shine - Armchair Rococo Gold Leaf
22769 - [bauwerk] - Ottoman Enfant Red Brocode
Olive - The Forget Me Not Bedroom Mirror

CREDITS - Picture Eight
The Loft - Starbust Mirror Bronze, Wrought Iron Mirror Gold, Stefan Mirror Bronze
Brietje Munro - Fengshui Art Deco Mirror
Antique Rhode Show - Mirror_sun Star
Fantastic Furniture - Golden Swirl Mirror
AF - Ornate Mirror
Kismet - Gold Filigree Oval Mirror
One Grid - Sun Mirror
North West - Tall Gilt Mirror

CREDITS - Picture Nine
Jessie Lauria - Leaf Wrought Iron Mirror

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