Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Tea Party - Aphrodite Summer Brunch

When I was small, I would collect all my dolls and my stuffies, then we would have the most elaborate tea parties.

I miss those simple days and simple conversations with my private friends.

Aphrodite - "Summer Joy" Brunch Garden Set with Tea New!* (includes yellow and red flower pots)
Cheeky Pea - Port Isaac Pier
Seven - Little Red Wagon
d-lab - Panda01
d-lab - Giraffe
Zenith - Year of the Horse stuffed animal
Boogers - Eugene Bear
The Secret Store - My Lil Fawn
Half Deer - Pandy Stool
Eanya Dalek - Jack in the Box
TA - Virtuoso Stan Candelabra
Primavision - Portland Rug Copper
Shabby Tabby - Garden Teapot and Tea Cup

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