Monday, January 13, 2014

So Very Indiana Jones - Part 2 - Fanatik Era as a Museum

Back when you could buy Scholastic Books at school, I purchased "The Shy Stegosaurus".  I have been in love with dinosaurs ever since.

I was fortunate to move to Colorado and attend the University of Colorado. So many dinosaurs, so little time.  I didn't degree in Paleontology (no money in it), but I took several classes and got pretty good at knowing my dinosaurs.

My relationship with dinosaurs has always been through museums, classrooms, and in the field.  I was surprised to hear of "commercial fossil collectors".  I discovered an article from 2009 about Samson the T-rex. Samson is one of the three most complete T-rex specimens ever discovered, possessing the most intact skull in existence.  

In 2009, he went up for auction but didn't sell.  In 2013, a private collector purchased him for $5 million.  I'm sad that I will never get to meet Samson.

However, I have memorialized him in my Fanatik Era home.  Design credits to be posted later.

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