Friday, September 20, 2013

Apples at The Grove

Many years ago, I read a book about a woman who inherited her grandfather's run down farm.  She moved to the country and began rebuilding the farm and her life.  I have used that theme for my Apple Orchard.

I started with L2 Studio's Foxgate House, a zillion Apple Trees from ~*FF*~ (Forest Floor) and some new acquisitions and now I'm feeling like Old McDonald.  I even have a few chickens and a pig.

In this post, I have showcased the entry and the living room.  I will do the bedroom and kitchen area soon.

Please stop by and take a visit.

Style Card at the end (not inclusive)

House - L2 Studio Foxgate House
Entry Way
Cheeky Pea - Elanor Chair
7 - Now Serving Sign
floorplan - Reclaimed Hutch
Zigana - Lanterns (Chapter Four gatcha)
Land of Nod - 50's Radio
~*Forest Floor*~ - Potted Scrub Yellows
MudHoney - Coil Basket Green
Food by Sami - Basket of Peaches
Kuro - Pipe Lamp Black
Vespertine - Apple Juice Basket - THE ARCADE
floorplan - Vintage Kitchen Scale - COLLABOR88
OW - Set of Baskets
{ililo} - Wooden Bench
Guardamar Bunnies
(arcade) - Jackalope Trophy
Apple Fall - His Cabinet - THE ARCADE
Apple Fall - Tied Books
Picnic - Rabbit Heads - DESIGNERS UNITED 5
.lame - Peter Rabbit Figurine
Apple Fall - Fashion Trunk Ink Stained
LISP - Mesh Blinds
Angharad Greggan - Old Desk
{ililo} - This is Wall Clock
POST - Smithfield Radiator
Belle Belle - Aether Table Lamp
Cheeky Pea - Painter's Armchair
11th Hour - Streamline Bookshelf
Cheeky Pea - SciFi Bookends
Tartessos Arts - Panorama Telephone
L'aize Dayz - LD rug v4 - green
Dutchie - 3 herbs
[19MC?] - Loudspeaker
...and other cool stuff
Living Room
Dutchie - Moustache Club Chair
Cheeky Pea - Outdoor Movies Pouffe Hessian
MudHoney - Sydney Sofa Red
Art Dummy - Peace and All is Calm art
The Loft - Bago Rug
DIGS - Derya Rug
DIGS - Stephenson Bookcase
Dutchie - Gustavian Dresser
Maven Homes - Floor Lamp
Fanatik Home - Utaba Table Small
Dutchie - Library Book Shelves
Second Spaces - Caster Table San Francisco
Second Spaces - Ezra Rotary Cigar Holder
Circa - Scene Scape Table Box - Sand Turtles
7 - Two Cigar Boxes
Balaclava - Phantom Bookshelf - DESIGNERS UNITED 5
O.M.E.N - Hanging Plants - The Men's Dept
Bazar - Wood Tables from Arizona House
Bazar - Sconce from Memories Bedroom
Dutchie - Plants
The Loft - Dunham Plant, Hydrangea
iTuTu - Plants
Pilot - Burger Meal
Apple Fall - Hydrangea Bunch
Antique Artistry - Backgammon Game
BSD Design Studio - Light Tower Table - BRING MYKONOS HOME
Bettlebones - Deer Rug
What Next - Serendipity Garden Knitting Basket
The Loft - Canson Chair Chevron Sand
Picnic - Fish - DESIGNERS UNITED 5
Pipe Picture and Truck Picture - mine
....and more cool stuff

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