Thursday, September 12, 2013

Edgar Allan Poe Read Here

More Cool Stuff from THE ARCADE

To echo the sentiment of my favorite bloggers - I LOVE AUTUMN!!!  I love the colors, the smells, the special golden lighting and the promise of Halloween.

I pulled out my spooky house - Hackberry Hall and began my creepy inspiration.  The cool thing about this house is that it has a couple of rooms that are "hidden".  It makes exploring so much fun.

I live near Edgar Allan Poe's final resting place in Baltimore Maryland and thought him a perfect guest for my library.



Hackberry Hall - Never Totally Dead

[ba] - Reference Book Shelf Walnut - Large
Mudhoney - Ryan Club Chair
Kismet - Bishop's Long Table - Dark Gothic
~BAZAR~ - Toronto Study Lamp, Toronto Study Books, Arizona Book Clutter
DAHaus - Waste Basket, Arman Drafting Stool, Pencil Cup (part of Arman Drafting set)
TOC Art Gallery - Stubbs, Mares and Foals
flightless - Cardboard Moose Head
HBLYS - Books Set 2
POST - Vintage Sensible Globe
Plants - Dutchie, iTuTu, TSG Botanical, *bbqq*
{sa} - Letter Press M and S
[AF] - World Globe, Parisienne Horloge
O.M.E.N. - Whiskey & Cigar Set
TA - Old Typewriter, Panorama Telephone
Pilot - Crown (aged)
I-Reckon - Carpet Rust with Medallion
Trompe Loeill - Deco Table Lamp, Antique Floor Lamp - THE ARCADE
[AF] - Boat Oars, His Cabinet, Backgammon Table - THE ARCADE
aLOUETTE - 8Bit Heart Bookshelf (#3), Literal Bookshelf (#4), You're a Wizard Bookshelf (#9), Antique TV Bookcase (#2), Police Call Box Bookshelf (#8) - THE ARCADE
Lark - Imaginarium Librarium Roots, Mariner, Poetry - THE ARCADE
[ARIA] - Daliah Animal Stool - Deer - Saddle - THE ARCADE
Commoner - The Chandelier Silhouette Newsprint - THE ARCADE
floorplan - Deer Canvases - THE ARCADE
+Half-Deer+ - Carved Woodland Animals (Faerie Deer) - THE ARCADE
*bbqq* - Silhouette Lamp - Boy - THE ARCADE
Zigana - Packaging for items (stack of papers on floor)

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