Tuesday, January 3, 2017

After Christmas Packing


:CP: Lace Bed (PG) @Uber, December 2016
:CP: Lace Lamp @Uber, December 2016
:CP: Lace Night Table @Uber, December 2016
:CP: Hastings Blind
:CP: Homecraft Stove
Kalopsia - Pepper's Wardrobe
Kalopsia - Pepper's Clock
Kalopsia - Pepper's Vase - Dried Poppies
Kalopsia - Old Box (Red)
The Loft - Pear Trinket Box
!BAZAR! Brown Rug with Fringe
Apple Fall Wooden Trunk (Decor)
AF Fashion Trunk (Ink Stained)
ionic : Christmas Decor
:FANATIK HOME: Vintage travel trunk Crocodile
>>Fruct0se>> Vintage BOX
~Libertine~ Pandora table, Yule 
~Libertine~ Rose, Pandora Box
~Libertine~ Closed, Yule Pandora Box
C L A Vv. Hanging Lights in Jars RARE
floorplan. owl post / white
{vespertine}-tiny box / golden
BALACLAVA!! Fuji Circle Rug (Brown)
Culprit Old Travel Trunk Sepia
Meva Christmas Wood Tree 1
Meva Christmas Wood Tree 2
MudHoney Leaf Giftbox 3

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