Friday, December 30, 2016

Season of Lights


Building:  DRD Rustic cabin

..::THOR::.. Merry Christmas! (Thank you Thor!)
The Loft & ARIA - Monaco Privacy Screen - Gold
The Loft - Meyer Candle
{vespertine - nordic  multiple snowflake light /frozen
{vespertine - nordic snowflake light /frozen
{vespertine - window snowflake lights
{vespertine - nordic  multiple snowflake light /black
DRD -  Mechanical clock
DRD -  Mechanical hanging light
C L A Vv. Light Terrariums @TheArcade, December 2016
C L A Vv. Hanging Lights in Jars RARE
C L A Vv. Exclusive Light Large With Antler
C L A Vv. Exclusive Light Small With Antler
5. (luc) Frequent Flyer @Shiny Shabby, December 2016

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