Friday, November 14, 2014

Changing Seasons - Fall Into Winter

Fall into Winter

Heart Homes/Aphrodite has a charming home for lovers available - Snowy Cozy Nest.  I added their Fall into Bliss,  Autumn set, and a country console from Fetch which is available at The Liaison Collaborative.

What home is complete without a bar?  Relax and kick back with 22769 ~ bauwerk's Mediterranean Wine o'Clock Barrel Shelf with bottles, wine and Tiramesu and the Mediterranean Lounge Bistro Chair for THE CHALLENGE.



Building:  "Snowed Cozy Nest" - Heart Homes/Aphrodite
Heart Homes - Fall into Bliss Living Room set
[Fetch] - Aless Set (Linked
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Mediterranean Lounge Bistro Chair. Wine O'Clock Bar
Soy - Iringa Basket [round with line], Iringa Basket [square with line] - Kustom9
Soy - Pumkins [orange dots] gift
LISP - Mesh Blinds Wide Short - Chestnut
The Loft - Alderan Rug Spice, Storage Boxes Old Map
DIGS - Ferryside Tripod Lamp 
What Next - Maison Drapes
Battleground Porch Chair (Languor)
ISPACHI - Nollaig the Elf, The Arrival - Frolicking Foxes
Botanical - T2C Stacked Firewood
Jordan Giant - Wooden poetry chairs
Lame - Theo's Rug
Apple Fall - {af} Rope Suspended Gallery, AF Parisienne Horloge, AF Huge Fan Palm, AF Rosemary, Route 66 Sign, {af} New York Print No.2, Meadow Flowers, af}Crow Print, AF L'Olivier, [AF] FONT Frame 
8f8 - 18. Our Secret Hideout - Secret Diary
Dutchie - Aloe
Bazar - Toronto-Bathroom mirror
Pilot - Drink Cart with Lisp Liquor3
7 - Route 66 Sign
Sari-Sari - Upcycled Metal Lamps
Leyla Firefly - Old Radio 
BananaN - Books
Dust Bunny - Pumpkin cats
Striped mocha - lighting pumpkins [light green & orange]

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