Monday, November 24, 2014

Autumn Hideout

I did this set for LTD Magazine.  Thought you might like a few more pics.


Building:  Old Greenhouse by TLG (The Looking Glass)
Rug:  Theo's Rug by Lame
Fireplace:  Darden Stone Fireplace by Trompe Loeil
chairs:  Dapper Chair (Golden Linen), Dapper Chair w/ Deco (Golden Linen) by Apple Fall
Logs/Side of Fireplace:  Belted logs by Kuro
Blinds:  Mesh Blinds Wide Short - Chestnut by LISP
Hanging Lamps:  Upcycled Metal Bucket Lamps by Sari-Sari
Side Table:  Rohan Pallet Shelf by {what next} 
Side Table:  Rolling wood table by Oyasumi
Buffet:  Stephanie Buffet by Apple Fall
Candles:  [EMERSON] Log Candle Holders (LIT) by Ispachi
Sign: "Fall is coming" Sign by Kalopsia
Brambles:  Brambles Section 6 v3 by Cube Republic
Wreath:  Fall Wreath by Kalopsia
Wreath:  Twig Wreath by Apple Fall 
Pumpkin Planter:  Fall Planters by {what next} 
Log Box:  Pallet Log Box by {what next} 
Golden Fern:  Autumn landscaping-1 prim Autumn foliage by Jorja Giano 
Urn:  AF Urne de Terra Cuite by Apple Fall
Candleabra:  Candle Holder Short (3 candles)~ Gold [1.1] by Libertine 
Planter:  Pumpkin Planter by 11th Hour
Pumpkins in Jar:  [EMERSON] Caged Pumpkins & Pinecones by ISPACHI 
Pumpkins:  Lighting pumpkins [light&dark green] by striped mocha - 
Latterns:  Lantern bronze L and S by Revival
Decor1:  Halloween jar "Vampire remains" by Aphrodite
Decor2:  Chloe's Milk Can Willows by Cheeky Pea
Decor3:  Sculpted and mesh ceramic bowl by Flecha
Decor4:  Pumpkin cats by Dust Bunny
Decor5:  Natural Apples by Apple Fall 
Decor6:  Pumpkin Clonch (Colours) by Apple Fall
Decor7:  Basket full of summer by Vespertine
Flowers:  Mums in Bucket - by MudHoney
Books:  Books by Banana Mellow 
Plant:  Pumila by miyu adder
Critters:  Mr.vampire bat, Blackbird king, Boo! piggy by Vespertine

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  1. Beautiful fall getaway, love seeing how you create spaces!