Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not the Comfort Inn

I'm getting tired of spooky and dark.  I can't wait until the first snow - lighten up the mood.

 In the meantime, there is still a lot of fun to be had with the bizarre.

The Liaison Collaborative

Welcome to "Not the Comfort Inn"

There's a ghost in that jar!


Kalopsia - Alfred (It), Wolf Trophy Head
MudHoney - Rustic Welcome Sign, Owen Rocking Chair - cherry, Metal Pumpkin big orange (small, medium, large) - (The Liaison Collaborative) 
POST - Birchfield Antique Pew Cushion (R) 2 prim
Apple Fall - AF Pillow (Script), AF Pillow (Tree), AF Books
Aphrodite - Halloween jar "Spellbook & Spider", Aphrodite "Halloween ghost" haunted decorative jar, Aphrodite pumpkin cider tray
[WHD] - Texture Change Rug - Cabin Set 2
:FANATIK HOME - Chandelier Brass
[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner bottle's box / Red ale (grunge)
[*Art Dummy!] - all is calm. all is bright. (art on wood)
Zigana - Maypole light . mixed, maypole light . plum
=Sloppy Seconds= - Route 66 Crate
By Georgia! - Bookshelf - 3 levels, Bookshelf - 4 levels
*bbqq* - Silhouette lamp-Cat
[LWL] - Charged-up Butterfly
Antiques Rhode Show - Candelabra_crystal cascade
*MishMish* - Phoenix, Stand and books

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