Thursday, October 23, 2014

Haunted Trails

You can really tell when someone puts their heart and soul into a project.  The owners of Haunted Trails - Bella (Arabella Ducrot) and Peri (Perissa Caproni) - have put together a fun, charming and slightly spooky Halloween party.  I have never seen so many skeletons and dead things in one place.

As you wander around, you realize this is not only a fun place to be, but it also their home.

So many of the scenes are interactive, so take a moment and visit Haunted Trails, you will have a blast!

Haunted Trails

Meet Bella!

Me, being scary.

Me, being scared.

Really Scared.

Chillin in the Gypsy Camp

Me and the grumpy tree.

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