Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just Two Rooms

The Dust Bunny Maple Cottage is soooo adorable.  It has only two rooms, but i love it anyway.

Apple Fall has a sweet dining set, chandelier and plates at The Chapter Four.  I scooped them right up and put them in this darling house.

The Chapter Four

Dust Bunny


House - Dust Bunny - Maple Cottage

Cat - SHOP SEU* 1prim anim cat -Siam-  grooming
Breno -  Fallout critter-slugosaur

Junk - Tinned plant. tea. (free group gift)
Apple Fall - AF Unknown Specimen, [AF] MAGAZINES, AF Books, AF Chinese Credenza, Apple Fall Pumpkin Clonch, Apple Fall Pearl Chandelier, Pumpkin Place Setting ,  Pottery Dining Chair, Pottery Dining Table  (The Chapter Four)
Soy - Three legged chair [brass], Triangle terrarium, diamond [brass]
LISP - Mesh Blinds Narrow Short - Chestnut, Feathers 2 Specimen Pic, Eggs Specimen Pic, Anna Fireplace Oak Orange
Scarlet Creative - Mesh Lucky 8 Sofa - Lily
Trompe Loeil - Ines Ottoman Branch PG, Paxton Lantern
Cheeky Pea - DiMaggio Patriotic Shelf, Salty Bar Art, Whitby Willows, Heather Antique Wall Art 1 and 2 - Copy, Homemade Table
[PM]Pixel Mode - Lorraine Tea Cart - Old White
The Loft - Canson Chair Chevron Sand, Claryon Chandelier Gold
TA - Inspiration Toast Rug
Floorplan - faux fur rug
DIGS - Warren Short Cabinet - Naturals [MESH], olveig Candle Holder - Brown [MESH]
[noctis] - Mesh Victorian endtable on rollers
Alouette - Meghan Clock - Worn
Katelyn Barom - 3D Republic - Mesh Patio Chair V2b
INDULGE - Courtier Sofa -Vintage
POWER MESH - full perm curtains -02 (The Marketplace)
PILOT - Storage Basket
La Galleria - Trophy Lamp 1 Champagne Shade COPY
Tarte - Pulley light - espresso
+Half-Deer+ - Stag Key Wall Hanging (tex. change)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Box of Praline
A.V. - Brise' Yellow Roses Bucket
-JoHaDeZ- Deco Birdy "come home", WallArt "dead tree"
{what next} - Chocolatier Drinks Tray
Kittie Munro (very old SL purchase) - Faux Eqyptian -  Warm Mosaic , Geometric Vase
Dutchie - 3 herbs
oyasumi - 18th street sign, 24th street sign, balance shelf / light
Kuro - Wooden vases
Bazar - Brown Rug with Fringe, Floria book, Floria book stack
8f8 - Mange Destin 06 - Rich chocolate truffles, Mange Destin 02 - Sweet fruity lolly pops, Mange Destin 12 - Buttercups with nougat
Vespertine - bookcart for her, book of scientist, diy color swatch board
(iTuTu) - owl cushion (S) / pink
[ARIA] - Torino potted double stemed Orchid A
KAZZA - HomeStyle - Flower Pot
POST - Esko Enamelware Sugar & Creamer, Gnesen Harvest Pumpkin 1, Esko Enamelware Coffee Pot
TG - Antique French Wine Cask 2 - Domus Fairm, Antique French Wine Cask 1 - Domus Fair
OW (Old World) - Candle small 1

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