Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gravedigger's Soul

Kalopsia's beautiful outdoor set for The Mystic Realms Faire which runs from October 10 to October 26.

Mystic Realms Faire

I'm so excited to use my Medieval Chapel from Kismet and Dark Victorian Graveyard collection from Noctis.


Kalopsia - Stone Arch
Kalopsia - Stone Bench
Kalopsia - Pile of stones
Kalopsia - Cart
Kalopsia - Fountain Forest
Kalopsia - Well Town
Kalopsia - Flying leaves (orange)

[noctis] - Skeleton Rose Urn w menu
[noctis] - Dearly departed gravesite with dying roses #1, 2, 3, 4
[noctis] - Graveyard broken angel (2L.I.)
[noctis] - Open raven tomb with candles

*K* Kismet - Eternity Chapel Cemetery Fence Post (m/c)
*K* Kismet - Gothic Iron Cemetery Fence (m/c)
*K* Kismet - Eternity Medieval Chapel - building only v2.41

Alchemy Immortalis - Blackface Sheep
Studio Skye - Enchanted Woods v2 - 4 (clearing)
PILOT - Motel Key Rack (collabor88)
floorplan - Railroad lantern / purple (collabor88)
*. emm ; - iron fences {autumn}
Botanical - Forest Ruins Tower and ground texture
!L12 (Lakeisha12) - Statue Broken Angel 1
*~MMG's~* - GardeningTool-Shovel_1prim
The Domineaux Effect - Wheelbarrow Planter
Zigana - Wild grass .pure
Cube Republic - Pans Oak V2

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