Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grooving with Soy - I got my Big Hair on!

Take a walk back in time.  
Back to the Summer of '89. 

New movie release directed by Spike Lee - "Do the right thing".  Radio Raheem roams the streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn blasting Public Enemy's hit "Fight the Power" on his boombox.

Well, I received the new blogger pack from Soy and it has me feeling quite retro today.  I put on some big hair, grabbed some cool shades and popped a cigarette in my mouth - dance on!!!

Soy has created a cassette collection, portable tape players and boomboxes for the hipster in all of us.


These groovy items are available today at Kustom9, which is already full.  Happy Shopping!



House - Post Suntaks Gamla Kyrka v1, at The  Grove
Soy - Vintage Boom Box (Metal)
TESH - Antique french candelabra, Rose Tristesse (85 prims) no longer available
Zacca - Cabinet Icing Sugar
LISP - Closed Grant Piano, Bench and Accessories
Ohmai - Flamingo C Peach
Apple Fall - Hydrangea Bunch
Cute Poison Home - Crown Hook Gold
MudHoney - Leslie Rug Tapestry
Cheeky Pea - Rue Abel Loveseat
Noctis - Tropical Shrub in Wooden Pot
Aria - Bryony Curtains
Intrigue - Rocket Lava Lamp: Dark Matter - Purple

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