Monday, June 2, 2014

The Ancient Art of Bonsai

I LOVE my little Bonsai plants.  I have several in my home and marvel at their details.  I purchased mine already styled and I just maintain them.  It took me a lot of time and many dead specimen's to understand that these diminutive beauties are real TREES.  Once I got that, I adjusted my technique and am now nominally successful in keeping them alive.

MadPea released a collection of Bonsai for The Arcade.  I am in my own little Bonsai Heaven.

Building - Spargel and Shine Orangery Whyte

Art Dummy - bare (chair light)
ANC - Eden Pair (table ) - The Arcade
22769 - bauwerk - Leafes Lamp Gold
A.V.  - Brise' Yellow Roses Bucket
MudHoney - Rain Chain
Dutchie - Aspleniun Nidus
Kalopsia - Bamboo Hanger
Hanaya - Windswept Bonsai (summer) w/table
Clutter - Oak Bonsai (on floor)
Forest Floor - Rounded Pots
MMG - Bucket-Standing
Turnips - Pinecones
Picnic - Antique Canvas - White thing, Antique framework - white,  Antique canvas - wallpaper, Antique frame - natural & white
Bazar - Floria Kitchen Chandelier
Trompe Loeil - Apple Stand Shelving Right
Miffyhoi Rosca - Kiosk Birdcages
Simplicity - Cute Bonsai
The Loft - Garden Table Tile (m)
Zigana - Moroccan Table - Red
Urbanized - Garden on A String
HPMD - Sitting Rabbit White L

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