Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fanatik Architecture: FARNSWORTH at The Grove

I'm obsessed with the beautiful work of Kendra Zaurak.  I have all of Fanatik's buildings.  I purchased this home as soon as it was available and it has been sitting peacefully in my inventory waiting for an inspired moment.

While cleaning out my inventory, I came across two of my favorite sofas - *Y's HOUSE* Sofa01[TABI/cream] - 13 Prims each.  I felt that the Farnsworth House would be a great place to use these old friends.  

Come to think of it, I haven't seen anything new from Yacchan Clip and I hope that Y's House continues to make beautiful pieces for a long time.


*Y's HOUSE* Sofa01[TABI/cream]
Trompe Loeil - Ines Chair Fawn, Rings Desk Lamp
22769 - bauwerk Beertray Side Table
The Loft - Hex Table
Cheeky Pea -  Rowan Tea Screen, Salty Bar Art, Voronoi Table
Stank - Bird Watcher (TV)
Antique Rhodes Show - Carpet Red
Meshworx - Web Table Rust, Macau Bamboo Chair, Vintage White
Koenji - Lamp
Junk - Pulley Light
Commoner - Nova Collection/Armillary
Elan - Lily and Phylox Floral Arrangement
Botanical - Hanging Capiz Lamps
Culprint - Dragon with the Girl Tattoo
iTuTu - Planter 06
EoD - Conga Drum
Flecha - Sculptured Earthenware Vase 3
Picnic - Rabbit Heads
Apple Fall - Chinese Credenza
JJ Lanes - Coral Bay Coco Lamps
The Loft - Roxy Square Pillow Moss
Dutchie - Rug Wheat
L2 - Leonardo Horse Art
Aria - Yarina Infinity Statue
Pablo Kolc - Blue Dragon Vase
DIGS - Behrouz Rug
Kuro - Wood Table
What Next - Rise & Shine Coffee Tray

..... and a cast of thousands.

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