Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Traditional Home Magazine - October 2010

It's time to clean out my bookshelves and throw away my older beloved and dusty decorating magazines.  Before I relegate them to the trash, I leafed through the pages looking for scenes that inspire me.  

The attached photo really got my attention. I loved the series of photos detailing a serene and sophisticated vignette.  So I looked through my inventory and went about recreating the setting, but of course, I had to embellish.  I opened the shutters and replaced the white chair with a patterned beauty from The Loft.

I want to point out the beautiful Copper Leather Sofa (Mesh) from Pamela Galli-La Galleria.  The texture is beautiful.  I love it so much, I purchased two (unfortunately no copy).

I've added styling information at the end of this blog.

The House - Deer The French House

Wall Texture - Linnen Cotton Molding - Lillian Lynwood (LL Designs)

Shelf Stained Wood (bookcases) - Fanatik Home

Canson Chair Harvest - The Loft

Cohen Dining Table - Pixel Mode

Vintage Star Wall Hanging - Little House of Curios

Copper Leather Sofa Mesh - La Galleria

Gatsby Mansion Shelf - Balaclava!!

Industrial Coffee Table - Trompe Loeil

Alders Scotch - The Loft

Chandelier Silver - Fanatik Home

Charlotte Clock Noir - LISP

Orrey (weird clock thingy) - Bryn Oh

Portman Plan Chest Ash - DIGS

Extinguisher Fire (model 1) - DBy

Swing Arm Lamp Table - Painter Designs

Bastian Open Urn and Bastian Covered Urn - Kismet

Driftwood (on top of shelves) - G Field

Candelabra Crystal Cascade (table lamp) - Antique Rhode Show

Architectural Prints and Rug - by Me!

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