Thursday, August 15, 2013

BOTHA HOUSE - COOL AND BLUE - Part 2 First Floor Interior

This blog isn't about the Terra Cotta Army, but i'm a huge fan.  I saw these creations from *PRAVDA - DC* and bought all of them.  Shown in this build is the Armored Infantry Terracotta Warrior Statue V3.  I've used them in so many rooms and they fit anywhere.

The Botha House is breathtaking.  I love all the glass on the first floor.  All the rooms have a view.  Something beautiful out each window. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sectional sofa from The Loft.  I purchased the Roxy Sectional in White, Gravel and Oatmeal.  Picking a non neutral color is outside my comfort zone or I would have bought the red, blue.......etc.  I added pillows from Colleen's collection for a perfect resting spot.

I remember when the Anna Chair was released by LISP.  I thought then, and still do, that it is the perfect transitional piece.  It is sorta modern (mid-century), but the textures give it a classic feel. 

Most of the accessories in the room you will recognize, but my favorite is the plant on Cheeky Pea's Deconstructed Coffee Table between the two Anna chairs - Botanical - 'Twoey' Carnivorous Plant.  I'm singing "little shop of horrors" every time I see it.

In my dining area, I pulled out some favorites from Scarlett Creative.  These pieces came with one of the homes that I purchased.  I added the Kuro - Ladder Lamp over the table to keep it from getting to sterile and uber modern. 

I hope you enjoy and feel free to visit.

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