Wednesday, July 17, 2013

POST: Suntaks Gamla Kyrka

I have been fascinated by the bloggings of KIDDOFSPEED aka Elena Filatova.

Her websites are a photo-essay of her travels through the Chernobyl's zone of alienation.  As she traveled across the Ukrainian countryside, she took some amazing photos of old, crumbling buildings and churches.  *

I was inspired to "refurbish" one of her abandoned buildings in Second Life.  I found an incredibly cool building, created by Van Auster/POST - Suntaks Gamla Kyrka (which literally translates to Suntaks old church).

I was surprised to discover that this building is still standing in Sweden.  It was built in the late 1100s. and belongs to Valstads Assembly (Suntaks parish) in the Diocese of Skara (paraphrased from Wikipedia).

I had a hard time settling on a final design, so I did two.  Before I show them to you, I wanted to show you the inspiration of the this post.

The old church! (pictures from the Internet)

Elena's Photos!

Here are my two builds!
The Outside 

The First Build

The Second Build 

 *There is some difference of opinion whether Elena and her experiences are real.  I like to think that they are.

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