Monday, March 18, 2013

Scarlet Creative - Amarillion - Part 1

I love the homes from Scarlet Creative.  They are modern and spacious.  They are built to invite the light and the outside in to your design. I could see one of these homes perched on a mountainside or on beachfront property. 

The homes are priced so reasonably that I have all of them and have played with decorating them over several years.

I picked the Amarillion for my new home.  It has plenty of glass, but gives you a bit more wall space so you can put up pictures.  I re-textured some of the walls and then had a lot of fun.

Below are pictures of the Exterior and Living Room.  I'll post the Dining Room, Bedroom and Spa/Bathroom soon.

I am in-world a lot, so if you want any information, please IM me.  Enjoy!

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