Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Little Greenhouse

I couldn't resist this little greenhouse from e-brink.  I repurposed it into an aviary.  My favorite piece is the birdcage with Tweety Bird.  This is one of the first pieces I purchased when I discovered Second Life.

While shopping for new birdcages, I stopped by TESH.  I was so upset to learn that Tesh Botanical Gardens doesn't exist in Second Life.  Doing a search in Second Life, i found Blossoms and Blooms & Tesh Garden Center items, owned by Wisteria ( Bougainvillea (133, 205, 24) ).  

Hamish Stuart's Message in his Profile. Good Luck to you Hamish!
Feel Free to Visit

  • e-brink - e-brink's Forgotten Greenhouse
  • Wasenshi - Polished Stone Garden Bench
  • Antique Artistry - Water Pump
  • CJ Creations - Birdbath
  • Redneck Trailer Park Store - Redneck Lawn Mower
  • Alchemy Immortalis - Wreaths
  • itutu - Wreaths
  • Dutchie - Various Flowers
  • Agora prefabs - Bird house 1
  • Bygone Days - tweety and cage
  • Wunderbar - "Pretty Bird" Singing Canary in Victorian Silver Cage
  • Bark - Vintage Birdcage
  • Squeek! - birdcages
  • Tesh - Bird Cage (without birds)
  • Melino Style Moroccan and more - Bird Cage on Log
  • HPMD* Little Birds - various colors
  • Picnic - Picnic & (pda) Autre-moeurs chair 01

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