Friday, June 1, 2012

Is it Over? Home Expo 2012

I'm broke, flat broke.  I have 15L left to my name.  I went on a buying frenzy purchasing items at the Expo or items inspired by Vendors at the Expo.  I didn't blog the Expo because there were sooooo many people covering the Expo in great detail.

Neva Crystall's Windowshopping sets inspired me to purchase Bazar's Roya Bedroom, Nelle Kitchen, and  Deluxe Living Room.

I bought the mesh bed and side table from Rustica, Shabby Tabby's rustic barn and new plants from Dutchie.  I discovered Designer Prims and bought sofas, side tables and an incredible bed.  The list goes on and on....o yeah, i bought the a mesh folded newspaper created by Meli Imako.

My favorite item purchased was an orange, sleeping snoring dragon created by Julia Hathor at Creative Fantasy.  I think i will include him (or her) in all my designs.

My Sleeping Dragon and Designer Prim Sofa

Charlotte Chair from What Next and
Outdoor Lounger from Designer Prims

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