Friday, June 1, 2012

Bazar's White Beach Cottage II

When I was young, I would go to the beach with family friends.  I remember days of mass sunburn, sleeping in tight and uncomfortable quarters, eatting cafeteria style and having the time of my life.  When I saw the White Beach Cottage II from Bazar, it bought back those memories and I quickly forked over L$1699 for this charming house.

This house has 293 Prims, but there is a leaner version at 101 Prims and is priced at 999L.

The details are beautiful.  I added jetskis, kayaks and sailboats.  I relived old times.


White Beach Cottage - 1



White Beach Cottage - 2

White Beach Cottage - 3

White Beach Cottage - 4

White Beach Cottage - 5


  • Y's House - Sofa, rug, stools in kitchen
  • mudshake - Relax chair/hippie beach in living room
  • Fashionably Dead - Dining table Moss
  • Zigana - Wood chairs, rug in dining room
  • North West - Pink kitchen chair
  • Headhunter's Island (Eduardos Ducatillon) - Patio Set
  • Bazar - White Beach Cottage II

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