Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Rocky Mountain High


*Artisan Fantasy* Picnic 11 - Bird Watching Soi, @The Gacha Garden, August 2017
[ keke ] spring sprout 2
..::THOR::.. 3 - Glass Bong @Cosmopolitan, 5th Anniversary
..::THOR::.. 3 - Lighter @Cosmopolitan, 5th Anniversary
..::THOR::.. 5 - Stoner Box @Cosmopolitan, 5th Anniversary
..::THOR::.. 8 - Tambourine @Cosmopolitan, 5th Anniversary
..::THOR::.. 9 - Boho Guitar @Cosmopolitan, 5th Anniversary
..::THOR::.. 10 - Grunge Barrel Seat @Cosmopolitan, 5th Anniversary
..::THOR::.. 12 - Lying Stray Dog @Cosmopolitan, 5th Anniversary
.:revival:. pup tent spring
.:revival:. camp cot
.:revival:. book ladder
.:revival:. oil lamp
.:revival:. oil lamp II
.:revival:. folding chair light wood
.:revival:. retro lantern pole rust
.:revival:. wooden trunk light oak II
Heart - Wildflowers - lily of the Nile - White @Fameshed, August 2017
*Drot* Swamp Tree 1 @The Fantasy Collective, August 2017
Fiasco - Swamp Fence A @The Fantasy Collective, August 2017

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